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  1. dirtjumpordie

    Tire studs

    I'm glad he brought this thread back. Lots of good information. I am going to stud up one of my bikes with Tapcons. I have AMA screws in my GasGas right now. Might do my Girlfriend's TTR in tapcons just to test it out and get her out on the ice with me a bit. If that works out, I might do my XR600R with tapcons
  2. dirtjumpordie

    Why do people like the Honda XR650R?

    Honda stopped making the XR650R because it was too good of a combo between high performance and longevity. Same reason they quit making 2 strokes. Perfection is the enemy of profits. If the XR650R got any lighter or faster, they would not sell any brand new bikes. They like disposable bikes that arent worth keeping long term. Hence 14K RPM 4Ts. Honda plays dirty. Look at 2013 Baja 1000. REALLY look at it. Ifmyou have spent less than 10 hours researching it, dont even reply about it.
  3. dirtjumpordie

    XR600R 88-up EFI

    You might have your best chance if the same EFI system's hardware is modular enough to be used on a multitude of bikes of this type (including DRZs). It would also have to work well with weak OEM stators. I love the idea, but it will require genius solutions to make it practical and popular in this market. The XR is THE caveman's bike, purchased for its durability and mechanical accessability. Neither of those things are associated with digital systems. You're competing for a share in the already small market of FCR swaps. I also would need it to be tunable with nothing more than a screwdriver. Most guys that would buy this are riding already modded bikes. Cams, big bores, exhausts, head work, etc. And always modding. The O2 bung is also a disadvantage. If I had an O2 bung, id just tune my carb with the O2 sensor and be happy with my FCR.
  4. dirtjumpordie

    250f power curve question

    It sounds to me like you should get the yamaha. They make the most durable 4T race engines with the fewest amount of quirks. If I were to ever buy a 250F it would be a leftover brand new YZ250F. They also have what many consider to be the best suspension. And they have the best resale value. The top triple clamp on the yamahas also has 2 positions for the bar mounts. So you can move the bars forward/up like 2 inches to suit the rider cockpit to your liking. Not sure which other bikes have that, but its a neat touch. Btw, how old are you? 6' 1" tall and 135Lbs makes me think you might be a young guy who will fill out in the next few years. If that is the case, I would not do anything expensive to the suspension right off the bat. You don't wanna valve/spring your suspension for a 135Lb C Class rider, and then by the end of the next season you're a 190Lb B Class rider who needs $u$pen$ion redone again lol.
  5. dirtjumpordie

    4 Stroke Resale Value?

    Sounds like you're comparing 4 strokes to bikes half their size.... Woowwww!.. Its faster than a bike thats half of its size?? 4 strokes truly are impressive arent they!
  6. Most manufacturers get their base oils and their additive packages from the same suppliers. So most oils are pretty much the same, across brands. However, Amsoil designs their own additive packages and does their own testing on it for years before ever releasing it. At work, I've done controlled tests with identical brand new engines running identical speeds/loads in identical conditions at the same time. Oil samples were collected at the same times throughout the testing from each engine, and then sent out to be analyzed. The only difference was which brand oil was in the engines. Most of the big name brands performed about the same in all regards. Lubricity, viscosity, TBN, etc.. Mobil 1 beat everybody... Except Amsoil. Amsoil kicked the shit out of all of the other brands of oil in all measurable ways. BTW the "honda" and "yamalube" oils are not made by Honda or Yamaha at all. Thats 100% marketing and money. They pick some oil that is "good enough" to work in their engines. And then those oils are made by whichever oil manufacturer Honda and Yamaha can get to make the oil for them for the lowest price.
  7. dirtjumpordie

    4 Stroke Resale Value?

    Not really... New piston and cylinder for that bike is around $280 together. But a normal 2t top end rebuild doesn't require a replate. Usually you just put a new piston in and you're good to go. The biggest difference in cost is when you blow them up, which is something you can count on probably happening at some point if you ride dirtbikes for a long enough length of career. There are a lot more things to go wrong in a 4t. Camshaft, cam chain, valves, valve seals, expensive cylinder head, etc. All of that added shit just so you can have a heavier bike with less power and then be amazed that it is "smooth" or "hooks up".... Well obviously any time you have more weight and less power it feels smoother and it hooks up better... If I wanted that I'd just forego the 4T grenade risk and just add 20Lbs to my 250 2t and smash the shit out of the pipe. BOOM instantly "smooth" and "traction".
  8. dirtjumpordie

    CR500 Swapped Alta Redshift?

    Gotta make room for the new ones!
  9. dirtjumpordie

    2008 kx 250f trouble

    When was the last time it started up and ran correctly? Was it running fine like the day of you changing the fuel line and oil, and then the issue started right after you changed the fuel line and oil? If the bike idles for 2 or 3 minutes, but then dies... Can you start it up again right away? Can you rev it up a little bit after you start it? What happened that caused you to replace the fuel line? Sounds like the bike might be starving for fuel.
  10. dirtjumpordie

    CR500 Swapped Alta Redshift?

    Thank you for recognizing that I am a redneck. I do also ride DH MTB, so I'm not sure what prompted that racist comment! lol. My plan is to swap the Alta motor into my washing machine. I think the whole electric bike thing is cool as an alternative to a standard mountainbike. Pedal assist electric downhill bikes are pretty awesome IMO. Not against the "new" (its not actually new) technology. Just not without a backup plan (pedals/hills) for making the bike move forward.
  11. dirtjumpordie

    CR500 Swapped Alta Redshift?

    Why? The chassis is the least appealing point on the alta... ^ 1,000% Incorrect as hell, but thats not what we're here to talk about. This isn't shark tank. You don't have to pipe in and verbally say that you're out! Lol But ill tell ya "why" anyway. The best part about a CR500 swapped alta is the symbolism. Much like a gesture in which you raise a certain digit on your hand when you see somebody in a prius (covered with "I hate america" stickers) texting and driving while dawdling at 60mph in the left lane of the interstate where the speed limit is 70mph. (No offense, californians. Ik thats your thing. Dont take it personal. I wont flip you off if I see you do that in Cali, but I will flip you off if i see you ever do that in America!) The 2nd best part about a CR500 swapped alta is that its about the only way an Alta will ever finish a woods race. The 3rd best part is that you dont have to haul a generator and a charger with you to the track. The 4th best part is that no matter what you do on a bike, it would be cooler if you had a CR500 engine.
  12. dirtjumpordie

    CR500 Swapped Alta Redshift?

    Has anybody CR500 swapped an alta yet? I'd pay to see it! Anybody wanna tackle the project? We can make a task force dedicated to the mission
  13. dirtjumpordie

    What model have I?

    It looks a LOT like an old honda XL125 or XR125 engine. Could be a lot of transferable parts there.
  14. dirtjumpordie

    Push-Pull throttle cables

    It confuses noobs when people call them "push pull" cables. I just point out what they actually are, so that new guys don't get confused.
  15. dirtjumpordie

    Push-Pull throttle cables

    Neither cable is a push cable. One pulls the throttle open, the other pulls it closed when you turn the grip forward.