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  1. noobi

    Stock jets for 2012 300?

    The stock jetting is pretty average, mostly because of the stock N1EF needle. Assuming its running well now, can you not just take the jets you have now and adjust for the altitude difference via a correction table like this http://justkdx.dirtrider.net/images/Davids_Jetting.jpg Or you could look into what other peoples jetting specs are here http://www.gasgasrider.org/forum/showthread.php?t=2162&page=22
  2. noobi

    2015 WR250F vs. 2015 CRF250X

    Its not an engineering question. Ask in the bike specific forums.
  3. noobi

    Gas Gas 200?

    For genuine parts, I deal with NV Motorcycles in Morrinsville via email. I've never been to the store, but they have been good at replying to emails and processing any orders I've had. Aftermarket consumables, brake pads, sprockets, air filters, pistons, some levers, plastics etc are available through the big wholesalers in NZ. Which any decent dirt bike shop will have accounts with. What area are you in?
  4. noobi

    Gas Gas 200?

    The 200 engines are as reliable as any of the euro enduro 2 strokes. If not more so. They started with the GG 250/300 engine, and sort of 'sleeved it' and de stroked it. Although all the big heavy stuff from the 250/300 is still there, big bearings, water jackets and cases. They are strong and reliable, but heavy. The very new ones went to die cast casts so lost a bit of weight there. Only issues I can think of with GG in general, is that the fitment of chassis parts (plastics) is sometimes a bit average, especially if you're used to KTMs or Jap bikes. If the price is right, and you don't mind tinkering a bit, then its a perfect choice. They will out handle a KTM any day of the week. I had an 07 200 for 4 years and over 250 hours, apart from normal maintenance stuff, only things I did was replace the worn out reeds, 2 top ends on it, the throttle cable, front brake hose, and the plastics and graphics. I'm also in NZ, if you have any NZ specific GG questions, fire away.
  5. noobi

    crankshaft help

    There are plenty of places in NZ that will rebuild a crank for you. Where in NZ are you? I'm in the Auckland area, I might be able to recommend someone. Failing that, ask a local bike shop who rebuilds their cranks. Then go directly to that person, if possible.
  6. We have them in stock in NZ. Depends on how much you want one. http://www.bits4bikes.co.nz/ab4bprotection/chest-protector/3380.aspx
  7. noobi

    2014 EC 300 is home

    Yep. Beta is Italian, Sherco is French. GasGas are Spanish. And we all know where the oranges bikes are from.
  8. noobi

    2014 EC 300 is home

  9. noobi

    gas gas 300 vs ktm 300?

    Both the KTM and GasGas have engines which act however you tune them. If you want a hard hitting monster, put on a lighter flywheel and jet it with a lean/rich needle taper and have fun. Power valves are adjustable on both engines, its easier on the KTM, but it can be done on the GG too. Ride both and see which chassis you like the most, if they are the bikes you're considering, because you can make the engine do what you want. From what I've heard, the TMs are the only real fire breathing monster 2 strokes you can get new.
  10. I realise that the statement I used is more often used to describe controversial and disputable things. What I meant was more the physics of nickel plating in regards to hardness and wear properties, and gray and KJ have more than covered that.
  11. The good thing about science, it doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, its still true. You're right about a proper warm up though. I think a lot of animosity about [anything] is caused by people being stupid with how they treat their machines.
  12. noobi

    Squeaky breaks!

    Sometimes things squeak before they break. Depends on the type of fracture though.
  13. Not glorified, just electronic. You should read some of the user reviews of the SmartCarb, but I guess you've already made up your mind its a slightly modified Lectron and is magic. I didn't say 'basically a carb', I said an electronic one. Why has been explained by those posting above me. Perhaps I should have said it doesn't actively accommodate for temp and elevation.
  14. Have you seen the SmartCarb ? It is a mechanical carb which accommodates altitude and temperature. EFI on cars is generally closed loop in that it interprets how well it is performing, via an O2 sensor, and modifies the fuel delivery accordingly. The open loop EFI on bikes essentially 'guesses' what is the right fueling given a measured temp and pressure. Car vs bike EFI is more or less two very different applications though.
  15. You are either intentionally ignoring the point or aren't understanding what he was implying, despite is being explained further on. Its an 'electronic carb' in that it only delivers one fuel map, it doesn't compensate for altitude or temperature or fuel quality or air quality. Like a carb only delivers a single fueling curve based on the air flowing though it, as does the efi systems on most dirt bikes. Not having an O2 sensor means they can't tell how well they're doing and adjust to suit the conditions. I stand to be corrected though