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  1. ka24s14am

    What do you do with your used parts?

    I take all my old worn out parts and use them around the house. I made shelves with used tires in my kid's room. Looks pretty cool. I have a couple used up cranks, pistons, bent shift forks sitting on top of my entertainment system.
  2. ka24s14am

    Cost / Earnings of Racing Supercross

    Last time I went to the Atlanta race I saw 2 privateers using one of the event trash cans as a work bench. They were working out of a couple tool bags too. They were right across from the ktm hauler with the mile long autograph line. I told my wife they were the real heroes of the sport. Probably barely making it financially but they ended up making the show
  3. ka24s14am

    Yz450f 2013

    My 2012 will do the same thing. Starts 3rd kick every time even without the cold start. Let's say I stop for 15 minutes in between motos, it is a 50 50 shot if it starts 1st kick or it's a kick fest. It is an easy fix though. Before you shut it off rev it hard a couple times and clean it out just like you are trying to clean out a 2 stroke. Kill it immediately after the last rev. Starts easy after that.
  4. ka24s14am

    24 round mx season 2020

    That would be awesome
  5. ka24s14am

    Arthroscopic shoulder surgery

    I had large labrum tear and a 15% rotator cuff tear fixed 2 years ago with the scope. I busted ass through physical therapy and was riding again at 4 1/2 months. I didn't rush the therapy though. I was having problems with the shoulder popping out of place a lot. It felt really weird first time riding and it took about 2 months after I started riding to gain confidence back in that shoulder. Fast forward to 2 years later and my shoulder feels awesome. I am still doing all of those rotator cuff workouts twice a week and that makes a big difference. Y
  6. ka24s14am

    Power Jet #40

    I will definitely install a 175 for my next ride. I had a 175 with the way it was jetted before I switched all the jets. It was not working right so I tried the 178 first
  7. ka24s14am

    YZ250/YZ250X hitting neutral

    All I use obd2 for now is to clear airbag codes. Lol. I'm strictly collision and custom paint
  8. ka24s14am

    Power Jet #40

    I ran my yz yesterday for the first with the magic setting. 45 pilot 178 main 40 power jet n3ew 3rd needle. Its was awesome. Lugged great in the really slow stuff. Had lots torque and a lot of traction in the mud. Then it would ring itself out in the high speed. It was perfect. 40 to 1 with castor 927. Had very little spooge. Also has weighted flywheel and timing is retarded 2 degrees from stock. I do want to try a 175 main and see how it runs
  9. ka24s14am

    YZ250/YZ250X hitting neutral

    Gotcha. Trying to tune a street car nowadays is such a headache. Way too much computers and EPA.
  10. ka24s14am

    YZ250/YZ250X hitting neutral

    Nah it's a Nissan code name. For the old 240sx. I had 96 for my first car kept it till I was 21. Sold it for a 350z. It had a built ka24de engine and s14 is the chassis code. Then am is my initials [emoji16]
  11. ka24s14am

    YZ250/YZ250X hitting neutral

    I stopped using the clutch when downshifting and that fixed the problem for me. Downshifts are much more of a solid shift for me when I don't use the clutch. I had to do a lot of quick shifts from 2nd to 1st yesterday with my 04 250. Never missed a shift and that bike has a questionable transmission
  12. ka24s14am

    Cleaning a Bike

    Something I found that really helped me out was how I positioned my bike for pressure washing. I turn the bars all the way to the lock and lay the bike over. I set the end of the bar right on the stand. Keeps the bike off the ground but layed over far enough to really get the underside of the bike. I can really get the linkage, underside of plastics, tank, radiators, engine clean. Made a big difference in getting all the nooks and crannies. Btw this is just a pic I found on Google. I do not own a ktm. Kinda gives you an idea of what I'm talking about
  13. I found mine on Ebay last year around this time. Came with a new OEM gasket too. I really like the gytr weighted flywheel on my 2012. I hope you can find one
  14. You got that right. The brace worked for me. I truly believe it saved a neck injury.
  15. I had one crash in particular that I felt my leatt saved me from a neck injury. Bike came out of gear while seat bouncing a 40 double. I landed hard on my face. Smashed a new shoei helmet. I had a slight concussion, my forehead was bruised bad and I had some bruises on my chest where the brace transfered alot of the impact. My neck was fine. It wasn't even sore. I also had a crash a couple years before. Went over the bars and landed hard on my side while wearing the same brace. Dislocated my shoulder and ended having surgery to fix it a couple years later. Did the brace help tear my shoulder up? I don't know but I feel like it is worth wearing one.