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  1. bigdawg41

    what is the life of a Clutch?

    i ride my BWP hard and have 22000 miles on it . it now starts to slip when i get it realy warm.
  2. i drilled mine out several thousand miles ago and have noticed no problems.
  3. bigdawg41

    Who needs a 650L K&N air filter?

    do you mean the plastic guard on the swingarm?
  4. bigdawg41

    Tire selection - MT21 vs MT16

    i've had the mt21 and the 606's . for me the 21 would never hook up off road, if you wanted to roost every one behind you its perfect. got about 1300 miles out of it. loved the 606's , nothing bad to say, got about 1700 miles. currently running kenda k270s good tire for the money, think this is the third set, get over 3500 miles. bike has over 22000 miles.
  5. bigdawg41

    XR65L 2003 no fire on coil need help

    it also has a kickstand safty switch. mine went bad and had no spark.
  6. bigdawg41

    Particularly vexxing XR650L not starting.

    i've been running the same piston/cam combo for over 12,000 miles with no problms.
  7. bigdawg41

    Air cleaner best choice for 650L

    i use a k&n with a precharger. have over 20000 miles. very happy with it.
  8. bigdawg41

    speedo trouble

    guess i should have said that i've got almost 22xxx miles on it. maybe i just wore it out.
  9. bigdawg41

    speedo trouble

    took the pig out for a ride the other day and the speedo stoped working. the odometer and tripmeter still work but the needle for the speedo is stuck at 45 mph. anybody have this happen? any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks Doug
  10. bigdawg41

    Which brand of sprockets and Chains?

    i run cheap steel sprockets and EK srx quadra x ring chain. i put 3000 plus miles a year i weigh 260 + and ride it hard and fast which stretches out chains. i get about 2 years on a set of chains and sprockets.
  11. bigdawg41

    xr650l chain roller conversion ?

    i did the roller behind the sprocket about 15xxx miles ago. i think it was considered the large roller. haven't done the rear yet.
  12. bigdawg41

    Accident Avoidence & Dual-Sport Bikes

    living in central michigan where the deer and dogs and stupid drivers run loose i always ride next to the center line. if i am following a car they can see me in the mirror.i try to ride with my headlight shinng in their side mirror so they know i'm there. as far as riding next to the center line , my theory is that i have an equal chance of going left or right to avoid trouble. just my 2 cents.
  13. bigdawg41

    What fender is this?

    the vents make it look like the UFO i put on my L
  14. bigdawg41

    XRL must have tools?

    metric allen wrenches.pair of needle nose vise grips.
  15. bigdawg41

    Hot cams -- ??

    i installed my hotcam in the winter of 02. that was 12000 miles ago. still runs strong