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  1. squale147

    Rebuild 2016 XCF-W motor

    Yes sir it has.. i did move but i ended up selling the 500.. life got in the way with a few set backs.. im looking to pick up something this year..
  2. squale147

    Rebuild 2016 XCF-W motor

    Everything spud said and in really bad case you could develop a carbon knock as well..
  3. squale147

    Any body know what vintage mopeds are good

    Derbi were super bad ass.. a friend had one and it ripped. I'm surprised nobody brought up the general 5 stars.. I had 2 general 5 stars 1 was a limited edition with the motorminarellie engine .. In which will with Mo page do you know what them in fact rose have in common they're both fun to ride but you don't want your friends to see on them.... You need a life...
  4. squale147

    Buying a 350 EXC

    Any 350 from 2012 to 2016 would be the one you want.. the 350 and 500 from this generation has proven rock solid reliable when taken care of properly..
  5. squale147

    82 Suzuki RM465 rebuild

    very nice... good to see an RM465 its been awhile
  6. squale147

    What moto gods have you met?

    i met jeff emig at kawasaki race of champions back in 1997
  7. squale147

    Looking to buy an exhaust

    there close but id say the 4.1 may of had a little more topend pull then the q4
  8. squale147

    Looking to buy an exhaust

    To try and keep the db down to a minimum. .
  9. squale147

    Looking to buy an exhaust

    i have the powerbomb header with Q4 muffler (( had a ty 4.1 BEFORE THE Q)) on my 2012 500exc and could not be happier.. from my seat of the paints dyno it seems to have a respectable gains through out the power curve... plus you will drop a few pounds.. imo best bang for the buck
  10. 14/49 I'm currently running on my 2012 500EXC. . 14/48 works great as well for dirt ((single track)) and 14/49 will hit 100 .. 14/48 over 100...14/49 is a little bit easier to lug 3rd in the tight stuff
  11. squale147


    I haven't been that far south sence the hammer run.. great trails down there. ..I ride alittle north of you
  12. squale147


    i have zero issues on my 2012 500exc.. i resprung it for my weight and set rear sag at110mm... lots of sandy whoops in south jersey and my 500 eats them up..
  13. squale147

    Go Pro Newbie

    Spud Check out the mouth pice mount.. imo the best mount
  14. squale147

    I remember when

    I also remember when seeing a ktm and husky was very rare. ..