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  1. Homey


    Between Tres Hermanos and Uruapan there is a small tractor broken down on the other side of a blind rise. It's sitting off to the right but still hitable. There are 4 or 5 downward pointing score arrows warning of the hazzard. Carefull.
  2. Homey

    Organized ride at Tecate, BC on 5/23

    Yup, Armando's been in business doing these events since the mid eighties. He's good to go and has his mierda together. I'll be in Ensenada for the sailing reggata otherwise I'd go.
  3. Homey

    XR400 dieing while running??? help

    Good call on the comp lever adjustment. I had the same problem a while back. It would stall when I turned the bars to the right. More recently, I had another similar problem where the bike would start and idle for a while then randomly stall. We checked everything and were stumped. Until we opened up the stator cover and found a staple inside. Apparently when I installed my rewound stator, the stator picked up a paper staple from the workbench or something and was floating around in there. It would end up shorting the ignition out. CRAZY!
  4. Anybody have any news on the condition of the route between Mike's and El Coyote. 2 weeks ago Duane Meling reported to a friend of mine that it is impassable by bike. Just need to confirm.
  5. Homey

    Crf 600 X

    Grider was ahead by time when he came by us at RM196.
  6. Homey

    Blu Inn at Ocotillo Wells...

    I was at the Blue Inn yesterday, they were open.
  7. Homey

    Ocotillo Wells with a "newb" on 2/12?

    Me and a couple guys are heading out Sunday instead. Let the rain pass.
  8. Homey

    xr400r pumper carb?

    I put the Mikuni on my XR400. Way better throttle response, more grunt, plus it made it a one or two kick starter. I love it.
  9. Homey

    XR 400 again?

    I want to know how the Trophy Truck took your footpeg off and you are still alive to talk about it. Details Please!!! LOL
  10. Homey

    Ocotillo Wells New Years!!!!

    Miguelitro, I'm heading out in a couple of hours. Camping with some friends North of 78 off Split Mtn. I'll cruise by Fri. morning and say hi. XR400 with a Natural 4 gal. tank, white fenders. Red helmet, red riding jacket. L8!
  11. Homey

    bad day of riding!!!!

    I picked that up too. Ride with someone, especially if you are just starting. Knee and elbow guards are the least expensive safety items in your arsenal, no excuse not to have at least knee guards. Crashing is part of learning your limits while riding, keep at it.
  12. Homey

    XR650R Christmas List

    Got a sister??? Man, what a good wife! Seriously, your list looks good so far. Skid plate for sure.
  13. Homey

    BAJA RIDE - Tecate to San Felipe, NOV 12-14th YOU IN?!

    No firm plans yet, I'll let you know!
  14. Dude on the Yamaha is not even wearing a jacket! Animal!