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  1. I pulled this list from various sites. Sorry if I've violated any copyright laws by not giving credit. (I perfer to think of it as copyleft anyway.) I won't take all of this stuff and much of it will be dispersed between my partner and myself, but it's a good list to start from. Man, I'm getting fired up for this. Tools Motion Pro MP tool kit Leatherman - Small vice grips 8, 10, 12, 14 millimeter box wrenches Axle wrench (front & rear combo) Allen set 3 short tire irons Moto Strap (1" Velcro tape) High quality pocket knife Baby vice-grips--small, pointy kind 3 screw drivers 8mm-10mm open 14mm-17mm open 12mm-14mm open 15/16" box-cut short(axle), Chain repair kit Chain breaker. 3 master links, pieces of chain Honda wrench - front & rear axles, & spokes, spark plug T-handle wrench - 8, 10, 12mm sockets 4 CO2 cartridges with nozzle Tire pump Tire pressure gauge Large Vice-grips (w/built-in wire cutters) to serve as large wrenches for axles, etc., a hammering tool, temporary clamp, etc (the Vice-Grips are carried clamped tightly onto the skid plate, not on my body) Small flat-tip screwdriver for air screw adjustments 8, 10, 12 mm combo wrenches Moose 6 in one screw driver Cutting dykes Misc… Baby wipes Earplugs Tiny bottle ofdish soap Spray Starch works great in keeping outerwear dry Waterproof paper and pencil Registration and insurnce papers in a film canister Power Bars Bailing wire Lip balm Extra batteries for GPS 3' of 12 gauge electrical wire Spare lens for goggles Small roll of lock wire Lighter Baseball cap Small clean towel A few index cards and a pen 18' tow rope for towing, off-trail retrievals, splints, etc Home-rolled 10' length of duct tape (gotta have it!) QuickAluminum (epoxy to fix holes) Zip ties One med and one large plastic bag, folded to a small size. These can be used as ground cloths while working on a bike, the large bag can be worn as an emergency parka, and other uses Cash Small roll of lock wire Wallet (insurance card!) Blue paper shop towels GPS Clothing waterproof gloves extra gloves extra goggles scarf for your face, as the dirt/dust will get everywhere Emergency Gear mag mini mag light with the batteries put in backwards road flare water tablets shrink wrapped sleeping bag 50ft 1/4" nylon rope stormproof matches, firestarting pellets 4 light sticks space blanket Cigarette lighter for emergency fires, signal fires, One single-edge razor blade to cut tape, rope, fuel line, trim wires. Small first aid kit in a baggie: (band aids, butterflies, tape, gauze pads, iodine wipes & antibiotic) safety wire Band-aids Pain pills (I found Ultram or Tramadol works best) Small baggie with ibuprofen (600's), acetaminophen, and endocet for really big biffs VHF/UHF radio Spare Parts small bottle of coolant spare schrader valve inserts and lock nuts 3-4 feet of fuel line spare circlip for the carb needle spare clutch and brake lever shift lever Spare fuses Home-made radiator bypass kit (so I can bypass one of the two if I smash one) Spare master-link for 520 chain Light duty 21" front innertube (light duty to limit weight and space and 21" can be used in rear) Chain kit is Sucrets box Spare plug in plug carrier Quicksteel Two 1/4" fuel line connectors to connect 2 or 3 fuel tank vent lines into a a long fuel line for bike-to-bike fuel transfers 2 packs of "Scabs" innertube patches (no glue required) :cry:
  2. Greetings LA/Barstow/LV Riders. I want to activate this thread once more to get any last minute feedback on what to take. Come one, come all. Any feedback is good feedback.
  3. Filthybeast

    mikuni pumper

    Greetings.... For my Sunday project I installed a new Mikuni Pumper on my '03 XR400 today. When completed, it took one kick to get it started. I mean one single kick with no choke and no "fiddling" with carb. I was thinking it might take some work to get it started for the first time. Nope, one kick. I'm so amazed because the bike has never started on one kick when it was cold and sometimes doesn't start on the first kick when I've got it warmed up. I'm still smiling about it.
  4. Greetings... I was at the LA Cycle Show earlier today and noticed the Honda guys had put the Campbell-Hengevel 2003 Baja 1000 650R on display. I took a few closeups and then posted them in the Yahoo 650R groups "Photo" section. (Sorry TT, I don't have a personal website to reference photos for this post.) Here's the site url http://autos.groups.yahoo.com/group/XR650R/ Quick question...why did they paint the front fender black? My guess is due to the glare from the lights. On the other hand, those light might put out a good amount of heat. Enough to melt or warp the plastic fendor? Maybe its a heat resistant paint. Let me know... FB
  5. Filthybeast

    525 MXC vs 525 EXC

    Many thanks for all your feedback. This clears things up a bit for me. Happy Holidays
  6. Filthybeast

    525 MXC vs 525 EXC

    I'm guessing this has been discussed before, but after a quick search I came up with nothing so I'm going to post this question. I would like to go with a 525 EXC but they are difficult to come by here in SoCA especially considering I need to complete this transaction by the end of the year per the DMV regulations for dual sporting. As an alternative, I've done a little research on the 525 MXC and it seems nearly identical. I hear there's a gearing difference but that can be easily changed down the road. It also appears there's a tank size difference and that too can be changed later. It seems like the 525 MXC would be nearly equal to the EXC considering the changes I will make. Am I missing something here? E-Start? Also, I've been told both bikes are CA Green Sticker. True?
  7. Greetings: I'm looking hard into used 650R's and I want to know what are the differences between these bikes for the years 2000 through 2003. Are they basically the same? Thanks in advance... :D
  8. Filthybeast


    Rider5... When you geta chance head over to http://www.bajagpsguide.com/about_us.php The LizardLady really knows here stuff on dirtbikes and GPS systems, although all of her efforts have been on Baja trails. She recommends Magellan GPS units which is what I use with a RAM mount. Good Luck....
  9. Filthybeast

    Ocotillo Wells ride Oct 24, 25, 26

    I hope I can catch up with you folks. It's always nice to meet new riding buddies. I was out last weekend riding from Pole Line Road south past the bombing range (all legal) into the city of Ocotillo where we had lunch and refuelled. On to border and then across to Plaster City and then back via the Old Immigrant's trail to the narrow guage tracks and then to Pole Line. Total was 102 miles. Great ride and we saw no one. The point made about the rain and some of the trails and washed being different is true. Take heed. Also, be careful of the flakey dirt from the rains. The stuff is slick. If you can handle the heat (take your Camelback) you'll find yourself alone in some spots and on some virgin trails since last season. Great stuff.
  10. Filthybeast

    xr650r VS the world

    I was recently at an event where I had the chance to talk with some of the Honda folks directly. I asked them about which bikes should I look at for a trip to the tip of South America and back. Not quite around the world, but a worthy adventure. I thought for sure they would strongly suggest the 650R but to my surprise they all said the 650L was a better choice because of the length of time one would be on the road and the better suspension for the kind of riding you would be doing. In the end, they felt the suspension was too tight on the R and would make the trip more difficult and uncomfortable. Not that I've ever been the one to listen to advise when asked, I'm still strongly leaning towards the R for this trip. They didn't convince me. Strength and durability over comfort.
  11. Filthybeast


    Greetings... I'm interested in attending one or two of the dirtbike industry tradeshows. What are the best shows and where are they located? Thanks in advance... FB