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  1. nishgriff

    About 'PO' Thread

    Hadn't been on TT for a few days, got on today and saw the 'Dear PO' thread I started was closed, then saw the thread that the actual PO of my bike started, also closed, hadn't seen it before. Maybe not appropriate to start a new thread, but since they were closed and I wanted to respond I will. The mods will pull it if they think it shouldn't be in here. Anyway, wow that's a lot of vitriol on a website about motorcycles based on a partially fictitious humor thread/post. SO For the record the guy I bought it from (Hix) DID handle the transaction honestly and directly. I have no problem in real life with how it went down. He did not misrepresent the bike in any way. Also, someone owned it before him, he's not the only 'PO'. For the record, I WAS a newb and I DID drop the bike on the ice on the test ride, even after Hix told me there was ice. Ooops, embarrassing:blush: , total newb move. (I have more, believe me:-) Too bad it wasn't on cam, I can only imagine what it looked like: Hix: "watch out, there's ice down there." Me: "OK" (falls on large sheet of black ice 10 seconds later) Hix: (Rolls eyes) For the record, there was some exaggeration in the post (he obviously did not rub concrete in the keyhole, for example). But a lot of the stuff on the bike was as in the post. It was supposed to be funny. I still think it is, and I'm glad it's lived on and raised people's ire. That's how I roll. For the record, if you got all bent about this (except for Hix) and don't get the humor, I'm not really concerned about that. Most Importantly: For the record, I am man enough to apologize for my mistakes: Hix, sorry, didn't mean to offend you personally, or represent you in reality as a bad guy, or make fun of the real you. I don't mind taking a beating on the forum from people I don't know for being a n00b. But not my intent to make fun of a real person in public. Not my style to build myself up by tearing others down. Take this as a sincere apology if that's how you took my post.
  2. nishgriff

    my new IMS 3.2 gallon gas tank custom green

    Nice looking bike. I like the green with the black accents
  3. nishgriff

    What kind of helmet you wearing??

    Hey, I've been riding with this helmet now for about a month, anyone else with one notice buffeting because of the visor?
  4. nishgriff

    Trail Tech Vapor, Pro's & Con's

    I agree, Vapor is way better than the stocker. Accurate Speedo, who woulda thought? I do notice that the air temp is always too high... I wonder what's up with that. Here's a pic of how I set mine up, since I don't have the tools or know-how to fab my own:
  5. nishgriff

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I've been doing the same, scared to really let it get up. I'll keep working on it though, thanks for the inspiration!
  6. nishgriff

    Crush washers are a myth and do not exhist!

    I'm interested in this too, a dealer near me wanted to sell me honda washers instead of the suzuki crush washers. Will they work?
  7. nishgriff

    WoW!! Yosh Ti current prices. Unbelievable!

    I get out to encinitas/cardiff/solana every couple months. Next time I think i'll ride out. If you're up for it let's do a ride and go to the Belly up
  8. nishgriff

    Dear Previous Owner:

    You all caught me. I'm a terrible person and you are all good. Continue on with your perfection.
  9. nishgriff

    Changing a tire without tools!

    Hey William, I'm Armenian, and my grandfather used to say 'Strong Like Bull' every time he did anything. It's like he thought that afore-mentioned bull-strength was a requirement for any endeavor. I'm surprised to hear that it took only one Armenian man to perform this feat of strength though. Usually it takes at least seven Armenian men to even order a cup of coffee from a vending machine (Seriously, I have seen this). They have to discuss all the possible pros and cons, and each one will have a different opinion, and each one will think he is right. So it takes like 10 minutes for one guy to tell the others to shove it and just buy the damn coffee. Changing a car tire with his bare hands is nothing compared to changing the other six armenian guys minds about how to change the tire...
  10. nishgriff

    Hello All!

    Get and FCR. You won't regret it.
  11. nishgriff

    Headlight protection?

    Any details on how you made it? Would you make me one for a small donation? :-)
  12. nishgriff

    Calling on Eddie...Hard to kick over too.

    +1 on the SS kit
  13. nishgriff

    Chain roller pictures anyone?

    Look in your service manual or the TT store OEM fiche. It's easy to order the parts. My PO left them off....