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  1. Phil_dirt

    Haspin IN Ride Report:Mud snow slush=fun?!

    Mudfest? C'mon Moswag, my bike didn't even get muddy til you dropped it. lol Okay, it was a little muddy. Heck, it was still better than starting my taxes like I had had planned for Friday. How does that saying go? "Your worst day riding is still better than doing your taxes?" If you guys want some serious training, then head to Haspin. Throw your bike into 2nd or 3rd gear, stand up, maintain momentum, and try climbing up the snow covered northern faced uphills. Now that was fun! phil being phil
  2. Phil_dirt

    What should I expect at Redbird Hyden KY

    Man I need to get my CD burnt and sent to you. There are action pics of the Moswag man in action. All he could put in was a pic of my bike getting worked on after my nasty getoff. lol I am sending you some elk pics too. I think the guys on here would like that. I have the stolen escort pics on my camera too. I need to get this done. Just finished prepping my bike to race Mansfield this weekend and haven't burnt the CD yet. I promise I will get it to you.
  3. Phil_dirt

    What should I expect at Redbird Hyden KY

    No need to show the carnage, but maybe the photo of you in the Escort/trail bike would be comical. lol At least none of the elk in rut decided to chase us down the trail. Then you would have seen some serious riding!
  4. Phil_dirt

    What should I expect at Redbird Hyden KY

    I must say Moswag had a great trip prepped. Good eats, good stories from all, and good riding. For anyone else interested in riding Redbird, I would recommend parking at the ranger station. From the Willie Begley campground the trails were not well marked. There was a plethora of elk on the trip and we did manage to catch 2 bulls locked at the antlers sparring. Not something many have seen in the wild. Moswag did great along with everyone else. The leaves this time of year were treacherous at times or was it the rocks hidden under the leaves? hmm Both were nasty. They were my 2 cousins that met up with us, and having locals help trail navigation is a plus. For anyone else interested in heading there, be sure to catch the 94 Ford Escort that cased a waterbar in section 6 while evading the police. A kodak moment for all to see. Maybe Moswag will post the pic of him sitting in the driver's seat with full off-road gear I snapped. Great trip Mo and looking forward to the next one!
  5. Phil_dirt


    Sounds like it depends if you ride one or not. I drive a Cummins diesel powered truck. Wouldn't own any other diesel (pickup anyway). My business uses Dixie Choppers. In my area, they hold up well to the conditions thrown at them, and hold their resale better than any other mowers. I think the exmark and toros would do the same job as well. Resale is why I keep them. With the diesel, I know the Dodge has drawbacks, ie weak auto tranny. I like the 5 sp, so it is non-issue with me. For longterm durability, power, mileage, and resale it is a clear choice to me to use the Cummins (even if it has a Dodge emblem on the hood). Basically, sounds like a personal preference deal. Given the application of the KTM and my riding ability (or lack thereof), the KTM is without a doubt the best choice for me. Were I to buy a 4st again, I don't know if it would be. Maybe it would, maybe it wouldn't? Dust Devil-The guy is factory ride. Not saying things couldn't have changed since last fall, but at that time he said it was modified no different then any of the other locals would do their bikes. I find it hard to believe they spent that much on Juha's bike, but it is possible. Throw him on a camel and he could probably win. lol He has got some unbelieveable talent. I also am glad you like your Hondas. After watching my neighbor's sit on the stand for months at a time till he could fix it, I can't see doing what he did. It has been a true money pit.
  6. Phil_dirt

    340 kit

    I liked my 340kit when I had it. My cousin has built many of these and felt it was the way to go. He also had some connections which helped. He always had problems with the 331 kit needing more valve attention. The 340 kit is basically just a different bore in the cylinder. Mine did smoke at start up, but never when warmed up, and never used any oil. There was the clacker in the valves, but never any worse or better. Checked cam chain and adjusted valves, and it made no difference. As far as reliability, I was told from good team green resources they had much better results with the 340 than the 331. For performance though, man I had fun on that 340. Unfortunately, I am simply a 2 stroke man at heart. You will have fun no matter what decision you make as long as you are riding!
  7. Phil_dirt

    05 Crf250 Top-end troubles

    Yes, they are getting a bad reputation for detonation without explanation. My neighbor is doing his second topend in under 40 hours ride time. He checks the valves about every 5 hours just to be sure. He tried aftermarket parts this time. Hopefully better luck. Good luck. It is sad to spend $5-6k on a bike, ride it 20 hours, put another $2k in it, ride it 20 hours, put another $2k in it,. . . . you get the point. If I were Honda, I would hang my head in shame. Actually, I would never put my name behind that lack of quality or I wouldn't have any customers left which enable me to buy motorcycles to ride in my minimal amount of time away from work.
  8. Phil_dirt


