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  1. Whiteman

    2009 TE510 Rekluse Pro Install question

    I didn't do it this time. I need to slide by and check out the new ride.
  2. Whiteman

    Anyone used Tusk univ risers?

    I used them for a little while but they got twisted a little after some rough riding. I don't think I would buy them again. I was using all the spacers at the time. If you plan on using just the one spacer then you should be fine.
  3. Whiteman

    650L Auto Clutch

    You need to try one for a couple rides and get past the learning curve. I would bet you would never want to ride off road again without an auto clutch. This is like saying Dave’s mods does nothing and is a waste of time from someone who has never tried it.
  4. Whiteman

    WPS Tail light and Brake light Question?

    Are you sure you have it wired right? I think I had that issue during the install and ended up having it wired worng. I also replaced the bulb after the first one went dead and bought one at the auto shop which worked better. I took the burned one in with me and found one a little bigger and brighter. Still works great.
  5. Moose stuff works good. The stiff on Rockymountian ATV looks good and cheap but never tried it. If you can, a heated vest and heated grips will do wonders in keeping you warm while riding. I added some heated grips and a liner and now have no issue in taking a little ride in cold weather.
  6. Whiteman

    Lunchtime Adventure rider.

    How dare you Sir. Lunch time romps in the woods during lunch. Damn you and your company.
  7. Whiteman

    2001 XR650L - Price check

    I agree with what everyone is telling you. Find a bike and decide what it is worth to you and do it. I think if you want to pay 2700 for that bike, great. Tell the guy you have 2700 bucks and tell him to call you if he decides to let it go for that price. People hate selling stuff and to get rid of it would be worth the 200 dollar loss. 2900 is high ,IMO, for that bike. If you let him know you have the cash, he will call you soon.
  8. Whiteman

    Shenandoah 500

    Video to follow soon.
  9. It should, I used it last year.
  10. Starts at the Natural Chimneys Camp Ground. 94 Natural Chimneys Lane Mt. Solon, Va. 22843
  11. Whiteman

    New 2 Bikes

    Sure thing. Check with Guts Racing first and see who has the best price. Guts makes the Baja stuff.
  12. Whiteman

    New 2 Bikes

    I have a tall guts mounted in the garage with a guts cover. I will trade you for your stock seat if you want it. You just pay 20 bucks for me to ship it to you and you ship me your seat. I have a Renazco and this one is a spare. There are some pics in this thread. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?p=6364156#post6364156
  13. Whiteman

    '06 RM250 18" rear wheel?

    Those are the 06. They went on really well but it was a new tank. Thanks