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  1. RSS - SPI Europe

    sx85 setup

  2. RSS - SPI Europe

    very weird 2013 CRF450 compression stack, help!

    this is a vrs piston and stack - ftr supplies this from vrs, the same stack is used on kawasaki honda wp, and suzuki and the only change offered is the comp clamp shim. we tested this in a kxf450 and it didnt work that well.
  3. RSS - SPI Europe

    13 sxf stacks

    No prob I'll mail them over
  4. RSS - SPI Europe

    13 sxf stacks

    I've got them all Marcus which one do you want I'll mail it. Got Sx85 Sx125 Sxf250 Sxf350 Sxf450 All 2013
  5. RSS - SPI Europe

    2012 ktm suspension advice needed

    Karl I have some viton o-rings for the high speed adjuster - the o-ring goes flat so should be replaced. It happens on new shocks and old ones. The viton o-ring is way better, I should have sent u some today with those bits!
  6. RSS - SPI Europe

    SFF Forks

    Probably one of the best designs of the last 10 yrs... I've done a lot of sff both kawi and Suzuki. There very good - the Suzuki needs more comp damping due to chassis input. It's impossible for the forks to cause a pull either way, there bolted rigid through the clamps and front spindle. I'd check rear wheel alignment first. Other thing that can cause this is a low front tyre pressure or soft wall tyre.....not the forks.
  7. RSS - SPI Europe

    Fork cap tool RMZ 250/450 -13

    Speak to Pete payne at HDR - he's ....the man
  8. RSS - SPI Europe

    2010 ktm85 fork oil amount ?

    Depends on the rider weight and speed. 110mm air gap is a good starting point.
  9. RSS - SPI Europe

    Status on SMART Performance PSF re-valve

    Yes Karl he's a forum sponsor.
  10. RSS - SPI Europe

    KTM fork setup

    You will prob find just closing the float will be enough. The base valve setting on the 13 is a goo starting point for mx
  11. RSS - SPI Europe

    Wilbers shocks, any body have any input?

    I'm in the uk. Give me a buzz if you need anymore info www.racesuspension.co.uk
  12. RSS - SPI Europe

    OHLINS RFX Forks and TTX Shock

    When you turn this into a technical post then were here to help. I do not have anything against ohlins- it's a quick fix - bolt on and go. My point is is there much if any difference to a well setup set of stock suspension - no. So I'm saying keep your money. So..... Tye. You have your stock suspension? Put it on, ride with it - give us feedback, give us all the details on sag, spring rates etc etc. strip the suspension and give us a technical breakdown of what is in there. And we'll give you something that works for you. No tuner is just going to post up a stock and say try that. As no stack works for all. You want a technical debate which we can all "help" .....crack on. But it won't happen because I do believe tye is beyond help.
  13. RSS - SPI Europe

    Wilbers shocks, any body have any input?

    There quite big in holland. A lot of components made by c2p or a big cross over of shock bodies and heads etc They work pretty good for all the ones I've seen. Techno flex always work well.
  14. RSS - SPI Europe

    OHLINS RFX Forks and TTX Shock

    I'm not blind tye- I work on them all. I speak to customers and tuners every day. I'm based at a track and see 200 riders a week. Been in this business a lot longer than you have even been riding. Your opinionated and won't accept others input or opinions. It's knobs like you that drive the people willing to share technical issues and help other riders and tuners alike away with your uneducated posts. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. Opinions vary and that's what leads to debate and to debate leads to innovation and resolve. But u need to learn that every day is a school day and others more experienced may like to share opinions that don't fit what you think so pipe down. Rant over - I ain't going to read this post again because if I'm honest I'm not here to argue with narrow minded uneducated tools.