    Dust Devil: I find your lack of KTM education simply amusing. Honda? My neighbor has more shop time than riding time on his Crf250x. Valve adjustments every 8-10 hours? Top end every 20-30 hours? He is doing all that, and trying aftermarket parts to fix the factory problems and still not able to keep it running. I used to love Honda for the fact they were bulletproof. Now I think they are as solid as a pile of pudding. Honda is the last 4stroke I would own unless it were a road bike. KTM's are ready out of the box. As far as factory riders, I pitted next to one last fall and that KTM factory rider could list the mods in a few lines. None of them included $20k in suspension or major engine mods. His mods were things like bark busters, skid plate, pipe, and jetting. He also happens to be a top level racer. I am not saying he hasn't tried some different things since I don't chat with him regularly or really know him that well, just occasionally chat at a race for a minute or two. But the mods you mentioned to bring down the KTM glory are nothing more than hogwash. Maybe you should run for political office with the misdirected information you know how to spew. One thing nobody has touched yet is the parts interchangeablility. Plastic, brake pads, rims, etc., many of these are the same across the board. Makes it cheaper to produce if your 200exc pads also fit the 125/250/300. Cheaper to produce means cheaper to buy. Last pads I bought were $10 so I bought 3 sets, and still have 2 on the shelf 4 rides later. KTM was thinking on that one too. As far as jetting being an issue. It is an issue for any bike and any rider. Everyone performs in different terrain, altitudes, and at different skill levels. Therefore, there will be differences in jetting no matter what color your bike is. Besides that, the last time I checked jets aren't exactly expensive, and usually any halfway serious off-road rider has a box full of them collected over the years. KTM definately dominates the 2stroke market in off-road riding. None of the other big four have put any effort into this area, but i do give credit to Yamaha and the YZ250. That is a great off-road bike with a few adjustments such as flywheel weight, suspension re-valve and handguards. As far as 4 strokes i don't know a lot about the KTM's but I know enough about the Hondas to run the other direction. The Kaw/Suz 250 four stroke is fun to ride, but I know a couple top A and B riders that have had to do some major engine work to maximize the performance. For the average Joe, they seem to be nice. I think the KTM is simply the best choice for a quality built purpose built off-road bike. Cheap to maintain, fun to ride, and great re-sale. Overall a solid proven bike.
  9. My KLX ticks no matter what you do. Adjusted, or needing adjustment, it is there. It is not horrible, but noticeable. From my understanding it is just the nature of the beast. My wife's 3.1 V-6 in her car has had a noticeable tic since we bought it with 29k miles. Now with 102k miles it is no worse. On the lawn mowers we use in our business, they have hydraulic valves that tap when you change the oil or when they sit over the winter. I guess the oil runs out and they have to build up pressure. Not horribly familiar with them, but I know they go bad and build up pressure causing them to get stiff and not move. When this happens, you end up getting a lifter stuck, and bending a push rod. For under $40 to replace, I just replace every couple years. I don't know if this helps with the XR, but this is my experience with several different types of vehicles.
  10. They are already making a lot of 4 stroke engines for weed wackers, backpack blowers and other lawn related products. I don't think the motorcycle days are numbered yet. I think you will have trouble finding a 2-stroke string trimmer before you have trouble finding a 2-stroke dirtbike. I have heard KTM is still putting money into 2-st technology. If this is correct, then maybe they know something about keeping the 2-st alive for the longhaul. There could be ways to make them environmentally friendly I don't know about that would keep them around. We can only hope! 2-st just fits me better.
  11. Phil_dirt

    KLX 340 for sale?

    Appreciate that GreenKLX. He is a real stand up guy, and knows how to setup bikes, race bikes, have fun trail riding. I am jealous! Just wish I had the time and resources to do what he does. Doesn't hurt that he can ride out of his backyard and cover several counties of mountains. I am lucky the neighbors let me make a little loop in their 8 flat acres of woods. Probably only because I take their son riding with me when I drive 3-4hours to the nearest off-road area. My KLX was one of my cousin's practice bikes. Only got ridden on non-race weekends, but setup the same as his race bike was. Glad he could help you with some parts. Phil
  12. Phil_dirt

    KLX 340 for sale?

    Greenklx-Did I get you my cousin's e-mail address? He had some parts for these. Not sure if that was you or someone else I PM'd back. And thanks for the reply here. I really have enjoyed it, but just don't get to ride much. No sense in having 2 bikes that don't get ridden much. Someone is going to love this bike. It just breathes torque and tracks so true on rutted up, rocky, nasty, uphills like a possessed beast! I can only describe it as "dialed in perfect" and I think it needs to stay intact for someone else to enjoy.
  13. Hey all! I have my Dad's bike listed for sale on here due to health problems. One of my bikes is on here due to no time to ride blues. I am getting interest but may have to ship them out. Does anyone have any first hand experience with this? Specifically, is there anything I don't want to do? What to look out for? Should I go thru the AMA site? Look on ebay? Biggest thing is this: If I sell the bikes, I want to make sure the buyers get them with reasonable shipping costs (although it is on them to pay shipping) and I want to make sure they are getting dependable and reliable shipping. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Phil
  14. Phil_dirt

    KLX 340 for sale?

    Well the reality has set in. I have room to store it, but it didn't get ridden at all last year unless you count starting it up and buzzing back in forth in the field behind my pole barn. We are over 3 hours from the nearest riding area, so it isn't like I can drive 20 minutes and ride. My Dad just had open heart surgery and isn't going to be riding anymore, so now I am selling his bike too. Spring is nearly here and in the lawn/landscape business that doesn't allow me time to ride till mid-summer. The bike is dialed in too perfect not to let someone enjoy it. It is listed for sale in the classifieds here at Thumpertalk. If it doesn't get any bites it will be in the trailer with my cousin who hits all the GNCC's and Mid-South series. Should draw some interest at those races. I do have a little negotiation room, but I won't give it away. If it doesn't come close to what I want (not what I'm asking but what I want) then I could always keep it in the living room for a conversation piece! There is a lot to talk about! lol
  15. Phil_dirt

    what exactly is done in the stroker 365 mod?

    Not an expert, but my cousin has built several of these. I do know there were extra supports added to the frame on his to compensate for the extra power. My guess is there will be extra torque twisting on the frame if not reinforced. I know he liked the 340 kit because the 331 kit was hard on valves and needed constant attention. The 340 is lower maintenance. Not sure about any extra maintenance needed on the 365, but he is a very good B rider and said the 365 was more than most could use. Hope this helps.