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    A long day...

    Well...after cooling off a bit, getting laid for a while, and generally just looking at my bike...I start thinking...What if he vandalizes my house in retaliation? Whatever I think, I've got cameras...HOLY SHIT, I forgot we installed cameras before my parents left, You are able to see him stealing it... I can't wait to show this at court. Since his excuse the cops told me was he just wanted to "ride" it, at 6:16 in the morning. Also...as an added bonus they also "borrowed" my truck multiple times during the night most likely to pick up smokes or beer...So EVERYONE including my brother is being charged with grand theft auto, aiding and abetting a criminal, Driving under the influence and destruction of property (My house) and a couple more I don't remember. I'll see if I can sue one or more for emotional stress or something since this was a very traumatizing experience...I barely like letting my bike out of my sight now and am worried about internal damage, I've had 3 other bikes stolen and this is the first I actually get to punish the ones responsible I'll pay 5x my bikes cost to see they get punished.. I'll see if I can upload the video somewhere...I've got to show the cop before I do anything with it, so it might be a while.
  2. Travis20

    A long day...

    Bit of a back story, I'm 21 and live with my parents who are gone usually around 6-9 months of the year on vacation. My brother is 20 and usually stays at the house for about a week every 4-6 months. Come home last night to see my low-life brother and a bunch of his skid friends hanging around and I decide to go have dinner with a friend. I end up staying at my friends house and going to work the next day (today). Ends up being a 2 hour day (I'm a flat roofer can't work in the rain) So I get pretty excited about going home and hitting the mountain on my baby (2009 Rmz 250). I pull into the driveway and open the automatic garage door. Now I always look for my bike as soon as it opens, the door is about 6 inches off the ground when I notice....no tires... A little higher... No bike. Now everyone in my family knows nobody touches my bike but me, It hasn't had different hand touch it since I bought it off the show room floor a year ago. I immediately slam on the brakes and rush into the house. The lock with the key in it is on the ground. I run up stairs noticing that the house is a huge mess. Try to open my brother door...It's locked, so I shouldered it open breaking the handle and some of the door with it, grab my brother by the shoulders and try to wake him up he's kinda groggy so I scream at him "where the **** is my dirtbike?" He doesn't respond fast enough for my liking so I drag him down the stairs by the throat screaming at him the whole time, until I notice some girl asleep on the couch. I rip off her blanket and ended up throwing her out the door while she's pretty much still asleep, rush down to my room (basement) and notice a guy and a chick sleeping in MY bed, I throw them both out my door and rush upstairs to yell at my brother some he tells me the name of the guy who was there last night but isn't anymore...I make some calls and a friend pretty much hooks me up with the kids life story including his current Address, She does a drive by of his house and sees a bike under a tarp. Halfway to his house I somehow manage to restrain myself and I go to the cop shop instead, give the cop all the information I have, and head back to my house where I throw my brother out and tell him I'll break his arms if he ever shows his face here, 2 of my lady friends and I clean the house...about 2:30 I get a call from my friend who says there's 2 cop cars outside this dudes house and it looks like he's in the back of one of them. about 2 hours later the cop calls me and says He has my bike and wonders if I'll press charges. Of course I'm going to press charges. It's 6:10 now... In a mere 9 hours I've experienced more rage then I ever had thought possible before, to the point where my vision actually became impaired and I shook, to that horrible despair I felt when I first saw my bike missing. If you have ever had something precious to you stolen you know this feeling. Sorry for this huge wall of text with horrible structure I just needed to vent...if this is in the wrong place, I'll delete it.
  3. Travis20

    Please post any pictures of your RM-Z 250

    My 2009 No mods as of yet besides rims and hubs.