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  1. r77toy

    A couple of newb questions

    I'm looking at a DRZ400SM for my 15 mile round trip to work, BMW 1100rt is a bit overkill. I'm spoiled by all of the spare electrons the BMW has (600 watts), I love my heated grips and Gerbing heated gear. I understand that the DRZ has a 200 watt stator, how many watts does the engine need for ignition etc? Planning on doing FCR 39 carb, 3x3 airbox and maybe E cams, what is the quietest aftermarket pipe that gives decent power gain, I outgrew loud pipes 30 years ago. Also can a kickstarter be added as a back-up on an e-start bike? Mike
  2. r77toy

    Forks xr600

    What hub& rotor fit an 84 xr 600?
  3. r77toy

    '84 xr600 forks

    What year and model hub& brake bolt up to 84 xr600?
  4. r77toy

    XR 200 disc brakes

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  5. r77toy

    XR 200 disc brakes

    Have a '83 200, want to install better brakes, what disc brake bikes have 35 mm fork tubes?
  6. r77toy

    TTR 125 L newbie

    O.K.,so what happens to the frame w/out the brace? Where does the hub crack?
  7. r77toy

    TTR 125 L newbie

    Looking for a used 125 L for my 13 yr. old daughter, what are the problem areas, ie, where do the frames crack?
  8. I'm in Torrance, how can we hook up? Got someone verry interested!