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  1. mynewcr250

    OEM Piston discontinued for 03CR250R

    Run vertex in my ktm (oem supplier) at 60hrs a pop. No issues. I replace out of insurance. Wiseco in my Honda but will switch to vertex once I get a fresh cylinder. I trust them a lot now for cast piston due to my experience with the ktm and I only ran the wisecos before in the Honda.
  2. mynewcr250

    Best year Honda cr250r?

    What an ironic post lol
  3. mynewcr250

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Yea. She started off as a 250, converted using the ktm hard parts 300sx kit using the 300sx version head. I am using the stock 250sx cdi also. Compression was a consideration as well. I can get numbers today. I know it was over 200psi at sea level before squish adjustment. What is a good compression target for a 300? 200 max? If I raise my cylinder using the base gasket I can lose some compression and see if that helps but then my squish gets larger as well. I was under the impression my squish of 1.2 was good but I’m thinking it’s only good with the right compression setting now. You are correct in assuming the bowl was not reworked. I will fix whatever is causing the issue, just trying my best to diag it right first before I drop the money. Thank you for the idea about the shim! For some reason I only related the shims to leaning out the needle (doh!). This will give me 1.5 clips of adjustment for next time, awesome. This also makes me want to retry the yam needle in clip 5 and clip5 with a shim....
  4. mynewcr250

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    Hey MOG. I have an assortment of needles. I have dia G H W/I J in both NE1 and NOZ. I also have NEC/D in a J and W dia and lastly I have the Yamaha needles (cj and ej based on recommendations but no other diameters just the clip differences) also im gonna upload a ping clip. I can totally ride around the ping it just requires limiting load around the track. Rode Mx for 5 hours yesterday pinging the whole day lol. Huge distraction though because I can hear it through the helmet over the engine.
  5. mynewcr250

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    MOG: I won’t argue that. I wish I had the funds to do so, it is for sure the best way to make some serious progress without losing riding time (I for sure have lost a lot, that is fact ). Please take no offense from me, info like your POV spring tension and how it weaken overtime are the type of stuff I love to read about. It’s just frustrating for me to hear what the guy is going through because I have the same issue. When I first ran the suggested settings (52pj, 182 main is how the block came to me, Then I purchased the yam needles to match based on suggestions) the bike would bog BAD and completely cut out from 50% throttle on up. Almost went over the bars the first time it happened. I had to pull off the track without even finishing a lap. I started with the main based on how this system works. Could not get the bog to go away with pilots or main adjustments. Finally got rid of it when I replaced the needle with the oem needle. I should of tried richer clips with the yam needle but I knew the oem never bogged on me so I just went back to tried and true. What is your opinion on ethanol? Even the 100 octane pump gas I get (it’s VP branded; it’s “street legal” 100 octane) has like 10% here in California. I wanted to try full race gas to see but I don’t think any amount of octane is gonna remedy a requirement for more fuel if im to be believed. George definitely brought up the alcohol thing but other than from cans my options are limited and I figured even with ethanol 100 octane should be fine? It ran fine on 91 with the right jetting and no stic. Everyone else: I will be contacting George again to see what he says. He had me correct squish so far which I did but that didn’t help (1.95mm down to 1.2mm). Also wanted me to check timing and the normal stuff just like you would when trying to diagnose any car but it’s all futile imo. If I richen the needle, and the ping starts to go away, I think that’s pretty self explanatory unless me richening it is a bandaid for the real issue... There is something we are dealing with that others aren’t. Either we have an issue that’s not readily visible to us or we’ve set up our bikes in a way that requires a little different approach? We don’t have wonder bikes, they all came out the same factory anyways here is what I’m gonna try next time out. Little disappointed because it will be on a track at 3500’ so won’t be a true test. If anyone cares: 38mm stic: 52pj, N1EH clip 5, 185
  6. mynewcr250

