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  1. aDayintheDirt

    PW50 upgrade share - Fork springs - Clutch Springs

    Smacaroni, OP forks are chinese aftermarket knock offs. Oem pw50 forks have one leg that has 4 dimples that have to be drilled out to release dampner rod and be pulled apart. Also OEM fork retaining ring clips have holes for clip pliers.
  2. aDayintheDirt

    PW50 upgrade share - Fork springs - Clutch Springs

    Society, Cannon craft offers 32# and 40# clutch springs, which did you use? Also they offer 26#,32#,40#, and a 40/50 progressive fork springs, which did you get? I ask cause i did their 40/50 progressive fork springs... And they make the front end rigid! Zero movement, also did the clutch with 40# but have yet to put motor back in frame... Hopefully this weekend. Thanks
  3. aDayintheDirt

    Another hard to start PW50...Weird

    Checking the float adjustment is good place to start. Do a compression check before pulling it apart. Have you tried unplugging the bar switch?
  4. aDayintheDirt

    2002 PW50 sounds like its loaded up, will not rev?!

    Bad crank seal?
  5. aDayintheDirt

    Another hard to start PW50...Weird

    New pilot jet... "cleaning" is often not enough... As the orifice is so small. But the problem sounds like incorrect float height?
  6. aDayintheDirt

    PW50 upgrade share - Fork springs - Clutch Springs

    Excellent write up! Thank you
  7. aDayintheDirt

    PW50 Side Stand?

    Just thinking out loud but you aren't worried about no skid plate? Breaking off a plug or something? Also I like the idea for saving weight but center stand is crucial for my boys to be able to start the bike themselves. Post pics If you do fab up something
  8. aDayintheDirt

    PW50 carberator jets

    Jetting is not general... But my boys run 42.5 pilot 67.5 main here in so cal. I have heard guys running 62.5 for short Motos and many run 65 in stock racing PW's. Replace the stock filter element w/ a twin air, uni, no toil before you figure what's best for yours.
  9. aDayintheDirt

    PW50 Hard to Start.

    Two things I'd do... 1 replace don't just clean the jets. The orifice is so small that just clearing it does not always do the trick. Gum sticks to the walls. i've had a 426 that I cleaned the carb multiple times never could get to start or idle right... Replaced the jet and worked perfect. And I have the Sudco jet clearing tool. Check compression, low compression is often over looked. If it starts and rides fine after warmed up then this might be your problem .
  10. aDayintheDirt

    PW50 Throttle Adjustment Concern

    As a dad of a 3yo and 5yo both with PW's... I preferred the exhaust restricter opposed to the throttle limiter when my boys were 2yo. Throttle limiter will allow bike to gradually build speed till possibly going to fast for child's skill. Also there is a sweet spot where throttle limiter seems to barely engage clutch and seemed to hard on it. (sounds like what you have going on) I purchased two exhaust gaskets (which have the restricter attached) and drilled them to adjust speed I desired. this caps the top speed at whatever you set it at. (conditions permitting) Side note... Try teaching your son "on-off- on-off", it sounds stupid but really helped my boys and friends kids i've taught to ride understand moderation.
  11. aDayintheDirt

    Pw80 TTr90 similarities?

    One of you pw nuts had to have tried some of these?
  12. aDayintheDirt


    60cs(x) and 76cs(x) both have a good option of powered by bike... 62 and 78 both use mini USB, very poor option for power from bike connection. Touchscreen with gloves is hit and miss... More often miss.
  13. aDayintheDirt

    Pw80 TTr90 similarities?

    I have read the shocks, top clamps, swingarms, wheels all swap... How bout bodywork? Tank, fenders, or side covers, seat? Sprockets also?
  14. aDayintheDirt

    Pw50 freshened up

    Flattens it a little, but does not burn it off.
  15. aDayintheDirt

    Pw50 freshened up

    Put the header and silencer right on the grill... Bout 30 minutes over an open flame burns out all the gunk inside. Then just blow it out with compressed air. Works great!