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  1. fig

    cannondale price ?

    I've had a cannondale since 2003, i have both a E440 and Moto quad, The bike is plated in Ca. Both of mine are awesome, no issues at all. The both have all of the update (motor and misc). For support go to cannondaleriders.com. Funny story, my bike is such a good bike my buddy bought one in around 05, he didn't want to spend the money to do the motor upgrades so he sold it. He now owns a 525 KTM, he has had to do many "upgrades" to make that thing start, not leak oil,...... He should of kept his dale! lol Not really, but I like to bug him. Between life and health issues my bike hadn't been started in almost 2 years, My buddys KTM hadn't been ridden in a year or so. I keep the dale on a battery tender. The POS dale fired right up with the old gas, no issues. Just had to put air in the tires. We rode them both to lunch and around town a little. The KTM runs like crap, he's going to have to take of the carb to clean the carb and it's not charging the battery. LOL, he should of kept the dale! I would think the bike would be worth a $1000, provided the rod bearing issue has been addressed.
  2. fig

    Atk 450mx

    The difference between what Cannondale did and the others was fix the problems that they had. Think about this, they developed a new motor with the intake in the front and the exhaust in the back and added fuel injection. In addition to the motor they devolped a new aluminum frame using the frame spare as an oil cooler. I wish they would have had enough money to see it thru. They admitted it when a problem would arise, the other brands say “we don’t have any problems with our valves, cranks, seals, clutch baskets…. then the next year they fix the problem (maybe). The ideal dirt bike is something like a Honda trail 90, bullet proof and light. I wouldn’t be happy riding one of those would you? Could you please answer a question instead of asking them? What makes the BIG 5 (yes 2007 model) better than a 2002 model of Cannondale with the proper upgrades in place?
  3. fig

    Atk 450mx

    I tried the rhino lining, it helped some. I have since taken it out. Wisetech is using some type of silicone. I'm ok with the motor noise, the exhaust is still loud. Like Crash stated the Q2 helped but they are still noisy. I also prefer a quieter pipe.
  4. fig

    Atk 450mx

    Yes, another Cannondale owner here. I sold my xr600 a year or so ago and kept the dependable bike! The Cannondale community did come together and make the dales reliable. We just had four up at Kennedy Meadows for five days, guess what- they all came back running perfect. No jet changes! My son did hit a tree, rock or something and hurt his radiator and I broke the end off of my shift lever against a rock. A new radiator (yes we had a spare) costs $120, the gear shift costs $15 (yes we had a spare). Parts are available and less expensive than the typical bike parts. The Honda in our group over heated more than once, the Yamaha needed some carb tlc. It was mentioned earlier in the post you could almost change maps on the fly, you can. The ECU holds three maps, with map select you can select between the three maps on the fly. You can even change the ignition timing, throttle response, and three ranges of “jetting” on the fly. These are not standard ATK or Cannondale parts, it’s a software/hardware package made by Optimum. If anyone wants to ride a ATK, Frank White rides Jawbone around 12/29-12/30 every year. He brings spare bikes along for “you” to test. If you are interested go to the ATK web site and see if Frank has scheduled the trip yet. Where else can you go ride with a CEO of a motorcycle company? My next bike may be a KTM, Honda, or ?, for now I’m happy with my 432cc Cannondale. Allen
  5. You need some type of proof of ownership, without it you stand no chance of getting it back. Did you file a police report when it was stolen? Good luck Rudy beat me too it!
  6. fig

    cannon problems

    http://www.blackwidowatv.com/ Brad stocks all of the parts.
  7. fig

    ATK 450 Enduro

    The ATK's have been made reliable. Good suspension and decent hp. Contact www.atkusa.com for any specific info. Frank White and Chilly White won gold medals at the Idaho National ISDE Qualifier on these bikes.
  8. Where were you riding at? Is the wife ok with you still riding? Heal fast!
  9. fig

    need cannondale motor

    Hi, Your best bet is to go to http://cannondaler.com/ . There is a wanted section there and a for sale section. What is a Cannondale? Surely you jest . Cannondale is a bicycle manufacture that decided to go into motor sports. They came out with both motorcycles and quads. Great suspension, programmable fuel injection, timing, power bands........ The big flaw is they didn't do a good job when they outsourced the crank, they were not balanced. This caused major problems with the motor. When you hear about manufacturers not standing behind their product, you would of been proud of Cannondale. They did what ever was necessary to make a customer happy. The unbalanced crank is probably what caused them to go under. If they would of had another 100 million or so they would of survived. Once you do the crank bearing and balance the crank the old Dales are just as reliable as any other bike. 30 of them were just on the east coast racing motocross and drag racing all weekend, not one bike/quad broke. ATK purchased a lot of the Cannondale inventory and is currently selling the same basic bike but with a balanced crank. There is a lot mote to the story, how they designed a motor from scratch with the intake in front and exhaust in the rear. I just sold my xr600 because I never rode it, I prefer my dale.
  10. Sure Jeff. Send me a PM on what you have.
  11. Thanks Ghoti and Iritt. I used a 1 gallon milk carton and it's a 4.7 gallon tank. Anyone want a tank? A little yellowing and some nicks from using it, No petcock. I think that it's in good shape. I live in Torrance, come by and pick it up. Is a reasonable price $75? Thanks, Allen
  12. I sold my xr600r and stll have this IMS tank laying around. I think that it's the 4.7 but I don't remember. What do you think? http://www.timothynewton.com/ebay/gastank3.JPG
  13. The dales are very tuneable, you need a software package, you plug your computer into the connector on the bike and you can change the Transient Sensitivity (aka throttle sensitivity), jetting (thru the entire range or specific parts), and the timing. There are pre-made maps tht will do what you request, your best bet is to go to http://cannondaler.com/ Good luck.
  14. fig

    Atk Motorcycles

    I agree with your assement of "night and day", the dale has bottom end for trail riding ther CRF 450 does not. I have a friend that doesn't like to trailride with us because we like tight single track, the dale eats it up and the CRF450 wants to be able to rev, no bottom end equals no fun for him. Update the dale and they make great bikes. I would be willing to bet that most parts are cheaper than the other bikes inclulding KTM.
  15. fig

    Cylinder index

    Not counting the kids living at home 37, counting the kids 48.