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  1. The point at which the pressure to get a certain result overcomes the fun of being in the sport.. Thats when youve gone way too far. Do it the exact amount that you feel like it. Its all for shits and giggles. Dont let it become work.
  2. dirtjumpordie

    Is this plug lean?

    Anybody ever tune a carb based off of plug reads, and then checked the actual AFR to see how close you got the ratio? I'd like to see a chart where it says "This engine was running 11:1 AFR at WOT, and here is a picture of that plug". And then "The same engine was running 14:1, and here is a picture of the plug from that run." And then "On this run, the engine was running 17:1, and here is a picture of the plug from that run". All WOT plug chops. If you do a WOT pull, and then let the engine idle or cruise for a little bit before removing the plug, you're not going to get any clear idea of how the engine was running at WOT. Lets say the engine is running lean as shit at WOT high RPM, but it is running pig rich at idle... You're going to do a WOT pull, let the engine idle for a bit, and then pull out a plug that looks really rich. Even though the engine was running 16:1 at WOT. The soot from the 11:1 idle will screw it up. You have to do the WOT pull in 5th gear, grab the clutch & kill the engine as soon as you let off the gas. Then remove the plug. Otherwise you are wasting your time.
  3. dirtjumpordie

    Jetting keihin fcr xr650l

    Take your needle out and look at where the clip is. Move the clip down 2 spots (which will raise the needle's height when you reinstall it). If the problem gets worse, the bike was running too rich. If the problem is minimized, you were running too lean.
  4. dirtjumpordie

    Fuel Additives

    How long are you going to be letting it sit between rides? You might be better off with fogging oil if its going to sit for a long time.
  5. dirtjumpordie

    XR600R roller rockers?

    The reason that these wipe cams and rockers is because the head gets starved of oil periodically. Especially when it is cold out and you first start the bike after sitting a while. There are ways to increase oil flow to the head, which has been reported to basically stop the issue all together. It also helps if you keep the RPMs low whenever you can. Do not ride high RPM for any length of time. If you're riding interstate, coast with the clutch in every now and then to let the engine idle and cool down. Lots of heat builds between friction surfaces at high RPM. Let it idle a bit whenever you can. It also lets the oil migrate differently than at high RPM, so it flows back to where it needs to be within the engine. Extended periods of high RPM will kill an XR quicker than shit. What I do is run a hard welded camshaft. Like a megacycle or Webcam. I run stock rockers. Not hard welded rockers, although I'm considering it. If the top end gets starved of oil, it takes out the rockers, and only minor damage to the camshaft. Thats because the hard welded camshaft is a WAY harder metal than the stock rockers are. I polish the camshaft, get new rockers, and its good to go. Although I have only had to do that once, and it was because my bike started burning oil so badly that it was completely out of oil by the time I got to work. Seriously, it was smoking like a freight train. Burned up 2 quarts of oil in well under 40 miles and ran dry for XX amount of miles.
  6. dirtjumpordie

    the 06+ yz250 of MTB? Does it exist

    The "06+ YZ250" of mountain bikes, is probably the Trek Fuel EX Series. I've seen guys riding pretty gnarly downhill on those bikes. I've seen guys riding at XC races with them. You can get used ones pretty cheap. They are good and solid. The 06+ YZ250 is the dirtbike that nailed it. It is competitive in every single situation you throw at it, and its easy to own. They cracked the code with that bike. The Trek Fuel EX series bikes are just like that. Competitive in every single situation you throw at it and easy to own. That bike is Never out of place. Its a nice ride no matter where you're at. That being said, I'd ride my mountainbike a lot more if it had an engine!!
  7. dirtjumpordie

    Sprocket ratios

    Take the number of teeth on the rear sprocket, divide that by the number of teeth on the front sprocket. Thats the ratio. So 54 divided by 14 is 3.856. Thats the sprocket ratio. So the front sprocket has to spin 3.856 times to make the rear sprocket turn once. 50 divided by 13 is 3.846. Very close to the same sprocket ratio. It will feel the exact same when youre on the bike riding.
  8. dirtjumpordie

    Turning a Honda xl250r into a 500

    You would need to bore the cases and also come up with a way to compensate for the XR250R stroke being 20.5mm shorter than the 500's. Even if you got that piston and jug to work, it would not make it a 500c engine unless you increased the stroke of the crankshaft by 20.5mm. You would have to shorten the 500's jug by 20.5mm. And the cylinder stud bolts are probably not the same pattern. So you would have to figure that out as well. It would be a lot easier to just put a big bore sleeve and piston in the 250's stock jug.
  9. dirtjumpordie

    CDIs - differences between the XR600 and XR650L CDI

    Where do you get an Ignitech CDI for an XR600R? I can't seem to find whoever sells them.
  10. dirtjumpordie


    Thanks. If I find a reason to split cases, I'm doing that mod. Combine with an NX 5th gear. Bike will craw better, still work fine in the mid range, and then be more comfortable at higher speed cruising.
  11. dirtjumpordie


    Yeah you're geared tall enough by the sounds of it! I want my first gear low enough to where I can idle up a staircaseif I wanted to haha. I can make a big 2nd gear gap work just fine. Can the 650L 1st gear fit in my XR600R transmission? Would it make a demonstrable change in 1st gear crawl speed?
  12. dirtjumpordie


    Yeah Im mainly talking XR600Rs. I wouldnt know if thr XR650Ls need it. But by the time I gear my XR600R high enough for the road, its way too tall in 1st gear for the woods. Id be cool with having a granny low in my bike
  13. dirtjumpordie


    I just did that mod on the last engine but don't find it to be such the big deal everybody makes it out to be. Why is it so important to you? Did u do it to a XR600R or did u do it to an XR650L?
  14. KTM 690 or Husqvarna 701 would probably be good. You're big guys, so you will be able to throw them around pretty well unless it gets SUPER technical. Those bikes have a lot of power, great chassis, great suspension, and they don't require a whole lot of upkeep like the more purebread offroad dualsports that are basically just race bikes that just have a plate. Or, you could talk to your nearest Honda dealership and ask them when they are getting the CRF450Ls in stock. Those bikes are my ultimate dualsport choice. They have a hardcore high performance off road chassis, much more durable engine than a straight up race bike, and they have enough power to get any human up to speed quickly.