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  1. Ikuzus004

    FCR39MX pilot screw question

    Thanks William, the carb was purchased brand new in 2010 and I confirmed that the PAJ has been removed. I asked why the PAJ was removed and was told that the following installation guide advised to do so: https://www.drzparts.com/2010/05/dr-z400-fcr-39mx-carb-install/ I also found this thread: Is there any way to identify the model of Keihin FCR39-MX to determine the date of manufacture and if the PAJ should be fitted or not? I'll check if he still has the 100 PAJ and if he does get it installed and test.
  2. Ikuzus004

    DRZ400S Wont Start, ran less than 12 hours ago.

    Ouch, that sucks, sorry to hear about your bike and your wrist. Murphy's law, you fix the bike and then ......
  3. Ikuzus004

    FCR39MX pilot screw question

    I was with a friend this past week and he decided to buy an extended fuel screw and his bike always had the original pilot screw turned out 2 turns and the bike runs well. The extended fuel screw was fitted with 2 turns out and I rode the bike for 20 mins, stopped the engine and then I turned the screw all the way in, then out by half a turn and started the engine. I then started turning the screw out, quarter turn at a time and never noticed any changes to the engine. Kept turning the screw out and even went past the 2 turns out and the engine speed/idle etc.. never changed. The engine dies when the screw is turned all the way in, and doesn't stumble before the screw is all the way in. I've watched a few videos with the FCR39MX and setting the fuel/air screw and in all the vids the engine speed/idle changes. This is what the carb currently has: 155 main jet 200 main air jet EMN needle with clip 3 45 Pilot jet and Pilot air jet removed 2 turns out on fuel screw Stock pipe o-ring mod and 3x3 Sea level Valve clearances all within spec, new spark plug Any ideas, is the jetting incorrect?
  4. Ikuzus004

    DRZ400S Wont Start, ran less than 12 hours ago.

    Thought so ­čśë I fitted an Electrex World stator for a friend's DRZ and the quality is good and fitting was easy too, all wires were the right length. More expensive than the cheap Chinese stators we found on eBay but didn't want to take the gamble so spent more for peace of mind.
  5. Ikuzus004

    No room for FCR 39 carb?

    Some people grind the frame down slightly to compensate for the throttle wheel, but I haven't done that. I have my carb mounted slightly off centre so that the throttle wheel is away from the frame.
  6. Ikuzus004

    DRZ400S Wont Start, ran less than 12 hours ago.

    Electrex World?
  7. Ikuzus004

    drz400sm turn signal delete?

    Easy to do on both the front and rear indicators, they all plug into the wiring harness. The wires are also colour coded so you can easily reconnect them when required. Hopefully you have the OEM indicators and wires and the wires haven't been cut for aftermarket indicators. This is the plug/connection I'm referring to:https://www.ebay.com/p/2018-Suzuki-Drz400sm-OEM-Left-Rear-Turn-Signal-35604-29fa/1460563287
  8. I've had the same thing happen with my filter, initially I thought I used too much oil and never rung the filter out enough. Oiled the filter the following year and rung out the filter as much as I could .... then still got a pool of oil at the bottom of the airbox. Maybe the oil is thin (thinner than other types?) and gravity takes care of the rest. Never had any issues though and I've been using No Toil for 8+ years.
  9. Ikuzus004

    2016 DRZ400s no spark

    Definitely worth testing the stator, fairly easy to test too, but to fail at 1300 miles/3 years is strange but could happen I guess, or a possible wiring issue. Have a look at the FAQ section for the loctite fixes, the magneto bolts are known to loosen and destroy the stator coils. CDI's are usually reliable and aren't known to fail on the DRZ's
  10. Ikuzus004

    Oil seperator/Crankcase Breather Delete?

    But think of the weight loss that can be achieved with it gone, as well as the aerodynamic benefits ­čĄ¬
  11. Ikuzus004

    Wiring Loom Help needed

    Page 274 (DRZ400E) has a wiring diagram: https://www.manualslib.com/download/1201869/Suzuki-Drz-400e.html
  12. Ikuzus004

    2016 DRZ400s no spark

    Could be a fuel or electrical issue. Have you checked that you get good spark if you remove the spark plug and ground it to the metal body of the bike and crank? Is the spark plug that you changed a new spark plug? Engine flooded? If the bike won't start with a different spark plug, if you remove the spark plug is it wet? Do you have fuel going into the carb from the tank, any blockages, fuel tap/petcock turned to prime, or on? When was the last time you used the bike? Has it been in storage for a long time?
  13. Ikuzus004

    Fcr jetting UK

    What jets and needle and needle position are you currently using? This is what I have in my carb: 200 main air jet 160 main jet 45 pilot jet EMN needle - clip 3 2 turns out fuel screw + o-ring mod + BK Mod + 3x3 mod
  14. I had the same thoughts about my DRZ many years ago and yet I still have the bike. It's a great bike for inner city riding and has a low maintenance engine but I still want more power. Years ago and even now I keep looking at a KTM 690 and recently a Yamaha MT 07
  15. Ikuzus004

    DRZ250 battery not charging

    Do you mean your battery goes flat, or you're just concerned that you're not getting 14v to the battery? The battery voltage should measure between 13.5 - 15v @ 5000 rpm Other things that could cause the battery to not be charged is a faulty stator or a faulty regulator.