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  1. Tomsti

    Problem with used gear buy, opinions?

    Put the gear n eBay, use the original description, get 60 for it.
  2. Tomsti

    EMXP Patriot Games 6hr July 7th, 2013

    Looks like an awesome course!
  3. Tomsti

    herlings crash

    Yup, that's the way I scrub and land jumps.
  4. Tomsti

    wheel bearing quality

    +2 for vxb bearings. I cross referenced all the bikes bearings and ordered In bulk. Way cheaper.
  5. Tomsti

    Barcia's Huge Triple Jump Case at Anaheim 2

    He's ready to rip... http://www.racerxonline.com/2013/01/24/justin-barcia-update
  6. Tomsti

    Who will win MEC?

    JS7 just tweeted no MEC. So it's bam bams to win
  7. Tomsti

    2004 Polini x3

    I have an x1 that I'm getting ready to sell. Youngest is on a 65 now. Spi is about the only place I know to get parts. The good: ours has been very reliable and for the most part just keeps ripping. The bad: only online parts, which isn't all bad. Not many guides or forum info if to learn from. Louie from spi is a good resource.
  8. Tomsti

    What's up with Charlie Mullins?

    I like Mullins also. However if you want people to reply. Change the title to what's up with James Stewart?
  9. Tomsti

    KROC earning respect of elders

    Respect http://touch.dailymotion.com/#/video/x1jtgo_foo-fighters-low_news
  10. Tomsti

    Blake Baggett

    He should get the Brett Michaels "ride hard" award. That would be cool because then we could listen to that ride hard music.
  11. Tomsti

    I miss the James Stewart haters...

    James is riding for free because he's selling weed out of the Suzuki pits. I know this because my buddies friends sisters second cousin who's dating a guy that knows the receptionist at Suzuki said so. She's also Prego.
  12. I drink Cytomax that is mixed with a little more water than they call for. I like it alot.
  13. Get an old CR500 and roost all of your friends.
  14. Tomsti

    How to watch motocross on tv?

    Searching my listings (Seattle) all I see for Moto is Redbull X fighters