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    Dungy to KTM?

    The sales figures are flawed the big 4 that counts all there bike sales street bikes included .KTM sells pretty much all dirt bikes and also owns husaberg which is an awesome bike. So look at it from that perspective .I rather buy from a dirt bike company not a street bike company.
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    apples or oranges

    2 stroke is is easier maintenance and fun to ride. 4 stroke is a blast to ride to. Get either and have fun JUST RIDE AND HAVE FUN
  3. 132

    Stewart's Interview

    Man up Stewart whaaaa isn't going to cut it.You over privileged cry babys. Now I know why I stopped watching supercross .Rather watch a gncc race or a worcs race not a bunch of cry babies and no felons such as Stewart. The off road riders fight to the end . supercross waste of my time any way tracks are like flat tracks anymore boring
  4. 132

    Watch Stewart Win Tonight...

    Stewart needs to grow up cant win anything while breaking the law . To bad such a talented rider has to act like this . What a role model yeah right role model of what not to be its sad
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    Just put down deposit on my husaberg!

    You will love it just got a 450 fx and this coming from a die hard 2 stroke rider. I have all the goodies on mine and love it you will not be dissappointed Rick
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    suggestion for my husaberg 450fx

    I put the fmf 4.1 love the bike rode it the enduro in nacogdoches love the bike.Doesnt feel heavy like a 4 stroke when riding at all.The only thing is gearing 1st gear is a little to tall any suggestions?
  7. 132

    suggestion for my husaberg 450fx

    I got the map switch rear disk brake guard good idea. heat tape i heard about that and the ball .The fan kit wont work on fx radiators are different checked in to that . thanks for the info
  8. You cant go wrong with either one.Have a story me and my girlfriend went up to the dealer to buy my husaberg.I needed a helmet she starts looking at prices.I pull the arai down she looks at price no helmet worth that much wants me to by the 59 dollar thh or what ever it was .Well i go back to desk to sign my papers for the the bike when done I walk back over to helmet rack get arai .I say to the guy add this to the bill.I say honey live with it Im getting it . Point is I have a 500 dollar head not a 59 head .She got over it lol Rick
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    Decision in contrasts...HELP

    The dealer sms racing in denton tx has a 2011 gas gas 300 demo bike with 10 hrs for 5999 good price Rick
  10. Im getting a new 2010 heres my list of items im putting on it. Flexx bars ,husaberg steering damper, moose radiator cages, tall seat, fmf exhaust, frame guards,nuibless tire system, skid plate. Going to ride the stock suspension to see whats it like I weigh 180 if anyone knows anything about suspension looking for input.If there is anything Im missing let me know.Thanks Rick
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    Bret Michaels AMA-Ride Hard Award

    Thats a great thing hes doing very good for the sport Rick
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    phds mounts vs. Flexx bars

    flexx bars helped out a lot with my carpal tunnel big time I used the blue rubbers the softest compound wont own a bike with out them a little pricey but in my book worth every penny Rick after seeing the pds system have to research it a bit looks interesting
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    05 yz250 fork rebuild

    Make sure tool doesnt slip when you have cartridge rod out almost too my finger tip out lol Make sure you get rebound adjuster to spec and use lock tite on it, I didnt and it pulled rod right out threads and all expensive lesson learned Rick
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    Can Am Come Back

    Hey check out the ossa 280fi 2 stroke trials bike . Go on youtube that engine design has potential.In the videos no smoke at all.This is the 1 st 2 stroke efi I seen on a production motorcycle its a trials bike but its a start .
  15. hey check out the ossa 280fi 2 stroke trials bike heres a step toward fi 2 strokes go on youtube and find videos this engine design is a step in the right direct for 2 strokes. I noticed in the videos no smoke at all . Rick