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  1. Mike662b

    Buying a new Ktm 450sxf 2017

    Just bought a new 17 450 Sxf. It's an awesome bike. Had it about a month now. Only mod is an Fmf pipe which I did purely for looks cause I like the blue pipe. Past bike was a 12 RMZ 450 with full fox suspension. I thought that bike turned and handled well and I previously had a 10 RMZ 450. I'm sold on the new KTM. It turns great and feels so light. The engine is smooth and powerful. I will eventually go up 2 teeth in the rear because for me, the gearing seems a little low. I have zero complaints about the KTM. It's beautiful to look at and comes with some very nice parts such as steel braided lines, wave rotors, hydraulic clutch, and on the fly mapping changes. Best of all, I'm now spoiled by electric start. The front forks feel good and are easy to adjust and set. I'd highly recommend buying one.....
  2. Mike662b

    Can Eli win it next weekend?

    Tomac has been and is the "faster" racer between the two, but he has made some costly mistakes. Roczen has been more consistent. Watching them two remonds me of watching RV2 and RD5. Anyways, I think it will be exciting, Tomac will go for broke since he HAS to win. There are a few others who have stepped up and could get in between Tomac and Roczen. Still, I think Roczen is in the drivers seat knowing he just has to finish behind Tomac.
  3. Mike662b

    New 2014 supercross venues?

    I hope they come back to Pac Bell park in San Francisco for the Norcal event. While Oakland Stadium is a little bigger,, its in a crappy area. At least with S.F., you cant walk the city streets, grab a bite to eat at any of the many restaurants and bars around the Stadium. I cant wait until 2015, probably will have a SX race at the new 49er stadium being built in Santa Clara. Will be completed July, 2014, so too late for next years SX , but I hope to see on schedule for 2015. Will be a nice BIG stadium. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Clara_Stadium
  4. Its racing, dont dumb it down. Just like rules in football or other sports where they are trying so hard to make it safer that it sometimes affects the overall joy of watching a game or race. In road racing they are staggered, based on qualifying times usually 3 guys on first row, 3 guys on 2nd row, 3 guys 3rd row, etc. Still you get ugly first turn crashes or a fast guy that had a bad qualifying is stuck in back and making risky moves to get up front. Even Nascar which I hate has crashes with the rolling start. Let the guys race, dont change a thing. They are all smart enough and know risks involved, just sometimes sh!t happens.
  5. Mike662b

    Wilson and JWR are Done

    Yep and im sure the reason the 22 Motorsports or RCH arent on Yamaha's is because Yamaha is so picky about who represents them. lol In fact JGR tried to get out of Yamaha deal and couldnt because of their ties with Toyota. Im not saying the Yamaha is a pile but it is the low man on totem pole.
  6. Mike662b

    what weight springs?

    Technically for your weight, your floating around a .49 spring. Will stock work? Sure, just may want to add about 100 cc of oil which helps bottoming resistance and still gives you a plush ride
  7. Mike662b

    what weight springs?

    So if you wanted to spend least amount of money, get a new rear spring, easy to change yourself, so only cost is the part itself. Then add some oil to front forks for a little more bottoming resistance. Also very easy to do. When my bike was new, before I got the FOx stuff, I added 10cc of oil to front forks and it helped a lot.
  8. Mike662b

    what weight springs?

    Having the proper springs for your weight is a must. Revalving for your skill, speed and type of riding is secondary but helps. Im 190lbs and stock springs were too soft on my 2012. I now have Fox suspension and I run .49's up front and a 5.6 in rear, for my weight. Mostly MX riding.
  9. Mike662b

    Barcia looking good!

    When watching the MEC, I noticed RD5 and JB51 came into a 180 turn and JB51 could have slammed into RD5 or put a block pass on,but Barica checked up and held the inside line. He will definately be the wild child, he will be aggressive but I think he is growing up and will race clean and fair. Im sure he knows everyone will be aiming for him. I wouldnt want to lose a Championship because someone parked me into the cheap seats, so i think Barcia will be careful as to not have anyone purposely taking him out of points contention.
  10. Mike662b

    what gearing do you like?

    haha, we all fell into reading the original post. I made same mistake and put a 14. I guess thats what I get for trying to work while playing on the forums. Anyways, stock gearing isnt terrible but one up on rear adds a little more pull out of corners at the track. Though if I was trail riding only I dporbably leave stock, or maybe even drop a tooth in rear.
  11. Mike662b

    Barcia looking good!

    Yep, Tomac will be another one to watch out for once he bumps up to 450's. Im assuming he would go up for 2014 season. I know Windham has mentioned retiring in 2014, so maybe Geico Honda would be smart to try to hold on to Tomac and get him to replace Windham when he leaves.
  12. Mike662b


    Really? The Bridgestones seem to be one of the easiest to change as they have more flex.
  13. Mike662b

    what gearing do you like?

    Ive gone up one tooth in rear 13/51, on both my 2010 RMZ and my 12'. Very happy with it on tight tracks and the way the new 12 revs up top, I dont run out of gear or feel like it lacks pull even on a long start like Glen Helen or the big uphill climb.
  14. Mike662b

    Supercross Barcia looking good!

    Barcia will definately be a contender next year. I think we will see him on the box consistently though its still a deep field with RV1, RD5, JS7,CR22, TC 41. Im not sure how well JS7 will do, though Id love to see him up there every race as its good for ratings, but his consistency is lacking. RD5 is fast, but not aggressive. I think Bam Bam may be the one who will not be afraid to race RV1 hard and stick a pass if needed rather then just follow. New bike, new gear, he is ready for A1. I really liked his Alpinestars gear and wish Astars would sell their Moto Gear here in the U.S. Him and Musquin are only guys in US sporting the Astars logo.
  15. Mike662b

    Oil change 2011 rmz 450f

    The bike uses same oil for engine/trans. I believe its 1050cc for oil change , like 1100cc for oil/filter and 1200cc on a complete tear down. I dont have manual handy so im going off memory. Get a manual, im sure dealer can order one and it will have all the info and pics you will need along with torque specs