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  1. MSFIT

    Hot start lever vs. choke

    Hot start allows more air, making a lean condition. Choke restricts air, making it rich. Sounds like your settings are off, jets, needle clip position and idle adjustment.
  2. MSFIT

    No Spark

    I'm 95% certain it's the stator. I built a peak voltage adapter based off another thread, tested everything (multiple times), basically no voltage coming from ignition pulse generator side. My 5% doubt comes from bench testing the stator, where everything seems to check out okay. What actually fails in the stator?
  3. MSFIT

    yz125 leaking gas from carb

    Rebuild Kit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carb-Rebuild-Kit-Yamaha-YZ125-2002-2003-2004-Carburetor-Repair-Kit/291533209602?epid=2146280739&hash=item43e0bbc002:g:gGkAAOSwu4BVw4re&vxp=mtr Owners manual: Page 226 (section 4-7) https://cdn.yamaha-motor.eu/owner-manuals/Motorcycles/M5UN30_1.PDF
  4. MSFIT

    Sold my cr125, looking for yz125

    Thanks guys 80/20 woods/MX, I hear you on the steel frame, and while that's not a deal breaker I'd simply prefer a newer bike this time around. Trying to be patient and find the right one, there's two on my radar at the moment: https://ventura.craigslist.org/mcd/d/2017-yamaha-yz125factory/6400672372.html https://goldcountry.craigslist.org/mcy/d/price-reduced-clean-2008/6410645729.html I feel like that's a smoking deal on the new one, but it's about 300 miles South. The other, I'm just not sure about having to buy race fuel all the time to mix. Here's the CR I just sold.
  5. I've had two cr125s, an 07 I kept for about a year, an 02 that I had for almost three years and just sold yesterday. The bike was a blast to ride, but I didn't like that we were starting to lose parts availability. Now I'm on the hunt for a yz125, correct me if I'm wrong, an 08+ would get me SSS suspension, then a 15+ is updated SSS? Is the 270mm brake new to 2017?
  6. MSFIT

    CRF450X Swingarm Differences

    My swingarm is bent, at least I think it's the swingarm that's bent. My sumo wheel was always a pain to fit in, but after a recent crash I now have to unbolt the chain guide to pull it out. Looking at Partzilla catalog, the 2006 CRF450X swingarm is only compatible with '05, '06, and '07s. (link) Does anyone know why that is and what changed the next year? The 08 is compatible up to '17, hold for 2010/2011.
  7. MSFIT

    Cr125 of crf250

    I think that comes down to personal preference. I have an 02 CR125, love it, it's my second one and I'm 6'1" 190lb. I do 90% trail riding. The 08+ YZ125 is a killer bike too though. Where you at? Maybe someone could let you ride a bike for a day and you could get a better sense of what you'd prefer.
  8. MSFIT

    What is an 02 cr250 worth?

    California the going rate for an 02 is 2500-3000+ depending on condition. I would gladly buy a basket of parts 02 for $1000 and build it myself.
  9. MSFIT

    Which tran oil am I sposed to use?

    Honda red bottle.
  10. MSFIT

    Front Mount Hitch

    Only negative I've seen discussed is blocking air to your radiator/engine bay.
  11. MSFIT

    New to TT

    I disagree, 125s and 250s are well responded to, definitely in the sense of troubleshooting. It's when people ask for recommendations that there's more talk about 250s. For example, @nino is all about 125s.
  12. MSFIT

    Anyone have OEM HandGuards?

    They'll bend, I have been on the same set for about 3 years, just bend them back
  13. MSFIT

    Big guys / CR125R

    I'm probably 200# with gear on my 125. It pulls hard when on the power band. 300# is probably okay but your rebuilds should be more often, just more strain on that tiny piston.
  14. MSFIT

    2 stroke fuel mix?????

    Well there you have it Pull jets, clean them, check plug, see how it runs
  15. MSFIT

    2 stroke fuel mix?????

    I always understood it that changing ratio's effects your fuel/air ratio. 50:1 will be richer than 32:1, more fuel per the amount of fluid coming in. So, if you wanted to change your mix ratio to 50:1 you would drop down to a leaner idle and main jet.