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  1. dirtjumpordie

    starting an xr 600 after a crashi

    The FCR made my XR600R WAYY easier to start. The biggest benefit to the FCR carb is that it drastically improves throttle response, because it has an accelerator pump. So you can be at idle, and whack the throttle open as fast as you can, and it gets right with it and lofts the front wheel. With the stock carbs, the bike will fall on its face when you do that, because no accelerator pump. Hot starts are super easy with the FCR carb, because it has a hot start circuit. When all else fails, the best way to start an XR600R after a crash is as follows: Turn the gas off Tip the bike on the side so the carb dumps fuel out of the overflow tube Stand the bike up Decompression lever in, throttle wide open, kick it like 12 times fast Do the TDC kick to start the bike like you normally would (throttle closed) Turn the gas back on right when the bike starts. I even have to do that with my FCR sometimes, because I blocked the hot start circuit. With an FCR, you have to open the throttle reallly slow before you do the WOT kicks 12 times. That way the accelerator pump doesn't squirt a shit load of fuel into the intake. When you open the throttle real slow on an FCR, most of the accelerator pump's pump shot gets pushed through the leak jet and back into the float bowl. The reason they don't like to start after a tipover or a stall out is because the mixture in the intake gets too rich when the engine shuts off like that. Something about stalling the bike makes it harder to restart than if you would've just hit the kill switch. Not sure exactly why. Go try it on your bike. Hit the kill switch, it will start right back up when you want it to. But let the bike stall and it won't start for shit. My experience anyway.
  2. dirtjumpordie

    Good GasGas source for parts in US ?

    Call your dealer guy and say "Hey dude, I bought a GasGas from you, and now I need this (insert part's name here)" He'll say "Oh alright, I'll have them ship it to you." And then you have a relationship with a dealer, who can wrench on bikes. Trade bikes. Sell bikes. Give good deals. And employ local people.
  3. dirtjumpordie

    2002 CR125 I want to govern for my son

    Your son can handle it. 14 is the perfect age for a CR125.
  4. dirtjumpordie

    1999 gasgas 250 mini project

    Thats awesome! I just got a 1999 Gas Gas EC250. The plastics are pretty much trash.
  5. dirtjumpordie

    1999 gasgas 250 mini project

    Any pics of the bike all done? Cool build
  6. dirtjumpordie

    How many miles are considered high on an XR650L?

    My 1985 XR628R with aftermarket camshaft and high compression piston had an odometer installed in 2012. It had 8,000 miles on that odometer when I bought it in 2017. I rebuilt the top end (piston and rockers only) and put 6,000 miles on it after that. Still running strong. So Lets assume it had only been ridden 2,000 miles a year on average before 2012. From 1985 to 2012 is 27 years. 27 x 2000 = 54,000 miles before the odometer was installed. I believe my XR could have around 70,000 miles on it. Absolutely no doubt that it has more than 50,000 miles. There really arent many moving parts on these bikes. The only thing you'll have to do is rebuild top ends and maybe you have to do a cam and rockers every now and then if you rev the shit out of it for too long.
  7. dirtjumpordie

    XR500R 1984 Carb - bogging on second carb

    Does it do it only based on RPM or throttle position? If you go wide open throttle while riding at low rpm, does it bog? Does it bog at high RPM if the throttle position is low?
  8. dirtjumpordie

    My new 650R dual sport

    Very nice looking bike! I run Bel Ray Thumper 10w-50 in my XR600R. My clutches never last when I run Rotella. And the fact that its 10w means it isn't so thick at lower temps. Meaning it migrates through the engine quickly. And 50 weight at higher temps, meaning it has more viscosity when everything is really hot
  9. dirtjumpordie

    Thought I would ask.Hope I don't get in trouble

    I have a nice front wheel with a good tire on it. Came off my 1985 XR600R. Perfectly straight. Tube holds air with no leaks. Bearings are good. Good brake rotor. Im pretty sure it will fit your bike. Let me know if you want it. Id sell it pretty cheap.
  10. dirtjumpordie

    dreaded rocker arm wear

    I started running rotella about 6 months ago. Immediately after I started running rotella, the clutch started to slip. Then after about 800 miles, my valvetrain was completely destroyed just like in this guy's bike. Not saying the rotella is what caused it. That engine had a lot of miles on it anyway. Just sharing a relevant experience that I had with this same engine and that same oil. After the rebuild, I stopped running rotella. I run Bel-Ray "THUMPER" 10W-50 now. I don't care how much it costs. I hate it when my bike is down. Anything I can do to minimize down time, I'll do it lol. Got about 4,500 miles on it so far and everything is still mint.
  11. dirtjumpordie

    Whats the value of my 1 owner 83 XL600R

    That bike looks amazing! The value of that kinda depends on your area. Around me, a decent condition XL600R goes for around $2000. I've never seen one in condition as flawless as yours. I'm not sure what the market is like in that truly mint-condition category. I'd bet a good amount of people would pay over $3,000 for that bike. And a few hard core enthusiasts might pay up closer to $4,000. This is just an educated guess. My advice is put it up for sale on craigslist for an area thats somewhat far away from where you live. Put up for $4000 and see if you get any interest. If you get a LOT of calls, raise the price. If no interest, lower the price. Once you find the sweet spot, post the bike up for sale for the actual price you want to sell it for and post it in your area.
  12. dirtjumpordie

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    At that time, I was 20 years old and rode very hard about 10 hours per week. Not real big or strong. 5'11" and 190Lbs and not much body fat. I have big hands though. And I was wrenching full time back then. Between riding hard and wrenching all day, my hands were strong enough to crush a skull! Lol.
  13. dirtjumpordie

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    I owned a 2013 KTM 300XC for a year. The hydro clutch was part of the reason I bought it. And I do not believe it was much of an improvement over my YZ250 cable clutch at all. I ran motion pro cables and never had any difference in arm pump. And I honestly thought the KTM clutch felt vague. The KTM powerband was a lot better at low RPM. People attribute that low RPM compliance to the hydro clutch, but its not from that IMO.
  14. dirtjumpordie

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    Hydraulic clutch has more problems than it has benefits. Especially if you try to build one inexpensively. The KTM hydro clutch that everybody raves about feels like mushy brakes compared to the cable clutch on my YZ.
  15. dirtjumpordie

    Full Review of the 2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport

    I think there is finally a bike that I would actually want to replace my XR600R with. This bike looks like it is ACTUALLY better. Thanks for a real review. Much better than those corporate cock gobbler reviews I've seen from others.