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  1. Wiseco

    Aftermarket clutch basket

    Glad to help out and get you back up and running! Family Man is correct: PEEN THOSE BOLTS! This is true of any aftermarket clutch basket, the locktight is only going to hold to a certain point, and the peening will prevent the bolts backing out and ending your weekend. This link to our Facebook page shows out clutch basket installation on the Wiseco KX250 2-Stroke project, scroll down to the Wiseco Clutch Basket and Cover installation album: http://www.facebook.com/wisecopistoninc?ref=hl#!/media/set/?set=a.10151214432122269.515263.149571812268&type=1
  2. Wiseco

    OEM Rings on Wiseco Piston on KX 450 08

    Hi Shawn - The Wiseco KX450 piston does not share the same exact ring as the OEM piston. It would be important to use only the Wiseco ring. If you need a set, please PM me - Thanks - Dave
  3. Wiseco

    Wiseco Tin ring

    The TiN coated ring is an upgrade for those that choose to spend a little more for the improved wear poperties of the coating. It is not absolutely neccasary to use, but we do see faster break in and improved ring face seal and wear over the life of the part. The standard ring is a chrome face type that is similar to the OEM ring face in material and geometry. For most riders, this is a great ring that will give them good service and seal. As always, follow the proper break in procedure with either ring. Now, get out there and ride!
  4. Wiseco

    How does this piston look?

    cookiemonster - Thanks for the pictures, this is a relatively happy piston. With those hours, it appears that you are taking good care of the intake and watching jetting. There is evidence of heat, but nothing alarming. Keep up the good work! Dave
  5. Wiseco

    honda cr250 2005

    Hello Hammaz808 - Regarding drilling the holes on your 2005 CR250, this is recommending to add lubrication to the exhaust bridge. This is an easy procedure to perform, using a pencil to locate the bridge on the piston, and a hand drill. Please remember to be careful, and do this in a clean workshop environment. I hope this information helps, please PM if you have any more questions! Dave
  6. Wiseco

    Hot Rod cranks

    Thanks for the good feedback Skidaddy, pricing is always a conundrum. Some OEM crank prices are very low, while others are sky high! We strive for quality at every step of the way, and thorough testing and constant monitoring of quality is the best way to guarantee a good product. We feel that our product meets quality standards while being priced fairly for the end user.
  7. Wiseco

    Hot Rod cranks

    Hi Tye1138 - Just to confirm, all Wiseco pistons are manufactured from raw material to finished piston here at our facility in Mentor, Ohio (30 miles east of Cleveland). We control all aspects of design and manufacture, and feel that we have proven products that people can count on! Our crankshafts are designed in house, we specify all aspects of the design, materials, clearances and quality. Our crankshafts are also tested in house on our dyno facility, to certify the design and function. We use many sources for our crankshafts and components, and we have thousands of satisfied customers using these products, and we also stand behind every one. We are known for our customer service, we want our customers to know that when they purchase a Wiseco product, they have the satisfaction knowing that the products we sell are high quality at a good price! If you ever have questions, feel free to PM me!
  8. Wiseco

    05 yz 125 question

    Hi Yamaha Rider - You should have no problem, the plater will plate the bore back to 54mm nominal size. Our part is designed to drop into that bore size. If you follow your installation instructions, check the ring end gap, and then you are good to go! Hope that information helps, PM me if you have any questions Dave
  9. Wiseco

    wiseco clutch baskets, GROUP BUY!

    I checked this morning, and we have 15 baskets available on the shelf today WPP3058. Anyone interested, please contact us 800/321-1364 or www.wiseco.com. Thanks! Dave
  10. Wiseco

    Cast pistons in thumpers

    Hi PJ - Forging aluminum removes inclusions, cracks, and porosity from the casting process, condensing the material and improving the mechanical properties. The forging process also improves the ductility of the material, this is where the metal will bend before it breaks, which is why cast aluminum will nearly shatter when the mechanical loads exceed the capability of the design. Compare this to forged aluminum, which will only bend and yield. As for any current high performance four stroke dirt bike or ATV, the OEM piston is formed using a forging process. You will only find cast pistons in lower performance engines, where the mechanical loading is lower, and the demands on the engine are less. A forged piston for these applications is an upgrade, or when the engine is modified with higher compression ratio, or a larger bore size, this is where a forged piston is most preferred. I hope this information helps! Dave
  11. Wiseco

    wiseco clutch basket install?

    Thanks for the post, this is one of the most critical aspects of assembling your Wiseco clutch basket! Peen the bolts, and your basket will live a long, happy life!
  12. With many hours of race time on a typical 250F, it may have been time to consider replacement. With that being said, please contact our customer service department, and we can take at look at the crankshaft for you. We will need any and all information that you can give us regarding run time, engine modifications, etc. 1-800-321-1364. Thanks!
  13. Wiseco

    Wiseco Piston Issue

    Superfast, I sent you a PM. Please give us a call whenever you get a chance I sent you all of my information and would like to bring that back in to get evaluated so we can help you out. Thanks, Matt
  14. Wiseco

    wiseco clutch baskets, GROUP BUY!

    Correct on the KDX220! Sorry for the type-oh. Thanks guys.
  15. Wiseco

    wiseco clutch baskets, GROUP BUY!

    Alright fellas. The part number is set up. WPP3058. This will be a normal shelf stock part with a list price of $239. However, since you all lit a fire under me and got me to build these, I can offer an introductory offer for a limited time. Your price is $189, but here's the deal. The only way to get it is to call Wiseco at 800.321.1364 and ask for Matt in sales. I have instructed him about what's going on, so he will manually override the price and put your order through. The first batch of baskets are due 9/19/2011. This offer is valid through Oct 28th, 2011. Any orders after that will be at the normal price. I'm going to put a limit of 1 basket per order so you sneaky guys don't try to stock up an make money on the deal. So there you have it. Start calling Matt and booking your back orders. They will ship as soon as they hit the shelf. The baskets will fit the KDX200 from 1995-06, and the 220 from 1997-05. Chris