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  1.  Hi my name is Jordan I live in Denver Colorado and I have a question and I’d like to talk to you about how you put the kick starter on a Honda Crf 230 F  I want to put one on just as a back up in case my push to start battery is drained and I forgot to charge it. Have a great day and God bless 

  2. bianese

    dished piston difference.

    The dished piston is a 3-wheeler 200cc piston designed for lower compression for the pull starter. I use them in my trials engines in an effort to get a lower CR w/out compromising the squishband tolerance. The stock TLR piston should be a flat top. Clint
  3. bianese

    Post your MODDED XR200s

    Hey Charlie, What an awesome way to put the roller back to work. Air-cooled and the very best in chassis. Nothing else like it:-). Clint
  4. bianese

    Post your MODDED XR200s

    Figured out how to post a pic. This is my version of the 200. CRF-200X 18" Dirtstar rear w/S-12s. Wicked woods bike:-). Clint http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j271/bianese/Feb26ebay006.jpg
  5. bianese

    CRF-230R Conversion

    Hey Ebeck, I sold my 230 w/a 200 engine after I removed and kept the 230, and he bought a couple of CR swingarms to try w/no luck. I will try to find out the scoop from him asap and get back to you on it. Sorry for the slow reply. Clint
  6. bianese

    CR-200TLX Conversion

    The engine installation was easy as far as lining up the sprockets. I build a billet, top, rear, engine mount that takes care of lineup. From there, it is simply a matter of fabbing the mounts. dwayne Brown at BBR remade the front cradles on both my bikes back in '99. I have a pic of the mount I build on the 230 page. The headpipe is handmade, but the 230 aftermarket pipes fit well as you can see on my 230 that is also on the 230 page. Hope that helps. Clint
  7. bianese

    CRF-230R Conversion

    OK, I understand. First of all, the 230 already has an alloy swingarm. I will go out and get the measurements you want off of some spares I have in the event that you want the CR alloy swingarm over the CRF-230 alloy swingarm. I will post the info later today. Clint
  8. bianese

    CR-200TLX Conversion

    I will be glad to share any, and all info I have accumulated on building the ultimate 200. There is not much I have not done along the 200 line including several conversions and ultimate, big-bore engines. I have been riding this bike everyday since last Sunday. It is awesome! Clint
  9. bianese

    crf 230 mods

    Re: crf 230 mods CoeShow already did the 120 and 132 tests, 120 was better. I would be interested in the 132 cam test though... __________________I bought the BBR carb kit for my 230. It has the 132. It is bad to the bone strong at 140-285 sea level. It is in a full size bike, not a mini. I am running a mystery grind, WebCams cam. 19" rear wheel and tire which is a full pound lighter than a comparible 18". http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j271/bianese/CRF230R001.jpg Clint
  10. bianese

    CRF-230R Conversion

    PS I have another w/a 200, recipe engine that is posted on the 200 page. I will post a pic of it here. It sucks too! Clint
  11. bianese

    CRF-230R Conversion

    Hey Clint, Is that a 125 swing arm? Could you get me the dimensions where the swing arm mounts the the frame? That or your 250x. I am curious about how off a full size swing arm(> cr85) would be with regard to mounting it to a CRF230. Hey, I am not on the same page w/you. The bike is a "99 CR-125R except for the engine which is a 230F. The swingarm is a stock component, of the complete, '99 CR-125R, 2-stroke chassis. I added the 230F engine. I have built a BBR, 200/230 bike using a CR-85 swingarm, but I have no idea how to fit a CR-85 swingarm to a 230 frame. Sorry. Thanks for the props and commies on my sicko, POS 230:-)) I wish you all could ride it. IT SUCKS!!!!!:-))) Clint
  12. bianese

    Converting CRF230 into Trials Bike

    The 230 engine comes w/out a kickstarter and is electric start w/a battery. Kinda heavy for trials, but the 150 engine can be stretched out to 250cc and would be interesting in a modern trials bike frame. I have seen TLR-200 engines grafted into GasGas, Fantics, and Aprilias. It can be done if you want it bad enough. Here is an example of a 230 conversion. http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j271/bianese/CRF230R001.jpg Clint
  13. bianese

    New bike or built up the XR 200

    You can take the XR-200 to any level you want as the pic here shows. The mods have been hashed out many times , so check the threads by search. Older suspension will give you more travel. Modern suspension will give you a great ride. Just be sure to do the math, a new bike might be the cheaper route when looking at the big picture. http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j271/bianese/Feb26ebay006.jpg Clint
  14. bianese

    CR-200TLX Conversion

    I finally figured out how to post a pic. Here is my recipe conversion 200. It is a CR-125R chassis, w/a TLR , 6-speed bottom, and a 200X topend. Makes more bottom than any other 200 I have ridden. Suspension was lowered and re-worked by FastWay and it is awesome. 18" dirtStar rim on the rear and S-12s around. Tapered headpipe and White Bros, muffler. White Bros. all-round cam and their 12:1 piston. Just cleaned up the ports. I have done a similar bike w/a 230 engine that is posted on the 230 page. These bikes are the answer to advanced 200 fans.http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j271/bianese/Feb26ebay006.jpg Clint
  15. bianese

    CRF-230R Conversion

    Yes, it aligns the sprockets. Clint