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  1. I got a couple of rides with the Mosko bags on. They worked great and mount on my bike very solid. I haven't seen anything else out there that can hold all my gear like these bags. Also well made and wicked customer support and follow-up.
    Solid and dependable bike. A little heavy and could use some updating from Suzuki for fuel injection and front suspension.
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    Solid and dependable bike. A little heavy and could use some updating from Suzuki for fuel injection and front suspension.
  3. My two riding buddies and I ordered the Reckless 80L bags from Mosko Moto. We plan on doing some multi day overnight camp trips this year and didn't want to do the traditional pannier rack and bags. Met these guys at the local Motorcycle trade show in February and we were impressed with their gear & attitude. The only downside, is that we won't be getting them for a few more weeks, mid june ship date....... http://www.moskomoto.com/products/reckless-80l they have a huge forum thread on adv rider, http://advrider.com/forums/showthread.php?t=927215&page=143
  4. I shipped the forks and shock via UPS. You might be able to just drop them off if you are nearby.
  5. I've had Les at LT-racing completely re-do/upgrade both my Drz400s suspensions. I've got a 2004 and my son has a 2006 DRZ400s. He put in new springs and revalved the front forks and rear shock for my riding and weight. When I got the suspension back from Les, it was re-install, set the sag and ride. Highly recommend him. The bike was a huge improvement with the upgraded suspension. http://www.lt-racing.com/
  6. When I purchased the 8cell and the 12cell two yrs ago at my local stealership, the cost diff was only $15. The 12cell spins my VFR over rather nicely. And for the small cost diff, I don't think its that much overkill for the DRZ. I've also got the happy-trail.com battery case, which fits the 12cell nicely. http://www.happy-trail.com/DRZ400S/Battery-Box-DRZ400S-All-Years.aspx
  7. I've had a ballistic 12cell lithium in my 2007 honda VFR800 for two years and a 8cell ballistic lithium in my son's 06 drz400s for two years. No problem with either, they both crank over better than the original lead acid batteries. When the old lead acid battery dies on my '04 drz400s, I plan on fitting the 12 cell ballistic lithium in there. I put the tender on them for a day every month or so during the winter. Both are stored in the garage for the winter and its been pretty warm in Vancouver, above freezing.
  8. I've used Les at LT-Racing, close to Tacoma Washington. I've shipped both of my DRZ's bikes suspensions to him. He dialed the suspension in perfect both times, and quick turnaround time. http://www.lt-racing.com/
  9. Stator nut turns no prob with the socket driver. No unusual resistance I just pulled the two connectiions off the rear solenoid, scrubbed them up and sprayed with electrical cleaner, and reinstalled without electrical grease. They didn't have any grease when I took them apart, so i didn't add any at this point. Checked the connections on the safety switches, both solid. As the theme from posts has been electrical, I checked the mount of the starter. Of course it is solid. Then I checked the connection bolt/nut for the power going to the Starter, it was not tight. So I cranked on it. Then I pulled the plug and pushed the magic button...............the engine turned over. Now I have to put coolant, oil and gas back in the beast and see if that was all it was. The connection for the stator and the two connectors at the rear solenoid, should I put electrical grease on them????? Will update when I put the gas and oil in, have to get a new clutch side gasket though, ordering tonight. Thanks everyone for all the assistance.
  10. I did forget to mention a few things. Headlight turns on, nice and bright. 13.4volts main fuse/fuse holder is intact not burnt. battery was 4yrs old and was having some issues repeatedly cranking over when I was offroad and just cruising around. Starter spins up with the stator cover off, but does not spin the engine when reinstalled. The starter wants to go, but its like its under some super load. The safety switch at the kickstand and clutch have both been soldered. I'm going to double check them when i get home from work. Thanks for all the help guys.
  11. 2004 DRZ400s needs help diagnosing....... This is my first real post asking for help. Hope I put enough info in this post to be as clear as possible. the bike: its the faster yellow version 9000miles second owner, bought it at 1600miles all locktite fixes done 3x3 airbox carb rejetted FMF powerbomb header and Q4 exhaust use royal purple 10w40 sythetic oil engine has never been opened up or modified other than the primary nut locktite fix. Now the issue i can't figure out: Unloaded the bikes from the truck, warmed them up, drove up the road 10miles to get gas. Paid for the gas and got some breakfast of champions(two snickers bars), hopped on the bike and pushed the magic button......nothing...... There was not clunk, bang or other type of scary noises prior to shutting the bike down. And I've never had any scary noises prior. Initially thought it might be the battery as I had pushed its limit for life expectancy. Loaded the bikes back up the truck and went to the pub for lunch. So I went out the next day and bought a new battery, charged it up, installed it and again nothing. Drained the oil, nothing in it, no chunks or anything. Pulled the clutch side cover off thinking my primary nut fix might have fallen off. Nope, everything looks beautiful in there too. Pulled the stator cover off, everything in there is perfect looking. Also able to crank the engine over manually, when in neutral, with my socket on the stator nut. No clunks or weird noises. Pulled the valve cover off, cause I could. Everything in there is again perfect looking. Pulled the plug out, looks like a NGK spark plug that is a year old. When I put the bike on the shop stand and put it in 1st, the rear wheel will not turn over the engine. When I pull the clutch in, I can turn the rear wheel, but it feels "thick", no oil in the bike. No clunks or anythings when i do switch gears, all the gears switch with no issues. Trying to avoid going to the stealership/shop, and I am pretty mechanical, so of course I'm trying to do this myself, if I can. Any help from you guys will be greatly appreciated!!!
  12. For my 2006 DRZs, i started out changing the stock one to the gel suzuki seat. hated it and sold it quick. Then i went for the tall SDG seat for a year. loved the tall aspect of the seat, but as comfy as 2x4 board. for the past 3yrs i've been riding on the Seat concepts seat with the increased height. best seat I've had on the drz so far........
  13. On my 2004 DRZ400s with a clarke tank, I've tried: stock-hated it after 30mins suzuki gel-too low and hated it after 45-60mins SDG tall seat-very firm and liked the 1" height increase, after 60mins monkey butt set in I'm 6'1" with a 32" inseam and ride with Tech 8's. 2 yrs ago I ordered the seat concepts tall, gripper all around with firm foam and wide at the back, love it!! I ride during the week about an hour one way in to work, lots of slow going with traffic on the freeway, no complaints. on the weekends, we go for long 10 to 12hr rides, riding from home to the mountains and back. the price was right and the service was outstanding. Highly recommend it. Sent my seat pan in for them to do the work, had it back on the bike in 7 days! I initially looked at the corbin, renazco, bill mayer and a couple of others, but $300plus for a dirt bike seat....... my son now wants the same Seat Concept for his bike, he's using my old SDG tall seat on his drz.
  14. Garmin Nuvi 550 with a RAM mount. the software i use for all my BC backroad stuff is from Backroads maps, based in BC. great for all of our logging roads and lakes. http://www.backroadmapbooks.com/shop/gps-maps-1723/british-columbia-1724/
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