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  1. I'm helping a buddy out with his bike that runs clean at times and not so at others. He never knew about the fuel screw because he 'looked all around the carb' and couldn't see it. So I cleaned his carb for him (it needed it badly) and the bog went away with the fuel screw all the way in. I can order a smaller pilot jet for the carb but need help with the fuel screw. It took much work to get the adjustment done because of the pipe on the right side and tensioner on the left. Even an extended 't-handle' type wouldn't be much better because of the location, especially if the engine is hot! Are there any flexible fuel screws available for this bike? Mikuni carb (34mm I think) Any other tips or tricks to adjusting fuel screw? Cooler spring mornings and hot Tennessee afternoons require a better and faster adjustment. How to???
  2. Sasquatch

    UPDATE: Mx Vs. Atv Alive BLOWS!

    Thanks for confirming this. I wondered why no supercross tracks were listed on the webpage for this game. I surely thought it was a mistake. Not one supercross track? I won't be getting this game, though I was hoping for it to be a real winner.
  3. Don't know the name of the song. My son and I refer to it as the 'pickle song'. It's the opening of Fox's Greatest Hits DVD.
  4. Post # 687 I wanted him to restate his claim two weeks ago when Stewart was doing what he needed to do to be in it. He never would claim the statement, adding the intent of the thread was only his thoughts about Stewart having a good chance at winning. He still said he thought Srewart would win, but would never reclaim the "Mark my words"... statement.
  5. Sasquatch

    Just A Heads Up For The Sunday Race

    Here in Nashville it's listed as AMA Supercross, Salt Lake with entrants including Reed, Villopoto and Windham. 11:00 AM Central time.
  6. Sasquatch

    Alpinestars Tech 3 or 7

    Sounds like money isn't an option. Get the 10's and ride with confidence of having the best Alpinestar has to offer.
  7. Sasquatch

    Alpinestars Tech 3 or 7

    After a three year exit from owning and riding I was amazed at the price increase in boots. My old Tech 8's were 290 new and now they are crazy expensive. I loved the feel of the bootie and boot but couldn't justify nearly 400 to get a pair. So I compromised. I purchased the Tech 3 for 175 and bought a set of Tech 8 booties to use. I tried on the 3's at the local shop to size it right and I love them. I ride about two weekends out of each month. I have no trouble with buckles or protection. If money is a big factor get the Tech 3's. You can get them for less than 200. They'll work well for you.
  8. My bad, I misunderstood the x2 about "don't care who wins it", the 'just voicing opinion at the beginning of the season', and the "thought he had the best shot at winning" comments from you. And now you state "I think he is going to win the championship." Come on now, where's the "Mark my words" confidence? You've got another week and a couple days before the second to last race. LET'S HEAR IT! Let us know you still are confident. It'll be the only way those words "I told you so!" will feel good typing... (No, I'm not saying Stewart will win, nor do I want him to win. He's turned me off by numerous acts and actions this year. See earlier post if confused.)
  9. 69 pages from your original statement and you're calling it off? I'd stay in it to the end just to have the opportunity to feel really good saying those few but fabulous words....
  10. Sasquatch

    Towing with a car....?

    You can find out tow capacity from service manual of year you are considering. Also, engine size and type has big factor in how much. Give some more specifics from your side to get any helpful info on this side. Transmission coolers are a good option if hauling long distances on cars. I use Altima to pull trailer and up to two bikes.
  11. That was my first post on the subject and honestly thought it funny that it was at the top of the posts for a long time during his winless, crash himself and anyone around him streak. Villipoto offered a gift when he missed the main, others have mixed it up with varying finishing positions and now we've a great final two races to go. I sure hate that Canard isn't in it to the finish. Reed has had some bad luck with obstacles (tuff blocks and Stewarts). Villipoto has been very consistent, save missing one main. If I could determine the championship I'd surely not pick JS to win. If he does then it will be remembered by an unlikely champion in a wild and wacky series. And this thread will conclude with the words "I told you so!" from the original poster. I can hardly wait for the last two races...
  12. Just wanted to see how far back I had to go to revive this old thread. Funny, not much discussion on this thread like there was a month ago!
  13. Sasquatch

    06 250 SX-F Shift Lever

    Snapped this pic with my phone before a ride yesterday. It is more of a closeup than I thought but hey, I was waiting to go ride! My bike was given to me so I don't know about the stock lever, as mentioned above you may not have the stock one. Anywhoo, I don't have any trouble shifting or missing a shift, and haven't had it knocked out of gear by stumps, rocks or branches. From the photo you can see that if I get through the woods with the footpegs, the shifter is certainly going to fit.
  14. Regarding the washing of stickers, if plastics are clean and stickers are put on correctly they'll fade from washing before they peel off. That is if you hand wash the bike. Pressure washers will blow them into the neighbors yard. As for the placement of stickers, my first bike I wanted to be McGrath replica so I basically copied the sticker placement and used his bike for a model for mine. Stickers on the radiator shrouds, airbox, rear fender etc. Not sure if you can find a factory setup from mid-80's and see if you like what they did. If so, have fun... That was years ago, now I go ride my bone stock graphics with numbers...