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  1. honda98

    Supercross MEC online streaming?

    In college cables not the best any links to watch the race online be appreciated. Ryan
  2. honda98

    1977 rm125 restore?

    hey guys I recently found a 1977 rm125 (at least he says it is) rolling chassis with tank suspension wheels etc just no motor for 70 bucks I'm dabbling on the idea of picking it up and bringing the old girl back to life but was wondering how much of a pain in the a** it is going to be finding parts etc... I don't have much experience just basic maintenance on my race bike, but this would be a learning experience more then anything and id be in it for the long haul, just curious if you guys think its worth it on this model?
  3. honda98

    Rd. 1 Nanaimo, BC - Canadian National Motocross

    dk2 for the win!
  4. honda98

    Freestone Live Stream Link

    anyone streaming it? or a place to watch it?
  5. honda98

    2007 and 2010 seat covers interchangeable?

    thanks for the help guys
  6. Cant seem to find the part number I am sure they are but want to make sure before purchase.... any help would be appreciated thanks. Edit: Bike is a yz125 Thanks, Ryan
  7. hey guys I am looking for a black and white seat cover for a 2010 yz125 (black on the sides white on the top) anyone know of a place to get them online cant seem to find anything. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  8. honda98

    Supercross live streaming

    In college and I begged they wont put speed on our cable program anyway I watched the last few live ones online but can not remember the site name for the life of me anyone got a idea? Thanks in advance honda98
  9. honda98

    Crash & burn

    aha thanks man i thought it was pretty good!
  10. honda98

    Crash & burn

    heres the sequence triple triple gone bad on a pratice day:
  11. well I am in school haven't been on my bike in about two months mainly for living 8 hrs away from home id go insane with out this site anyone else in the same boat?
  12. honda98

    It happens to the best of us...

    no ever start your bike and wonder why it made that bogging noise then realize the exaust plug was still in it?
  13. well the canadian champ gets a factory ride how do ya think he will fare out? had a 5th at southwick first moto