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  1. nj_wrx_rider

    Best year?

    are the SFF forks that bad..?? would it be better to go w/ the 12?
  2. nj_wrx_rider

    Best year?

    any worthy differences between the 12' and '13?
  3. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    true, but you can lug a thumper.not so much a 2-stroke..especially a case reed CR250
  4. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    im used to revving my bikes out (2-stroke guy) but hopefully i wont notice
  5. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    yeah, i mean if this was all it needed why not just put it back together and ride/sell it??
  6. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    from what i gather, the thing blew up (he says it was maintained meticulously and he is an A rider), he put in a new bottom end than decided to sell it. he says it needs a new piston because of the metal shavings so im guessing the head is potentially &%$#@!ed up hes selling it cause he doesnt want to sink the $$ into building it properly and just saying that all it needs is a set of valves and a piston when in reality it needs alot more. im sure i could throw it together but id rather build it right the firs ttime
  7. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    good to know, ill def consider it. its new, so are the bottom end bearings..i went there and looked at it and they had the old crank out so i guess its a new one in there. he showed me the receipts as well for the new bottom end..
  8. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    whats wrong with stock?? wouldnt bumping the compression up require running race gas?? Id say ability wise i fall between a novice and an intermediate and feel i dont need anymore power. in fact, the only reason my cr250 has aftermarket reeds/pipes is because it came with them.. he says there are slivers in the head and it needs to be cleaned up...im sure i could get away with it for awhile but id rather just go over the motor thoroughly and have her done right.
  9. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    @moto867 Its a 2008. I made another thread about it. The guy wants a bit too much for it at the moment but if he comes down on the price i will probably jump on it. The bike isnt in bad shape, its just in pieces and needs a new top end Bigbore thumpers has a head for $575 thats all SS valves, new springs, etc..a new piston is gonna be $250..the cylinder didnt look too bad but i was going to budget for a new cylinder as well since its cheaper to replace it than it is to replate it..
  10. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    thanks guys, i mean if it helps make the bike alittle bit more 'rideable' than it shouldnt be too bad some of the guys ive talked to in real life make it sound like the bike slows down considerably.. ive never ridden a 450 on a track but i ride my 250 2-stroke like a 125 and do like to rev but dont want to have to be adjusting the valves constantly
  11. nj_wrx_rider

    How many TTers in TX?

    austin this place sucks for moto....gonna get my streetbike on the road and enjoy all the hill country has to offer cause this place is beat for mx!
  12. nj_wrx_rider

    New to the Austin Tx area

    its dead here as far as MX goes, ADVMX holds races sometimes but no one shows up, same for cycle ranch down past san antonio i usually ride at advmx, murphys in red rock and cycle ranch in floresville.. advmx isnt a good track (it used to be apparently) but its all we have here There is red rock mx which is a really good track but its private so you gotta know someone, im sure if you get hooked up with TJ's they'll hook you up
  13. nj_wrx_rider

    El Paso TX

    just curious..is this track going to be on the same caliber as cycle ranch or 3 palms?? i live in austin and would like to come out and check it out but only if the track is going to be properly prepped, good jumps, layout, etc HAve you looked into how many riders are in the area?? I searched for some tracks in West Texas and it seems to be MX is all but dead out that way..there was a good track in odessa but it looks like it closed for one reason or another..
  14. nj_wrx_rider

    Chassis changes from 02-07 cr250r?

    valving changes in suspension (forks i believe) and the offset is different on the 05 and up, other than that the chassis are pretty much all the same but the wiring harness mount on the 04+ is different than the older ones because of the TPS (i have an 04 with an 03 frame, had to drill out the wiring harness mount and put in the new frame)
  15. nj_wrx_rider

    SS valves and performance

    Would I be able to notice a difference between the stock Ti valves and aftermarket SS ones? Ive read that once you put in SS valves into these bikes (or any 4-stroke MX bike for that matter) you don't need to adjust the valves that much, if at all.. I maybe purchasing a blown up crf450 and want to make the bike reliable as I feel a stock 450 is more than enough for 99% of the riders out there with the exception of someone who is north of 250 lbs or a national level pr