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  1. Basically, you need to learn to estimate the distances you have traveled. If your turn is 5 miles away, you need to know where the 4.5 mile mark is, that is where I would start looking. Every odometer reads differently. If there are not sufficient resets on the route sheet, the differences will mount. If you see a difference between the route mileage and your mileage, make a mental note, and look earlier or later as the case may be.You may be able to add/subtract the tenths on the fly, depending on you odometer. You dont need to watch your odometer constantly, just as you approach the upcoming turn. I wouldnt be afraid to tag along with a group. Dont stress over it!
  2. ob1quixote

    DRZ400E after market seat

    They will give you foam density options in their seats. Discuss with them before purchase!
  3. ob1quixote

    You guys ever get hassled by cops?

    Once, I had one flip the lights on and whip around behind me from the opposing lanes. The minute he saw me put the turn signal on, and saw my plate, the lights went off. That was local. I dont blame him for having a look; high mounted front fender, knobbies {DOT legal} sure look like a dirtbike rolling down the road. Never had a problem out of state, even in the middle of the night on Iron Butt attempts.
  4. Sport/Touring and DS/ADV routes available through the North GA hills, just about leaf peepin' time! Lunch served with entry, 1 free night of camping or RV Parking {no hook-ups} courtesy TWO of Suches. Benefits the Fragile Kids Foundation - http://www.fragilekids.org/ More info at http://www.blueridge250.org/
  5. Message from Ron Miller! "Made a few changes to this year's route's. Have a late lunch stop with great home made sandwiches & DESSERTS on the East Route. A new map that can be copied for those wanting to ride Brown Mt. with a good route for ADV bikes. Had to change a portion of the West Route to Advance as rain has made some serious gully's. Added a second lunch stop. All of the fire roads have good rain ruts & have'nt been maintained yet. Hope they don't scrape them before the ride. The motel is almost full, Great. They have a new pavillion for us to use as sign up & bullshit. Thanks! Ron" Just a couple weeks to go! All proceeds to the MD Anderson Cancer Center! http://www.mdanderson.org/
  6. ob1quixote

    DRZ400S Rear tire

    I find the Michelin AC10 to keep me happy on and off road. It is a fairly aggressive knob pattern for good offroad traction, and very predictable on the pavement. It is DOT legal and not terribly expensive. My rides take me offroad in every type of terrain and soil, and the road portions of the rides I go to are often tight/twisties worthy of the Snake/Tail of the Dragon, if not actually on them.
  7. Oh, and I will have 10 Moose roll chart holders for sale at $25 each, proceeds to the Armenia UMC, beneficiary of the Armenia Dual Sport. Should be there for registration Friday, and most definitely Saturday before the rider's meeting! The church gets $50 after I sell all 10, and I eat $10 in the deal, so dont let your lack of proper DS navigational aids stop you from coming!
  8. Message for the promoter! " Time is flying by, the 2015 Coal Creek DS is almost here & one of our sponsors CYCLE GEAR of Knoxville TN @268 N. Peters Rd is having their Bike Nite Fri June 12th from 5 to 8 PM if you want to check it out go by on your way to sign in or if you need stuff give them a call @ 865.560.5657 Also for anyone with an itch to shoot their guns the WindrockShootingRange will be open till dusk Fri & Sat bring your handguns,rifles,shotguns and black powder and show us what you can do Thanks John Strange"
  9. ob1quixote

    motel/lodge for Little Coal River

    Chief Logan Lodge is fairly close, eats on site and close by. State owned as I recall, clean and affordable.
  10. It was a challenging ride last year. They say they have eased up some on the main route and are offering hard core hero sections. Just by the differences in terrain, Coal Creek will be more challenging than Armenia. Be ready for climbs and descents, and like I said in that other thread, ride your own ride. There will be more capable bikes and riders there, pick a safe spot to pull over and let them by, it isnt a race. Navigate carefully! I foolishly decided to follow instead of navigate last year, and the navigators led us into some pretty nasty stuff when they got off the roll chart route. Wont be making that mistake this year! We had enough fun at that challenging ride that we went back in the fall, rented a cabin and rode the Windrock park.
  11. When I run dirt sprocket ratios on my DRZ, I run that or less on pavement and have lots of fun there. Have a roll chart holder, link up with similar bikes if you want to, and ride your own ride!
  12. More info from the promoter! "Does not include advanced sections. Advanced sections will have the mileage they add shown on the route sheet. Will also be a aux. gas in the morning on Saturdays ride. Saturday 106 miles Aux gas from start 20 miles, this is in an advanced section. Miles from the start to first gas 49 gas1 to gas2 42 gas 2 to finish 15 Sunday 73 miles Gas 1 32 from start Gas 2 51 from start There are many ways to shorten the route if you wish. Going to try to make up a map to make this easy for all to understand. If you plan to ride all of the advanced stuff, bring your big boy britches because you will need them.
  13. Flyer is up at www.carolinadualsporters.com ! Great ride with 100% of proceeds to charity!
  14. Woohoo! Rain chances have dropped to 10%! Ground has been dry, none of the Ana precip made it there! Marvin says they could use a little before the ride, keep the dust down.