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  1. Tibarus

    Yamaha XT350 muffler

    '95, but they are all the same from '82 to 2000. I'm looking for an aftermarket to replace it with... so until then I'm holding onto it.
  2. Tibarus

    Yamaha XT350 muffler

    I'm up for that, my XT's muffy is in good shape... What have you got on there now Sword?
  3. Tibarus

    A little WR250R Poll.........

    Why even bother with the big bored kit? With the Attitude Fuel Programmer, any performance aftermarket can, a good set of AM headers and AIS removal will get more than enough HP out of the bike, up to 36 hp is possible just in bolt on mods. Boring out the cylinder just seems redundant to me. There's always that Turbo charger if you REALLY want more power.
  4. Californian emissions standards still fall short of Japan's or Europe's, I remember reading somewhere, the standards they are bringing in now in Canada and the states, Japan and Europe have had for 15 or more years... Maybe instead of Farklin' good bikes up they should base their standards off Japan's Back on topic: The Safari tank to me... I dunno... Despite it being an other wise great looking tank... It just doesn't look like it belongs to the bike... Anyone else get that feeling?
  5. Tibarus

    Do you want an R2

  6. Have they rectified this? Off topic: Why does it seem Californian versions of bikes ALWAYS get farkled with?
  7. Ah, ok I see it now, I was just curious as I read an article in Cycle World about the Californian model tank having the fuel pump set too high, and not dredging up the last ounces of fuel.
  8. Tibarus

    Dr650 Faq

    Would it be at all possible to Frankenstein a kick starter to the case of a 2009 DR 650?
  9. Tibarus

    Do you want an R2

    Seriously... it's freakin' tempting...
  10. But wouldn't mounting the pump higher than the lowest part of the tank kill a bit of your fuel range.... seeing as how the pick up for the pump wouldn't be at the bottom of the tank?
  11. Tibarus

    Do you want an R2

    Oh hell no... I'd get eaten alive on the import tax though... and shipping....
  12. Tibarus

    going from FMF Q4 to stock pipe

    Lugging a 6 gear bike in first or 2nd is fine, since you still have enough torque to actually move, with out putting too much strain on the engine... Lugging a 6 gear bike in 6th gear is just plain stupid... But HEY apparently I don't know what I'm talking about, so you all go right ahead, lug your bikes in 6th gear, but hey, don't come crying to me when your bike stops working due to premature wear.
  13. 1995 or later Yamaha XT350/500 if you're looking for a good cheap easy to maintain bike to just kick around. Buying new I highly recommend the Yamaha WR250R, or if you're a Suzuki fan, the DRZ400.
  14. Tibarus

    Do you want an R2

    If you can send to Canada... I might be interested =3
  15. Tibarus

    going from FMF Q4 to stock pipe

    A)I assumed, that since he was lugging the bike in 6th from 20 mph or less, he would be putting more than a normal amount of strain on the drive gears. You're welcome to prove me wrong using your bike doing the lug in 6th at low speed test At such low RPMs, under those fuel loads, your water pump, if not on an electric fan wont pump enough water through the rad to keep the engine cool, for a test of this try lugging your car in high gear up a steep incline and see how high your temp gauge goes. C) YOu both must have seriously farkled your bikes if the only usable gear you have is 6th