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    I like you mog, and the data and knowledge you post, but you’re trippin on this one. Definitely not guessing. you never tuned a bike without a dyno before? And if you did, did you really believe you were guessing at best? I’ve read your posts for years, hard for me to believe that. Dynos dont have ears, but I do. In fact my GoPro has “ears” too if anyone wants to hear a really good example of pinging or detonation (I don’t know how to tell those apart I just call it all “ping”. There was never was a good video online years back when I was looking, maybe I’ll upload it for that reason alone?) I have no piston wash whatsoever. The ping is horrendous when she’s lean. N1E clip 3 - ping bad (stock 2013 setting) NOZ clip 4 - ping bad, no real noticeable improvement, could easily be placebo N1E clip 4 - absolutely less ping, still there with stic bloc only (stock 2014 setting) NOZ clip 5 - even less ping, still there though under high loads at 1/2 throttle like when you feed it throttle on a jump face. Last option is N1E clip 5 which I didn’t try because I got tired of making jetting changes but feel confidant that will get rid of it completely at sea level tracks and then it’s easy street from there. If not then im gonna try lowering compression with base gaskets. What do I do to get richer than that besides going back to a .115? Is there a similar needle like the N1E needle but richer by a clip or two?
  7. mynewcr250

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    DO NOT RUN THE SUGGESTED SETTINGS YOU SEE FOR MX!!! DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THE YAMAHA NEEDLE. I know the problem you are experiencing. This isn’t even stic related only, the stock bike would ping from the factory under the right conditions that’s why they went from 3rd clip to 4th clip in the jetting chart as factory jetting the next year The problem is your needle. I am N1EH on clip 5. ANYTHING LEANER THAN 5 RESULTS IN BAD PING ON 100 octane even NOZ needle on 5 isn’t enough to completely rid it. I was rich according to people’s setting but when I went to pull the head to do squish I was lean. I am on the look for a needle that is exactly like the N1E needles but 1 clip richer so I can run on 4 and have 1 clip left of adjustment. Any options? Think going 114 is a step in the wrong direction for some of these bikes. I too tried getting rid of ping using fuel, large mains, large pilots with this system. The problem is the needle even the oem needle is barely rich enough. Ktm calls for clip 4 stock. Doesn’t leave much room for richening that mid range. No ping on top just right at half throttle. 13 300sx, oem 38mm carb, stic 14 countershaft sprocket, oem chamber, shorty silencer. i also believe the 14 tooth counter sprocket makes a difference here. Makes the engine load much higher in the mid and top and I think is the reason it requires richer jetting. Also it’s weird to me because the dyno jetting info on HP site says to run oem needle oem clip. Ok, well they chamged from clip 3 to 4 in 1 model year...so which is it? Lol you are rich and that’s why you have the piston wash, but not rich where you need to be. Your main too large, pilot too large, needle too lean is your issue. EDIT i am on a phone and depending on when I reload the page I see different posts by people. Forgive me if you already figured it out.
  8. mynewcr250

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    You’re looking at WOT data only. That’s part of the picture. There is so much more to this device than just wot, part throttle numbers might make you recant that statement.
  9. mynewcr250

    Chinese KTM 105SX clone

    I don’t know about engineering but they definitely were reversing LOL.
  10. mynewcr250

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    What are your settings? Mine made it feel like I bolting a supercharger on it Haha there have been about 5 times I almost posted this exact thing LOL. This is exactly what it feels like. It’s like a supercharged bike with turbo type top end with this mod. @Muffintop it’s not hard at all. Luckily this part actually works so this has the effect of race shops actually wanting to play with it and dial them in. They have some really good baseline settings at Harris racing from Derek. I wouldn’t jetting learning curve be the deciding factor. Only whether you feel you would like more power and throttle response.
  11. mynewcr250

    2015 250sx splooge

    These bikes are so easy to get to ping I find jetting them easier then only going by feel. You just keep going leaner until it audibly pings then richen a step main and/or half clip needle depending where you hear it. Works for me on a 13 model.
  12. mynewcr250

    2015 250sx splooge

    Your main at 10k feet should be closer to a 152 per the manual. Your needle clip is fine, just need to balance the right main to it.
  13. mynewcr250

    300 stic jetting

    Your needles are only different in straight section (unless I missed it he is ne3j, you’re k right?) I know the ping all too well. Straight diameter isn’t gonna fix it. Touchy engines. Other than right off idle, you guys are the same. Wot is wot on that needle. Your only option is richen, race fuel or lower compression. Recent top end? Is your deck height still zero? You need to richen the block. Your fuel is different there too. Edit: my opinion. Also can you get into detail on your modded needle? Maybe bigger pj and less air screw? That actually sounds like an option with the way this system works now that I think about it
  14. mynewcr250

    300 stic jetting

    Czar is using the .115 in a 40mm vs the .114 he tried first.
  15. mynewcr250

    300 stic jetting

    FYI I don’t know if I have a 114 or 115. I bought mine in like nov/dec 2017 so whatever was available back then is what I have lol.