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  1. Canada too. Apparently X360 is region locked so even if you managed to find a friendly European willing to sell you a copy it still won't work. PS3 is fine AFAIK.
  2. the big kx

    Newb question

    As do I. Feel like an idiot. Read it probably three times over and couldn't figure it out. It's been a long day!
  3. the big kx

    Newb question

    Was wondering if anyone could tell me the difference between these two thing; they seem the same to me and yet the price is massively different. http://www.btosports.com/p/athena-big-bore-piston-kit-kawasaki http://gnarlyparts.ca/product_info.php?cPath=5978_6036_16302&products_id=525228 What am I missing here?
  4. I've been on the KX250f in the woods for a few years now and at first I enjoyed the power of a full sized bike. However, I am now starting to feel as if I would enjoy woods riding a lot more if I was riding one set up for the trail. So: is it worth it to try and mod the KX250f into a woods weapon or should I cut my losses and look for a XC-W? If it's salvageable, what are some of the more essential modifications to make and why do you feel they're important? Bike currently is basically stock.
  5. Hey Guys, Looking for some new spots to ride within driving distance from the GTA. I'm usually out in the Ganaraska but was thinking of trying some new places to ride, so let me know if you have a favourite spot or two worth checking out. In to all forms of riding, so tracks/pits etc. welcome in addition to trails. Happy riding
  6. the big kx

    Pictures of me riding/racing

    awesome pics man, i hope one day i can rip like that.
  7. the big kx

    Front brake issue

    Hey folks, Was riding this morning when I clipped a tree (I had non-wraparound hand guards installed which I now realize is sincerely inferior to true bark busters) and the guard bent back and did SOMETHING (operative word, not mechanically inclined) to the front brake. Since then the brake will sometimes apply pressure, but only for a short while before it's touching the grip and doing nothing. There doesn't appear to be any fluid leaking from the line. I am aware this could be a number of things, but does anyone know how I could fix this? Or what is wrong? Perhaps something to do with the caliper? Again, this is probably something rudimentary but I haven't a clue. Thanks for the help
  8. the big kx

    Epic Gopro set up!

    you could buy a canon "7D" and a used lens for the same price...
  9. Am looking at selling my KX250f and picking up a basically new '03 YZ250 that has under 3 hours on it for $2500 CAD. I could probably sell mine for 4000 and invest 1500 into it to make it better suited for the woods (doesn't all have to be spent but that's the budget). Considering I ride the KX now, with no engine modifications or changes to the gearing whatsoever (from stock) do you think the YZ (if made more woods suitable) would be manageable? I pretty much only ride trails but like going to the track every once in a while and am 6'1 220.
  10. It's thanksgiving north of the border and after a 5-week hiatus (I've been at school) went for an awesome trail ride in the Ganaraska with my dad. Here's a cool wheelie shot the gopro caught from the day:
  11. the big kx

    Short intro to a moto x film im making

    i liked it lenses?
  12. the big kx

    2 stroke in the woods..

    love that sound, especially in the woods. good job
  13. the big kx

    mxon torrent

    anyone know of an mxon torrent that's up yet?
  14. the big kx

    FRESH EDIT! sikk

    very nice edit my friend, did you use some kind of stabilizer?