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  1. Ernie Scarr

    Any Gas Gas replacement plastics in North America?

    Call Dave at GasGasPacific http://www.gasgascanada.com/
  2. Ernie Scarr

    Tm hate?why?

    Back in 2008, I missed out on a 2004 TM en250 with Ohlin suspension front and back that was new sitting on a local bike shop's floor. For whatever reason, the dealer couldn't sell it. It was right before Christmas and I saw it for the first time. I called him on December 27th to buy it and he sold it on Christmas eve. I still think about that bike
  3. Ernie Scarr


    +1 Pete Vetrano at Motoman - his email is: motomanitaliaimports@verizon.net Dan seems like a good guy too. Maybe he is away?
  4. Ernie Scarr

    Tell me about the GG300's

    When you whisky throttle them they will pitch you into the rhubarb. Despite your injuries, you will emerge with a sh*t eating grin and a healthy dose of respect.
  5. Ernie Scarr

    Welcome me to the Exotics!

    Congrats! Sounds like a fun project. Definately join the forum at gasgasrider.org as well, lots of good people there. Afterhourscycle is a very good supplier of parts for Gas Gas. I have bought stuff from them for my GG and I am just across the border from you. Please post some pictures!
  6. Ernie Scarr

    Husabergs in Action Pictures

  7. Ernie Scarr

    EC 300 from FE 550

    Congrats!!!!! GG's are
  8. Ernie Scarr

    EC 300 Exhaust guard

    Look up "Moose racing pipe armour" Fit my 300. Get a rubber mallet.
  9. Ernie Scarr

    EC 300 from FE 550

    $5,700 new is a good deal. I have both an 2007 550 and a 2010 ec300. Both are great rides and have their strengths. Keep the berg and buy the GG!
  10. Ernie Scarr

    Ec 300

    Do it. You'll thank yourself later!