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  1. jeepertom

    '01-02 WR/YZ stator crossover

    In Search Of 01-02 YZ250F wiring diagram. Specifically the stator/CDI wiring. I have the 01-02 WR250F but believe their is a difference with a floating center tap. I can not get the WR stator to work with the YZ CDI.
  2. jeepertom

    '01-02 WR/YZ stator crossover

    Okay, but why? What's different about the wiring? The connectors ate exactly the same. I have the WR wiring diagram. Is their a differences? Someone on here has to know.
  3. jeepertom

    Yamaha YZ250F (2002)


    love it. even better with '03 exhaust cam
  4. jeepertom

    Yamaha YZ250F 2002

    love it. even better with '03 exhaust cam
  5. Not sure what I'm missing. I bought a '01 WR250F that had a YZ stator with no light circuit. The bike ran fine, but I want the light. I bought a WR stator and flywheel from Ebay and checked the coils against my service manual, all within specifications. When I installed the WR stator I got no spark. No output from the CDI (checked with a Fluke 99b scope). I put the old YZ stator back into the WR and she fired on the first kick. The WR stator coils still check out good. Can the WR/YZ stators be swapped around? Is their a difference between WR/YZ CDI or harness? Whats going on? Where should I go from here?
  6. Kah. Thanks. I replaced the pilot jet and get a great flow of carb cleaner through the passage right after the throttle plate (due to drilling, two at 90*, I can not pass a fish line through). The bike acts the same way. She runs GREAT, snappy, decent RPM and idles with the choke on half way. If I shut off the choke off at any RPM, even WOT at high RPMs the bike spudders and looses power. Dose the slow speed circuit have anything to do with 1/2-WOT? It seams like it would get hot if i run it too long like this indicating lean condition. What would allow great all range performance with half choke and horrible with it off?
  7. My XR600 won't idle with the choke off - after rebuild. Due to a wrist pin clip failure, I had to rebuild the top end of my 94 XR600r. That went fine. No problems. But the problem is the bike sat for a long time during the process. I opened up the carburetor and cleaned out the gunk prior to the first start up. The bike would run great with the choke on but would not idle or have any low speed with the choke off. Adjusting the Pilot screw seamed to make no difference. Also, if I was riding the bike down the street (aprox. 20 MPH) and shut off the choke, the the bike would sputter, getting worse when I opened the throttle and not accelerate. So I got a carburetor rebuild gasket kit from Honda and fully disassembled, soaked and blue out every passage and jet in the carburetor. Exact same problem. Some post have said replace the idle jet. Would that be the Pilot Screw or the Slow Jet? Won't cleaning clear any problems? Anything else I should try? I realy want to get back on my pig. Not sure where to go from here.
  8. jeepertom

    Trouble - No Spark WR250 f

    I've had two different stators fail on a 01 WR250F and 02 YZ250F. Agree, download the wiring diagram and ohm out the connection.
  9. jeepertom

    How do you test a float?

    The white little cup around the main jet? It broke few years back and has never been replaced. I'll check for sure. Maybe the cap vent has failed. The vent hose is new.
  10. jeepertom

    Honda XR600R 1994

    my pig
  11. jeepertom

    Honda XR600R (1994)


    my pig
  12. I just rebuild my XR600R. I'm having trouble with the carbarator overflowing. Before I start the bike, no problem. It only overflows after it runs for 10-15 minutes. Than won't stop flowing out the overflow drain even after the bike is off. I've had it apart twice to check the needle and seat. The fuel flow shuts off completely with light pressure. The dry level is correct @.53". Can the float on a 94 XR600R saturate? How can I test it? The float and needle are pricy. What's next.
  13. jeepertom

    94 XR600R hose location?

    Awesome. Thanks for the feedback. I'll vent the 1/8" carbarator line.
  14. jeepertom

    94 XR600R hose location?

    I rebuild my motor after the wrist pin tried to escape. It's been 6 months, and it's finally back together. The pig runs great. The problem is I don't remember where the two hoses go. 1) a crankcase breather on the back of the transmission. It comes from the case to a T, one side goes down below frame and the otherside of T goes up. Seams like it would go to air box, but I see no connection. 2) a 1/8" carbarator line directly above the choke lever, left side of the bike. Please help. I'm breaking her in this weekend!
  15. Pismo dunes has taken another victim. My piston and cylinder are shot. I have heard I can up my displacement. Can I use a XR650 jug and slug with my 94 XR600R CASE and HEAD? Who has done this mod? What year XR650 should I search eBay? Will the stock carburetor work? Wrist pin, size, height? What gasket set do I order?