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  1. k4f5x0r

    Post Beta for sale from anywhere here

    I have my 2016 300RR for sale in the NY area for anyone interested. Asking $5500 pretty firm on that price as the bike is in ridden albeit very meticulously cared for. About 160 hours on the dash(22xx miles) with 8 hours on a OEM top end rebuild and needs nothing besides a rider. Still has the oil injection as its never given me an issue and I have the factory manual, some extra parts and an assortment of needles and jets for it. Sad to let it go but I've recently bought a house and well my priorities are with that.
  2. k4f5x0r

    New 2018 300rr Pinging/Detonation

    My 16 300rr did this when it was newer with stock jetting.. I've since swapped to the JD needles and otherwise have been following the beta jetting chart and i have no more pinging issues unless i get it reaaaaally reallly hot after some playing around in sand pits/ sand hill climbs.
  3. k4f5x0r

    Xtrainer oil injection durability??

    Only that top sentence was towards you and none of it meant in a dickish way though it may have come off that way! Just a bit of a ramble after going through a couple pages of the thread.. it's the same topic every couple weeks with the OI nonsense.
  4. k4f5x0r

    Xtrainer oil injection durability??

    Not really, in a race i could care less to stop and look at my oil tank for leaks and what not. In the middle of the woods i'm prepared to stop and examine my bike here and there. Oh and i'd probably have a bottle of premix with me in the woods and not in a race. Everybody is getting butthurt like their opinion is the right one.. the oil injection has worked fine on my bike, therefore there is no reason for ME to remove it from MY bike. If you feel differently than by all means do whatever you want. I'm simply giving the input that was asked by the thread which is that the oil injection has NOT given me any problems. IF it gives me problems, it's pretty easy to unplug a few things and dump oil in my gas tank. It's REALLY not a big deal. Classic forum chatter.
  5. k4f5x0r

    Xtrainer oil injection durability??

    This topic comes up constantly for how many failures have been documented. 16 300rr 150+ hours just over 2,000 miles and the oil injection is working great. It's pretty easy to stop and take the seat off and see if the oil level is going down.. Or if the exhaust is smoking for that matter. For racing, yeah get rid of it and the potential hassle and if it ever fails i'm prepared to remove it and run premix. Really not a big deal.
  6. k4f5x0r

    Beta 300 Top end rebuild

    I went simple and just ordered a full top end rebuild kit like this http://www.motosupply.com/beta-motorcycles-beta-beta-300rr-complete-rebuild-p-421.html It was nice to have all the extra gaskets when figuring out the squish. My dealer charged me about the same price as Motosupply ordered from whoever you're loyal to i'm pretty sure the cost is determined by the piston manufacturer not by beta.
  7. k4f5x0r

    OI not using much oil?

    my 300RR smokes like crazy at start up as well. Once it warms up and you clear it out with some revs it runs very crisp but it really chugs oil when its cold. When i'm riding powerlines/WOT sand pits it eats a good amount of oil, probably half an oil tank to each gas tank. In singletrack i can probably get 3 full gas tanks before i hit the low oil light.
  8. k4f5x0r

    Ever have a flasher relay go bad?

    My flasher relay had a broken wire on my 16 300rr @ around 160hrs. Not really sure why it happened but i fixed it and zip tied it securely so it shouldn't happen again.
  9. k4f5x0r

    Falling OUT of love with my 2017

    My DRZ400 bolts were made of butter. Totally different than an RM though. I also Jinxed myself. Went to get my NYS inspection on my 300RR finally and naturally the flasher relay had a broken wire. Easy fix but definitely annoying.
  10. k4f5x0r

    Falling OUT of love with my 2017

    Suzuki bolts are by far the mushiest most junk metal in my experience. I can say the hardware on my 16 300rr is some of the nicer hardware from the factory IMO but some of the bolt certainly were not loctite'd or snugged tight enough. Mostly just bolts holding the plastics on. Sounds like you may have gotten a monday morning/friday afternoon bike.. My 16 had grease splooging out of every orifice and besides a few bolts rattling out in the first few rides the only issue is Dash batteries dying constantly.
  11. k4f5x0r

    How not to install your air filter

    I have also had this happen once and now i'm super anal about it. I also very lightly grease the inside of my airboot passed the filter JUST in case some debris does get by.. Despite some of the dust and sand that got by i didn't notice much wear anywhere on my engine when i did my top end. Definitely a bit of a design flaw to say the least.
  12. k4f5x0r

    16' 300rr EATS new dash batteries (CR2032)

    It may be a 2016 thing. Since i've had my 16 300rr(~2 years) i've gone through 3 or 4 dash batteries.
  13. k4f5x0r

    Beta 300RR Dirt Bike Channel Thread

    If you can talk while riding.. You aren't riding fast enough Funny enough myself and my buddies ride our trails with Sena head sets. We know someone is really givin' er shit when they stop talking His trails really do look very nice compared to my NE rutted whooped out sandy pine tree trails.
  14. k4f5x0r

    2018 Models Launch

    I've ridden nothing but four strokes my entire life, however once i got into more hardcore singletrack riding i always wanted to try a 300 two stroke. I will never go back to four pokes for true off road riding. A four stroke will never feel as agile to me. The beta fit the bill because i'm short and need a street legal in NY. PITA to legalize Pumpkins here. I still prefer the four strokes for dualsporting hence my wr250X.
  15. k4f5x0r

    2018 Models Launch

    i've never had an issue with my Estart but I keep my bikes on battery tenders at all times they aren't being ridden.. My buddy with his 2015 300xcw had his battery die after only a year(maybe less) because of no tender and cold NY winters. He's relied on the kick the entire time mostly because of being busy due to work. I really enjoy having the kickstarter and would easily pony up the cash to have them install it a the shocking detrimental weight gain of 2 pounds. my bike likes cold starts with the kicker too.