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  1. ilikeymmm

    Am I too old to start???

    DITTO!!!!! 45 here loving it!!!! kx450f Ego got me a third degree seperated shoulder. i slowed up a bit but still going strong took me three years but doing 100 footers now with confidence!!! Take ur time and you will be in it forever!!!!!
  2. ilikeymmm

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    Ive had them in for about 6 months and no a single problem there great tons of moto's allways held up. only one issue i had was in the winter months up here the tire pressure goes out faster than the summer forgot to check it one time and rode an indoor moto with the rear flat! still held up!!!! they rock and are lighter!!!!!
  3. ilikeymmm

    backyard indoor track input please

    check out tillsongburg indoor mx its 100 by 200 all first gear on my 450 but great seat bouncing in would not go any smaller
  4. ilikeymmm

    Getting speed out of a sharp turn?

    Seat bounce it!!!! you will go double the distance with the same speed!!! trust me it works l had the same problem
  5. ilikeymmm

    NueTech Tubliss Review

    Its Good to hear he is sending out all these tubes for ya !!!!! l just wish i could get one!!! 4 months now still being told " in a week" its gettin stupid L give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone want to sell me one or order it for me it seems im the only one that cant get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ilikeymmm

    is the kxf 450 to lean

    There is a few topics on here about the mapping if you look!!! l would like to no where you got this tool to trick the comp. sounds like a great idea!!!!!
  7. ilikeymmm

    Oil from fork bleeders?

    sorry did not read the whole post shot oil all over the tank thats too much!!!!
  8. ilikeymmm

    Oil from fork bleeders?

    Its just a bit of vapour lock from the fresh oil change it should go away after a few bleeds!!!!!!
  9. ilikeymmm

    Pics of SUNLINE/VORTEX Sprocket Combo on 2008 kx450f

    looks good I want some of those frame savers tho where did ya get em?????
  10. ilikeymmm

    So, what's the secret?

    14 hrs of ridding and ur doing 80 footers holy @#$@#$%@#$ brother ur fine LOL.. Seat bouncing helped me rid myself of the dead sailor big time!!!!!
  11. ilikeymmm

    High Speed Comp and Braking Bumps?

    what types of hits are high speed?
  12. ilikeymmm

    just a heads up...

    Oh man if l loose Dave i might as well cut off on of my legs!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get well buddy!!!!! Mike
  13. ilikeymmm

    fork comp/rebound setting?

    I have about 15 hrs on it and those are the numbers. I do notice on here everyone has stiffer springs than all of the major co. reccomend. makes me go hmmmm?
  14. ilikeymmm

    Kawasaki's stolen in Ontario Canada reward offered

    What in God's name are they going to do with flat track bikes. Sell them NO!!! ride them at there local track NO!!! There busted for sure the minute they try to flog those things.. Get the word out everyone!!!!!! Next it will be ours!!!! @#@#$#@$#@
  15. ilikeymmm

    fork comp/rebound setting?

    Just for @#$$%@#$ 's and giggles based on what you guys are tellin me those number's would put me in the 300 pound range http://www.mx-tech.com/?id=spring_generator im not the bad guy just lookin for a strait answer LOL