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  2. I got blocked for asking for a paint guarantee haha paint on plastic, sure i did that in junior high and learned the hard way, not many forums or pictures on the web to look at back then, but never seen the pipe, silencer and the SEAT???
  3. Update....i left with a clean title question and he finally replied it does have a clean title.... I then politely told him that every dirt bike i had ever seen with painted plastic and frames would wear off extremely quickly and that since his bike was 99% painted i was worried. I asked him if he guaranteed his paint job work considering it was done with "special paint" and done "correctly" He said it was a risk that i would have to take and all he had done was make an old bike look new again. I replied to the effect, so the paint will be worn off in about 2 seconds? I was blocked and convo ended. haha
  4. worth it to buy it.....ride it for 10 mins....and take an after picture with all the "proper" paint rubbing off
  5. i have no intention of buying, i just came across it and had to share it. Haha i didnt notice the cut off tool sitting there
  6. Came across this posting today, sent the guy a message.... Chat Log: Is this available? Yes is the frame, swingarm, and wheels powdercoated? or rattle can? It’s rattle can but it’s not done in a shitty way. Pretty sure it’s a swingarm frame what do you mean its a swingarm frame? XXXX sold (NO TRADES)Yamaha yz250L. Sorry I miss read that but I’m not a hunter percent sure on the wheels It’s my brothers bike and I’m helping him sell it its sold now? the plastic is rattle canned to huh? Yeah everything got changed because whoever owned it before my brother decided to try and paint it but painted at two different tones of blue. And no it’s not sold my phone is just dumb or accidentally hit the button Chris marked the listing as Available. sorry thats confusing, everything is just spray painted? plastic, frame, swingarm, silencer, and is the pipe spray painted too? Everything is re-painted with the correct paint it’s supposed to have the silencer or spark arrester is painted with a high heat Enamel pain is the seat spray painted too? It’s a vinyl and fabric paint meant for shit like that Listing: Just testing the waters to see who is and will be interested, just a few things to do and it will pretty much be brand new..from start to finish.....I posted a while ago but Since then I’ve cleaned, changed and fixed most everything...it’s a 1999 2stroke Yamaha yz250, clean title. I took everything apart from the handle bars all the way down to the detachable frame. Cleaned, repainted (next owner will need to change that on title), pretty much brand new tires, replaced some old nuts and bolts with new ones, It has an aftermarket rekluse clutch 500$ alone, 3 stage incremental rear suspension, KVK front springs, new plug, will have fresh fluids (haven’t start yet) will need a couple minor things...handlebar grips, kick start(has one that works but it does need a new one)NO LOW BALLERS, NO TRADES, NO TRADES, NO TRADES!!!! Shoot me a message if interested [hidden information] Don’t waist my time if you have to ask your wife🤫 ......(OBO)!!!! Less ----$1800
  7. I've been a 2stroke guy my whole life but recently rode a buddies 2016 kx450 up down the gravel road in front of my house and really enjoyed the power. Looking to buy a new bike, i currently have a 2009 yz250 that ive got pretty dialed in for my style of riding. Im 6'1 about 220 lbs and mostly ride trails in the mountains and the occasional dunes trip. Heres the catch though, where i live we have hilly farm land that we use for jumping. You have to hit the hills at top speed but still require enough power to maintain the speed to pull the hill and catch air, similar to a dune with no lip on the top. The 250 i have is geared down some for the trails and tops out struggles to get me up and over the hills to catch air. Thats why i always thought a fuel injected sx 450 would be perfect for me, but as i ride trails mostly maybe a 300 2stroke would be best? so which would you guy recommend and specifically which model. Is the suppension on the ktm enduros similar to sx bikes for jumping like i plan on doing? I always thought a lighter bike was easier to throw around, and thats why the sx bike for the woods and i dont need the headlight and the electric start but not opposed to it i guess.
  8. ya think im calling it a wash, on that route anyway, next option would be to powdercoat rear hub and get new spokes and a wheel that matches a new front.
  9. Sorry I'm so confused now. Doesn't that mean the 5ET won't fit my 1998. Does that make anyway since. I have a 20mm axle and 1999 and new have 22mm I believe so there's no way these wheels would fit unless they are the pre1998 version hubs....
  10. so this add on ebay would be incorrectly stated with the 1998? http://www.ebay.com/itm/291688224071?euid=a5600ea8e3e8407096d5470a733b4899&bu=43151508124&cp=1&sojTags=bu=bu i asked them if they could do a front and rear for my 1998 yz 125 and they the reply i got was no problem, takes a month to build and ship, then i asked if they could do the same for my 1996 yz 125 and they said no because they didnt have that wheel setup....arent the 1996 and the 1998 rears the same? and the 1998 and 1999 rears is the change?
  11. Update. The guy I bought it from gave me a box of parts and guess what the oem carb was in there. Cleaned it up, everything was clogged, slapped it on and the bike has been running first kick perfect since. Kinda feel bad getting such a good deal from the guy that didn't know how to clean a carb. Almost feel bad
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