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  1. ColoradoJim

    Grand Junction or Texas Creek

    There is alot of snow on the ground here in grandjunction. and it has been colder than heck... I guess it depends on what ya like to ride in???
  2. ColoradoJim

    Countershaft whirring noise

    has this completley solved the whirring noise??
  3. ColoradoJim

    Countershaft whirring noise

    Anyone else have this problem?
  4. ColoradoJim

    Countershaft whirring noise

    How does third gear not receiving enough oil,make 4-5 whine ? Is this a normal problem or is it a symptom of things to come?
  5. ColoradoJim

    Which Pro-taper bend?

    What is the difference between stock renthals(04)and the windham bend.How much aller and bend?
  6. ColoradoJim

    Chain slap

    where exactly on swingarm do you check adjustment?
  7. ColoradoJim

    Chain slap

    I am confused. It seems on earlier posts, guys were running 1 1/2 to 2in. of slack? Is 1 in too tight?Can someone give us an idiot proof way to find the right adjustment!?
  8. ColoradoJim

    First time at altitude??????

    Fourth of july I took the 04 up to 10,500, To our friends cabin.. No jetting changes fired up first kick...Rode all weekend did not foul a plug.. I live and ride @ 4500 so I went 6000 feet and did fine ..It didnt have the same power,but i could loft the front end no problem...I was impressed to say the least
  9. ColoradoJim

    N E one near Grand Junction,CO

    I have talked to a few people but havent had any luck. I wonder if some of the cycle shops would like to get involved... It might be the two of us KTM!!!Lets keep it going and see if something happens
  10. ColoradoJim

    N E one near Grand Junction,CO

    Could we use public land or does someone know anyone with some acreage we could build it on?Also how couls we get water to the track aswell???? ANyone??
  11. ColoradoJim

    New Foam for your ManFunnel

    GOD BLESS Billy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks You!!!!!
  12. ColoradoJim

    N E one near Grand Junction,CO

    How about we get some guys together and build a track somewhere around here..I dont know where to start, lets see if we can get some interest....
  13. ColoradoJim

    Countershaft whirring noise

    Ok. Last night went out for a ride and I discovered thatit is making the noise in 4th and 5th gears only! When I would slow down the noise was there I would shift into 4 still there! I would drop to 3rd and instantly quiet,2nd and 1st quiet... So the question is what could be wrong with 4-5 gears? Any help would be appreciated...Jim
  14. ColoradoJim

    Countershaft whirring noise

    Stock chain and sprockets..DID X ring and ironman on the way..No skid plate yet..The scary thing is I had never heard the sound until recently.. Could an overtightened chain cause damage to the countershaft or?
  15. ColoradoJim

    N E one near Grand Junction,CO

    hopefully that post didnt sound to critical?..we just dont have decent track that I know of...wish we did..