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  1. I think the MX Des Nations is coming up but I can't seem to find when it is and if they will air it on TV. Does anyone have any info? Thanks.
  2. AZRider

    what other spokes for Warp 9 wheel??

    Aren't the buchanan spokes oversized? Can anyone confirm if they would fit that warp 9 wheel?
  3. AZRider

    what other spokes for Warp 9 wheel??

    and the buchanan spokes will fit the warp 9 wheel? Thanks.
  4. Hey TT'ers! I have a warp 9 wheel that I used last year for the dunes and I blew out over 50% of the spokes. I was wanting to know if there are other manufactures than will match up perfectly to that wheel as far as a spoke set goes. I don't want to buy the same warp spokes and I hope others will fit. Any advice? Thanks
  5. AZRider

    anyone tried the HMF Ironman pipe.

    Also, I would consider buying a complete exhaust system but would like to have some sort of heat shield so my wife doesn't have to worry about burning holes in her pants like I see other riding buddies having problems with. Also, if you don't recommend the HMF, which one is the best for the z400? Yoshi??
  6. I bought a 07 LTZ-400 for my wife and am looking for a little deeper sound and a little more grunt. Has anyone tried just the slip on HMF Ironman pipe. What are your reviews. Thanks.
  7. AZRider

    Who makes rad guards for 07's?

    Thanks. I do like those rooster guards. On their website it says 2006, do you know if they make them for the 2007?
  8. From my understanding the 07 radiator guards would need to be different than previous years. I have used the unabiker in the past and loved them but they don't have them for 07 yet? Besides Devol and Works Connection. I am looking for something similar to the unabiker set up. Maybe the flatland? Any suggestions.
  9. AZRider

    Which of these can you swap over on '07

    I wish I could tell you but I just bought it so I haven't even been able to take it out. I was supposed to be at the track today but I forgot it's race day. I'll let you know how it compares.
  10. I recently went from a 2005 to a 2007. I'm thinking that these items should swap over and are not specific to only the 2007. 1. Triple Clamps 2. Fastway Footpegs 3. Ironman sprockets 4. What about replacing fuel screw with a zip ty fuel screw. I'm thinking that the '07 may be different because of the carb changes. 5. Do they make unabiker radiator guards for the '07 yet? Thanks guys!
  11. AZRider

    Rhino or Ranger?

    Ranger. Rhino is a good machine but can't be compared to the quality of a ranger. The FI is a major plus if you take it to high or variable elevations. There are several reasons why the Ranger is a better machine but I won't go into details. However you can never go wrong buying a rhino. Are the 07 rhinos fuel injected yet or not?
  12. AZRider

    safe tracks???

    When you are a track owner, you are a business man. They open the tracks to make money not air evac people out and deal with lawsuit after lawsuit. Cemmons, you are probably just a little kid, still have a lot to learn, and don't understand the business side of it. Yes big jumps, doubles, triples, are all great but when you are shuffling thousands of people through each week you've got to reduce risk and liability. My thought is, if it bugs you, open or make your own track or work to get on the circuit with the big boys.
  13. AZRider

    Ernesto Fonseca update

    That is too bad. Ernesto is a great guy. Get Better man!
  14. Thanks! You guys are Awesome! I know that the prayers said throughout the world are helping. I try to spend as much time with him as possible except that on Monday I have surgery on my Clavicle(that broker 4 months ago), so I won't be able to see him for a bit after that. He does continue to improve and is a total jokester. He is trying to keep his spirits up as much as he can. He continues in I.C. U and the Doctor was hoping to take the tube out of his chest cavity but after taking more chest x-rays this morning, he still has more to wait. Too much blood is still draining. He is my older Bro by 2 yrs and 8 days. We were always best friends from the beginning and grew up riding at a young age. I still over the past few days have had flashback nightmares when I sleep and see the accident over and over. Again, You guys have showed incredible support and he will be happy to read this thread when he gets better. Thanks.