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  1. 02sedona

    Oversized tank on 06 CRF450R

    I am currently using the ims tank. Had a Clarke tank but kept on hitting my groin on the gas cap and got rid of it. The ims is sleeker and holds the same amount of fuel for the long days. Heard of people using oem x tanks. Even heard of putting boiling water in the tank to expand it to hold more fuel.
  2. 02sedona

    Valves and hours?

    I ride mostly woods with a bit of desert mixed in I the winter. I'm not wringing my bike out too often. Other than a hill climb for 10-20 seconds. Did a fresh top end last winter and am at 130 hours with out any movement in a fresh 2008 head, oem exhaust, and pro x intake valves. I feel once the oem valves move, then you should replace with new steel valves and then call it good for a while. hopefully I can go through a few pistons instead of valves from now on.
  3. 02sedona

    Offroad Gearing

    I am in North Lake Tahoe. Have heard of some good riding around Kernville down in the southern Sierras.
  4. 02sedona

    Offroad Gearing

    My recommendation would be to get a 50-51 tooth rear sprocket for your extra wheel. I have used stock 48 tooth, 50 tooth, and currently run a 51 tooth rear for woods riding. I am in the Sierras in NorCal and ride singletrack and old mining trails in the mountains . I purchased a set of ironman sprockets in 13-51 for woods riding here and an extra 14 tooth front sprocket for the times I want to ride desert in Nevada. I would not go smaller than a 13 up front on these bikes it will wear out your slider too fast.
  5. 02sedona

    Ironman vs. SuperSprox sprockets

    i just installed my ironman sprockets and did vt2 x-ring chain yesterday. I did put new bolts on the rear sprocket and reused the original washers. I had enough threads to use the washers and after 2.5 hours of running time, it is all tight. I am hoping that i can get 100+ hours out of the setup. Ironman say they have a 1 year warranty, will see if they last that long. I went for a 13-51 combo and will be buying a 14 for desert riding. I felt like i was in 4th and 5th more than normal yesterday. Did not need to use the clutch other than starting off. hill climbs were almost too easy chugging along.
  6. 02sedona

    High altitude help

    Easiest thing to do is play with you pilot jet and needle position. Main jet should be 158-162 depending in temps. Go a size down on the pilot to start. I'm at 6000 feet and went down a pilot size and to a 162 for winter riding. Needle is dependant on your mods. A high comp piston will help but it is more involved than jetting, stock is 12.5 and a 13 or 13.5 will work on pump gas at elevation. Not too far off though if you know how to work on your bike. Rember you lose 3% of a hp for every 1000 feet you got up in elevation.
  7. 02sedona

    ASV Levers

    My asv clutch lever feels a bit smoother than the stock setup and smoother than a works connection clutch lever.
  8. 02sedona

    What year CRF450 should I get?

    Might as well buy the newest bike that you can afford. Save a bit of money for suspension and gearing changes.
  9. 02sedona

    New Kibblewhite Valves...

    Guessing this is for your 05 crf250. I would do the prox kit for the intake. And oem for the exhaust. If you need to get the valve seats cut on the head mx time does it for less than most.
  10. 02sedona

    difference between 05 and 08?

    You should be able to find a 05 for around $2000. Or get a newer bike for less than the price of the one your looking at.
  11. 02sedona

    Which Foot Pegs Do You Recommend?

    Fast way seems to be the biggest platform. I am really happy with mine and they have taken plenty of rock hits with little damage.
  12. 02sedona

    kibblewhite Valve question

    The pro x setup includes valves and springs. i got mine from ebay for $100 shipped. best to use oem exhaust valves and new oem springs if yours are shot.
  13. 02sedona

    kibblewhite Valve question

    Pro x valve springs and new ss valves can be purchased for $100-120 on eBay and really are just as good.
  14. 02sedona

    How dirty is this air filter?

    Wish my filter was that clean. After two hours of riding mine is fully coated with fine Nor cal dust.
  15. 02sedona


    The oversized ebay radiators fit fine under my moose radiator guards on my bike. Why not upgrade both radiators at the same time? More coolant to help the bike stay cool.