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  1. Butta

    2019 YZ250X Jetting

    Ha! I wouldn't trust any dealer to "prep" a 2 stroke nowadays. They know next to nothing about premix and jetting, in my experience. Fuel injection and 4 strokes have ruined the dealer's technical expertise on 2 stroke dirt bikes. I didn't even want the dealer to start my bike before I loaded it. The air filter wasn't oiled correctly, and I re-jetted it to my liking. Don't trust a dealer's minimum wage "prepper" with your new bike.
  2. Butta

    2018 vs 2019 Yz250x

    $8400 OTD is outrageous. I realize that's just their over the phone price, but seriously you should be able to get it for close to MSRP OTD. Look around, talk to a few dealers, tell them you will be buying one and you are giving them an opportunity to earn your business. Offer MSRP OTD and don't haggle. Let them figure out the details. It's worth it to have a new bike, IMO.
  3. My tension screws are on the side rails.
  4. Truxedo Lo Pro. No cross brace up front.
  5. Butta

    Cant figure this problem out

    Was the bike fully warmed up? Sounds like you were just getting it to operating temp when you hit 3rd gear. It would be kinda odd, IMO, for a rough running motor to be gear selection related.
  6. Butta

    Does the YZ250 need race gas

    Find a place you can get non ethanol premium fuel from. It will be worth it. That’s all I run in all my toys and small engines.
  7. Butta

    Which Yamaha is right for me?

    I think all three bikes (WR/YZFX/YZX) would work for what you're planning on doing, the question I would ask is how long do you plan to keep it and how much versatility do you want? Each bike has it's pluses and minuses, and it's always a compromise. Just have to choose the bike with the least amount of sacrifices. For instance, the WR would be the most forgiving when chasing your partner, with it's mellow power and plush suspension. However if you decide to push it you will exceed it's limits in stock form the easiest of the 3. The YZFX would be a little less happy at the slow speed but will reward you when pushing it. The YZX, IMO, would be similar to the YZFX but adds a huge fun factor with it's 2 stroke characteristics. Depending on how you ride, you may find it easier or more difficult at slower speeds. I find it easier on slow technical terrain than 4 strokes, but it's all personal preference. YZX also is a bare bones pure dirt bike with no frills (battery, FI, e-start, etc). All great bikes, choose your poison and enjoy!
  8. Butta

    TE300i or YZ450FX

    Those are 2 vastly different machines. What are you expecting out of your next bike? If it's just lighter than the WR was and more aggressively oriented for more open, fast, and flowy trails then the 450FX will make you happy. If you are after a tight technical single track bike that's both incredibly light weight (in comparison to the WR) and arguably one of the best out there, then the 300i fits the bill. Like I said, 2 vastly different machines.
  9. I would drain the fuel out and mix it yourself. I wouldn’t trust the mechanic at the dealership to mix it properly. When I bought mine I told them to leave it empty.
  10. Butta

    NEED HELP MY 2 stroke won't start

    Never answered my questions....just trying to help here. If you just cleaned your jets, replace them with a BRAND NEW ones, don't try to clean the ones you have...check through the choke assembly, make sure it's working correctly. If you don't know for sure, take the carb to a shop and have the mechanic look to ensure you have an operating carb/choke assembly. Something's not allowing you to get fuel, and I would start with the jets and choke assembly.
  11. Butta

    NEED HELP MY 2 stroke won't start

    Pour a small amount of premix down the spark plug hole and see if it fires. At least you'll know if it's a fuel problem for sure. Then I'd tear back into the carb and see if you find something amiss. Was the smaller pilot jet you put in new or used? Are you sure it's clear? Those can get blocked and appear to be free of obstruction.
  12. Butta


    I had a '16 430RR. I like the chassis and the motor, especially for single track. The FI was the bomb on slick technical trails. However, being a bigger guy, I absolutely hated the suspension. I thought about having the suspension reworked, but since I was leaning towards a 2 stroke anyway (had a 450RX in the garage, too), I traded the 430 off. What I found that really disappointed me was the residual value of a mint 2 year old Beta 430RR. PATHETIC. Market just isn't there for it. So, plan on keeping it 4-5 years, or take it in the shorts if you are going to swap it before then. My $0.02
  13. Butta

    yz250x fuel petcock on yz250?

    I rode mine 39 miles on the GPS before requiring me to switch to reserve. Rode another 9 miles and still had fuel. So, it's at least 0.4 gallons (20% of my miles were on reserve and still had fuel).
  14. Butta

    Which aftermarket tank?

    But the entire reason for a natural tank is to clearly see the fuel level. Can you see the fuel level in a "white" tank? If so, I'd be all over that. I've had the natural colors before and I really liked seeing the fuel quantity so easily. Never was a guess on how much you had. Now my stock '18 250X tank is a PITA to see how much fuel is left. I went 38 miles before I had to go on reserve (on a hill no doubt).....I picked up a free Clarke 3+ gallon tank but it's blue, and I'd really rather have one I can see the fuel level.
  15. Butta

    YZ250 Wide Ratio Transmission worth it?

    I ride varied terrain, and the 250X creates a lot of flexibility. For tight, technical single track I can drop a tooth on the front sprocket and still have some top gear speed with WR 3-5. I had an '03 YZ250 that had this same transmission set up and until my '18 250X it had been my favorite off road bike. Just depends on where and what terrain you ride.