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  1. D RED

    DRZ 400 S Build "STEALTH"

    - Update - We got the bikes together for Easter, and they played nice most of the time,,, I put on a Carbon Fiber front fender and a custom (wire and bulb) Trail Tech headlamp. The bike runs great, and the rides were, well they were different. http://youtu.be/xkwUlgA0k8U?hd=1 Enjoy!
  2. D RED

    Any Arizona DS Riders.

    - Just got into town (Apache Juntion) AZ,,, I stoped in NC to ride with my Nephew http://youtu.be/xkwUlgA0k8U - Then Deals Gap to ride the Tail of the Dragon, 318 CURVES IN 11 MILES, I was going to just ride it once but stayed three days,,, Then I stoped at the Petrified Forest before stoping in AJ, AZ. Ready to ride, Apache Trail and Four Peaks area,,,
  3. I use this set-up, power the low beam from the battery (with a on/off switch) or or from the key switch, and run the hi beam from the handle bar switch, if the handle bar switch gos bad, water, mud, crash, you will have the low beam, I ride adventure touring, and like this readundant set-up. I have wired all my lights this way, and just by switching two wires at the light I can used it as the OEM set up, (low hi beam switch at the bars)
  4. D RED

    Any Arizona DS Riders.

    - cool, it would be nice to get a group together, I should be out there for 2 or 3 wks, with time to ride,,,,
  5. D RED

    what head lights are ppl running

    Head-lights http://youtu.be/EgTxbWYZA1g?hd=1
  6. D RED

    Any Arizona DS Riders.

    - I should be out your way in 2 or 3 weeks,,, looking for riders. http://youtu.be/hoVMC5CK8U8?hd=1 Apache Trail, AZ
  7. I would remove this,,, your telling EVERONE! were you live, and when they can steal you bike and stuff, with a map,,, just saying.
  8. - Thanks for the info, here is what I cam up with. Re-wired to work with other headlights that I have made and/or used,,, when I got the light, the DOT light, I thought that there was no way for the clear plastic cover to fit, Trail Tech sald that it would not, I think because it would make the light non DOT,,, But you know how it is, you know the milk is spoiled, and you still smell it? Yep, I ordered it just to smell it, and it works,,, No stink, Good item to have for the DOT light if you go off road! The Trail Tech Light assembly was made for the "STEALTH BUILD" ( Google DRZ 400 S STEALTH BUILD ) http://youtu.be/EgTxbWYZA1g?hd=1 Enjoy!
  9. - is the low beam on top ? high beam on the down low 4'' ? thanks,,,
  10. D RED

    Folding/tuckable mirrors?

    From Highway Dirt Bikes,,, http://youtu.be/zTICEctFpUQ?hd=1 Enjoy!
  11. D RED

    I HATE factory wiring

    wires, wires, eveyrwere,,, http://youtu.be/XCwMIB2s77I?hd=1
  12. D RED

    What is the hot tail light set up?

    - 12 O clock Labs,,, http://youtu.be/rc6MOFcHw9U
  13. D RED

    lets see those bikes!

    - here's some,,, Built for my Nephew when he was on his last tour of duty, via the web, he never saw the bike untill he got home, http://youtu.be/hXPmRDdQQbg?hd=1 Enjoy!
  14. D RED

    A 2012 DRZ was born today

    - The ninja 250 R from 1986 to 2007 Just over 20 yrs, one of kawasaki's best selling bikes of all times,,,
  15. D RED

    Lets See Pics Of Your White DRZs

    - I like white,,, built a black, have a blue, and building another white.