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  1. toddly24

    Tech 3s

    First off, sorry if I posted this in the wrong place, I didn't see a forum for gear. I just broke my ankle trying to go big on my 450 after 3 years of not riding. Yeah, not cool. Anyway my boots were a little big, (i've lost weight since I used to ride, I guess my legs trimmed up a bit - I have smaller ankles and much bigger calves). I ride mostly mx and I just want a boot that can really support my ankle and not let me re-injure my ankle. I tried on some tech 3s at the local dealership the other day and they didn't have any in size 12, I could squeeze the 11's on (with much pain on my right foot) but they were just too tight. However, I have a very wide foot. I liked the way the alpinestars feel on my good foot but I fear that the 12's would just be too long. Anyone know of a boot company that makes a wide boot? Thanks for the input.
  2. toddly24

    Going to buy one

    I figure with the money I saved ( I had the intent of getting a brand new one), I should be able to get it up to par with a new one right?
  3. toddly24

    Cam Bearing Spinning

    Time to upgrade the cam brother
  4. toddly24

    mx to street

    Yeah, don't race on the street... lol. Sorry, I may do that. I find it hard to have a bike that runs 180mph and not get out there and tear it up. You'll find it hard too. But that's why I'm thinking about getting rid of it,
  5. toddly24

    Going to buy one

    Actually, I found an 05 barely used for 2700, I can buy that and an 07 450 quad for 6900. They wanted to give me 5700 for my cbr so I just kept it and got a loan for the quad and the bike. I'll keep the crf for a while until the 2010 yzf gets to a decent price. Bought the quad for the fiance. She liked it and it was all "tricked" out already. I personally feel too twitchy on a quad so I'm going to leave that one alone, she can have that. I think I may just keep the cbr and get rid of my mach 1.
  6. toddly24

    Going to buy one

    Yeah, I'm not going to. How low should a dealer really be able to go on a new one this time of year?
  7. toddly24

    mx to street

    I absolutely love my cbr600rr. It's a great bike. However, I've gotten too brave and I realize it's time to come back to dirt. They are dangerous. It's a rush you won't ever get doing anything else. I live around a bunch of real twisty roads, I can ride 100+mph just about everywhere. The other day I got done riding and sat down and thought about what I had just done. It was then that I realized I didn't need that bike anymore. Lame saying: There are two kinds of riders, those who have crashed, and those that will. Remember that. I totally advocate street bikes. I love them. I absolutely love the feeling of dragging a knee around a high speed corner or riding for half a mile with the front end in the air. There's nothing like it. I will miss it, but I fear the outcome for myself. Be careful, take it slow. Remember that you're not on the dirt. When you slide on the pavement it will hurt a lot more. BUY GEAR! Have fun and be safe. Don't ride tired, under the influence, or angry. As for learning the bike, go riding with someone more experienced. Have them teach you things. You should learn something new each time you go out for a ride.
  8. toddly24

    Going to buy one

    Hey all, been off the forums for a long time... 2007ish. Had a 2004 YZ250F, sold it when life hit me in the face. I finished school and now I am working as a registered nurse. Anyway, I have a brand new CBR600RR, but I'm missing the dirt. I think I'm going to go buy a CRF tomorrow. The cool weather has got me itchin to get dirty and go out and play. Man, I've missed the mx track so bad. It's going to be great to be back. You think I'll be able to swap even: my cbr for a new crf? I just bought it a couple months ago from the dealer I'm going to go talk to. I think he'll treat me right, I think my parents and I have bought 7 bikes/quads from him now.
  9. toddly24

    Price of revalve?

    I totally recommend switching to an 04 YZF. In fact I bet your friend would be willing to sell his to you. JK guys, I'm the friend he was referring to.
  10. toddly24

    hill climbs

    I've been on some nice ones at the chat dump in our area. User Kyleb15 has video of us climbing. It was fun.
  11. toddly24

    broken kickstarter

    He said the shaft broke, I would guess he means that the actual kicker didn't break but the piece that connects to it and goes to the guts of the bike broke. I've never heard of that one.
  12. toddly24

    HELP !! metal shavings in my oil

    The first couple times I changed the oil in mine it was pretty saturated with metal shavings... almost resembled that glittery girly nail polish stuff, only black. About how many times do you think the oil has been changed in it?
  13. You could always use duct tape... that way you have a new color on your bike also. But seriously, I've used super glue on mine and it worked.
  14. toddly24

    Thinking about swapping

    If it was the honda I'd take you up on that offer.
  15. toddly24

    Yoshimura full system-comp series

    Well, all I can give is my experience with the Dr. D, it feels very good to me. It improved the low end considerably. The bike has better throttle response and I just like it more. I can't give an opinion on any others. The Dr. D is cheaper than most. I got mine for $340.