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  1. craigs449

    Who has the best prices for OEM KTM parts?

    Whatcha' gonna get now Roman?
  2. craigs449

    New project....1992 YZ125..

    My brother picked this up a few years back in a deal with a dune buggy or some other toy. I rode it last year and remember that it wouldnt clear out, but it ran fine other than that. He finally talked me into taking it home and going over it to make it run right, then selling it. It's in pretty rough shape. Does anyone know where to find an online service manual for this bike? Also, what do you guys think it's worth? I have read on here that parts are pretty hard to come by for the pre-95 models, and I am hoping that the clearing out issue is one of the following: old fuel with rich premix, jetting, or ex valve carboned up........
  3. craigs449

    Post pics of your 250!

    The 2fiddy came out nice Josh..^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Here's a pic of my new woods beast/tree molester.......2011 250 XC.....the day I brought it home.
  4. craigs449

    First bike, new to me xc 250!

    Easiest way to check for shot bearings is to put the bike up on a stand and move the rear wheel up and down slightly, then left to right.........it should be evident if the shock bearings or the swinger bearings are shot.....next do the same thing with the front wheel to determine if the head bearings are poo
  5. craigs449

    ECU/CDI testing?

    I just retested the servo motor per the oem manual. It is hooked up right...thank goodness!. When the manual says it should turn counterclockwise with 12v, it does.......Now I just gotta figure out why she is still not hitting the pipe........
  6. craigs449

    2004 CR seizure

    After I put a new OEM top end in my 02 CR, the increased compression caused the worn lower con rod bearing to shit the bed after about two hours of riding.......Shit happens.
  7. craigs449

    ECU/CDI testing?

    This may sound stupid.....But, is there any way that I could have the servo motor running in reverse? Almost seems like it gets the rpm's up and then retards the powerband......I just dont see how I could have accidentally done this? Although she was a basketcase, the servo motor only goes on one way, the plug only plugs in one way, and the cables will only go to one side without crossing them.......The above post and the pics in the manual are making me think the servo motor is running opposite of what it should.......&%$#@!?
  8. craigs449

    Man, fork seals blow...

    I can't comment on your specific forks, but as long as you have a service manual and a bit of patience, it's pretty simple. I have done them on my 02 CR 250 and my Husqvarna 510 SMR without issue. If you don't waste you r money on one of the fork bullet and seal driver tools, be sure to wrap your lower tube top with a ziploc bag to keep from tearing your new seals...and a paint roller cover cut down one side works just fine for driving fork seals. -Craig
  9. craigs449

    ECU/CDI testing?

    Yup, used the 12mm method at the rear barrel adjuster. Once adjusted, I can move the butterfly both open and closed with some resistance with one hand........... -Maybe a stupid question, but WFO should put the butterfly locked in a clockwise position resting against the stopper pin, right? reason that i ask, is that the manual refers to a closed flapper valve at less than 3000 rpms, but shows a picture of the butterfly locked clockwise (Which I am under the impression is wide open), and fully open flapper valve when above 8000 rpms, but shows a picture of the butterfly locked in a counterclockwise position??????
  10. craigs449

    ECU/CDI testing?

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will be going over each and every connection on the bike to check for corrosion and proper cleaning with OD electrical contact spray. As I remember, the 02-04 models had the same design, the 05 and newer had a different parts schematic. I bough this as a basketcase, so I have no idea personally how she ran before the motor seized. This was the 1st top and bottom complete rebuild that I have done. I rechecked to be sure that I did not miss anything and I am pretty confident that I didn't miss anything. Do the ECU's on bikes just "go bad"?
  11. craigs449

    ECU/CDI testing?

    I have taken the cover off and revved the bike....the valve wil open but only partially. Almost like the servo motor does not have enough power to open it the whole way up. I tested the RC servo motor per the manual instructions.....When I hook it up to 12v, the valve opens all the way....reverse the polarity and it closes completely as it should........with an ohm resistance right in the middle of the spec chart. I have looked through the manual but I don't see any tests to be done on the ECU itself..... -Also, the valve opens and closes with no issues by hand.....when I disconnect the cables to the butterfly and rev the motor, it still only turns the servo partially, not the whole way like when I put 12 volts directly to it. -My theory is that the ECU is not sending sufficient power to the servo motor and therefore, it is not opening up the ex valve completely.......
  12. craigs449

    ECU/CDI testing?

    Damn.....Nobody knows how to test the CDI box on this bike? I don't see anything in the manual about testing it......Maybe I will just have to buy another one....Unless somebody would be willing to put my CDI box on their 02-03 CR 250 and see if runs crappy like mine does......
  13. craigs449

    2002 cr250 flywheel question

    I used a Tusk fw puller for my 02 CR 250 with no issues........
  14. craigs449

    ECU/CDI testing?

    Hey guys, it's been a while since I have been on here, but I need some help with an old/renewed project bike.....2002 Honda CR250 basketcase that I picked up 1 1/2 yrs ago for cheap. I had the crank rebuilt, put a new top end and all new gaskets. I attempted to rejet the stock carb, but the bike would not "get on the pipe"....It would just seem to stumble....I replaced the RC valve cables, same issue. I swapped to the PWK Airstriker carb and still have the same no p-band issue. If I safety wire the RC valve WFO she rips like nobody's business but has no bottom end...........I tested the RC valve servo motor per the oem manual instructions an I get a constant 5.75 ohm reading which is right in the middle of the spec chart both with 12 volts and without. My question is, I think the only other thing it could be is the ECU/CDI...Is there a way to test that? No mention of testing it in the service manual..... Thanks in advance, -Craig
  15. craigs449

    Help with 07 450, won't turn over

    Does the comp release help at all?