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  1. rig chaser

    how in the world

    The above pic is referred to as "backing it in" . It is a result of the extreme late breaking coming into to corners hot. Most of the guy's doing it are using slipper clutches witch helps. Back tires spinning the entire time. Sportbikes do it from time to time. Usually ends up in a highside though do to there weight and geometry. (V. Rossi is an exception) It also allows the exit line for corners to be squared up and on the gas sooner. The main reason for it is because it looks Bad-Ass.........
  2. rig chaser

    '05 crf450r build "project Lowside"

    Thank you sir. Some changes have been made.
  3. rig chaser

    Carb problems

    main jet 175 starter jet 48 pilot jet 72 needle is in 4th clip. (3 above, 3 below) Suggestions??????????
  4. rig chaser

    Carb problems

    No varnish build up on any jets...........
  5. After about 20-30 minutes of riding bike wants to stall at stops. When cool idle is at 1800 rpms. After warming up idle drops to 1000-1200 and requires a little help to stay running at stop lights. I could increase idle after it warms up to counter this, but I want to fix it the right way. Wheelies are fine but stoppies want to kill the bike immediately. Its a bitch for me in traffic having to work the throttle while stoppie-ing at a red light. Suggestions???
  6. I have seen them mounted on the gas tank bolt below the bars off the frame. Custom but very cool.
  7. rig chaser

    New CRF Sumo Guy

    Congrats on the new tool. Looks good. Street it also! What is the current gearing? Year model? Engine mods?
  8. Local hardware store has aluminum angle iron. Fabricate one yourself. This one won't break. Trailtech's website has factory mounts.
  9. rig chaser

    Top Speed CRF450R and YZ450F 2008?

    Be sure to have a stabilizer mounted. With stock triple tree I started getting a scary shake around 105 mph on my '05 crf450r Supermoto. (Trailtech Vapor) speed was confirmed buy a GSXR in the group I was in. She still had a little left. 15-37 gearing.
  10. rig chaser

    Desert Critters

    Another west texas rattler
  11. rig chaser

    Desert Critters

    We grow 'em big around here......... I would have Shat all over myself had I come across this one. Too bad it was killed though. I would think he was 25 years old or so. Give him to a zoo or something.
  12. rig chaser

    Desert Critters

    A new one found between Midland/Odessa west TX. I don't know the guy or how tall he is. I would guess 5'9" or 5'10" maybe.
  13. rig chaser

    best wheelie pics you got POST EM! =D

    B 4 she was tagged and streeted. Presently Street legal
  14. rig chaser

    Best looking 2006-2009 bike contest!

    Winner........ Too bad I can't compete..... Nice rides guy's.
  15. rig chaser

    Poor Rmz450 , "youtube vid"

    Suzuki.......... He is a future "Gixxer" squid Bike sounds diesel....... "Clatter" This guy rev's his engine befor it is warm also.