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  1. wrrider15

    Do bent reeds cause a bike not to start? (06 YZ250)

    probably a long shot but try disconnecting the kill switch and try it.....i recently had some dramas with my bike not starting and it was a dodgy kill switch.
  2. wrrider15

    06 yz 250 front brake problem ,caliper or master?

    no external leaking anywhere,will pick up a master cylinder rebuild kit and hope it fixes it i guess
  3. wrrider15

    06 yz 250 front brake problem ,caliper or master?

    anybody have a opinion?
  4. when they are finished and if your willing to send one to australia i would be keen aswell. let me know cheers
  5. hey guys my front brake had been getting very spongy [no feel to the lever and pulling right in to the bars] so i finally got round to having a look at it and tried to bleed it up but it has lost all pressure now and will not bleed up at all. so my question is what would it be? i would think the master cylinder as they give the pressure/feel at the lever but im not sure.don't particularly want to order the master cylinder rebuild kit if its the caliper and vise versa. any help appreciated.
  6. wrrider15

    Yz helmet cams

    small vid of a trail on my yz250 bush weapon
  7. to be honest mate i couldnt tell you as it doesnt say on there website,it just says its a universal taillight that will fit most mx bike fenders.they have a website with a viewable catalog just type ballards offroad in google and go from there.
  8. got it from a place called ballards offroad here in australia mate.
  9. wrrider15

    getting my yz 250 ready for the new season

    if you can save any bearings in that bike......dont be scared to pack them with some good quality waterproof grease,i have used bellray for the past 15 years and find it awesome
  10. hi thanks yes 100% bush/woods bike and loves it!
  11. wrrider15

    getting my yz 250 ready for the new season

    theres a good chance if you have never greased any bearings since 06 they most likely all need replacing not greasing!!!
  12. wrrider15

    FMF gnarly fittment issues

    when i bought mine new or any of the pipes i have bought new i have never had any troubles with fitment
  13. heres my machine lots of mods awesome bush bike
  14. wrrider15

    IMS 3.2 fitment problem, 07 YZ 250

    yes iam sceptical about how long the lighting stator will last,only has around 10hrs on it at the moment. hydraulic clutch is a must in my opinion,very light feel and smooth as silk
  15. wrrider15

    IMS 3.2 fitment problem, 07 YZ 250

    the shrouds have the bulge,maybe just the angle that makes them look like they sitting flat.i reckon i will do the trim soon. the cap is the stock ims that came with the tank,i have not had any issues with it yet,although i wish the stock yz cap would fit as it is defiantly higher quality yes iam running a lighting stator,it is the one from steahly offroad made by electrics world i believe it was 45watt,its not superbright at all with low revs but if you get caught out on a ride it will get you back to your ute/car so you can get home,i think with the lighting stator paired with a good quality helmet light you could easily do night bush missions.if you end up buying lighting stator from steahly offroad get there voltage regulator aswell...saves burning globes out.they also have a light switch with kill switch button incorporated so you can free up space on bars. also if you dont have a flywheel weight i would recommend buying one from steahly the same time as the stator just to save some money on shipping. another addition i now have on bike is a magura hydraulic clutch......these things are awesome!!