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  1. rekless

    Do you guys shake your gas can?

    I beat it like it owes me money ..... oh you mean the gas :-0 .....yeah I shake it !! lol
  2. rekless

    Old video....

    That Teanaway Ridge was the one !! Thanks !!
  3. rekless

    Fuel FLoat

    Probably just a hair high still....but Im not sure. I pulled the carb and douched it out with some gumout and that might have been what did. I lowered it ever so slightly and just followed the rec's in the manual. Were good now though !!!
  4. rekless

    Old video....

    Hey guys, three or four years ago there was a video here on T Talk that someone posted of a trail ride. It was SUPER GNARLY and was mostly a nasty side hill with a bunch of rocks and huge dropoffs.It was a fairly long video and good quality for a helmet cam vid. Does anyone know where I can find it? I believe it was a guy on a KTM 4STroke, but there were 4-5 guys on the ride also. If you remember it can you post a link ? thanks, rekless
  5. rekless

    Fuel FLoat

    Hey Mike, I fiddled with the float level yesterday on the 200 and I think I got it dialed. Garett rode it down the street yesterday and he got off with a grin on his face a mile wide !! I caught him out in the garage last fondling and taking pictures of it when he was supposed to be in bed !!! ha ha !! I guess there are worse things that he could be out late doing huh ?? Thanks again, Chuck
  6. I need a spoke for the rear wheel of an 04 wr450. Seems Yammie only sells them by the kit for $86 !! Ridiculous!! Anyone wanna sell a couple of them ?? Chuck
  7. Has anybody seen any good videos with music put to them of the MXdN 2007 ?? I remember two years ago, someone put the song "Beautiful Day" by U2 to video with Ricky, Ivan and Kevin shreddin' and it was awesome !!! Have you guys seen anything like it ? Maybe one of you guys that is skilled in internet video stuff could do one. Maybe something with Disturbed or something hard like that ??? Just an idea. rekless:ride:
  8. Those were some pretty sick wheelies though....you have to admit !!
  9. rekless

    Lets put the Kids in the spotlight

    http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=4580740 My ten year old, Garett !! http://www.putfile.com/pic.php?img=4580744
  10. rekless

    Tragedy free?

    I broke my femur in '97 from falling out of the bucket of a backhoe (don't ask)....broke my wrist playing football.....broke foot in a street-bike crash....been riding dirt bikes for four years with my wife and two boys and though we have all taken our fair share of soil samples, no one has broken anything .....yet !!! rekless
  11. Does anyone know where I could find a bigger tank for a 2005 YZ 85 ? Thanks, rekless
  12. Does anyone know if there is a bigger tank available for an '05 KX 65 ? Thanks, rekless
  13. Looks like you have got the wheelie thing pretty much dialed !!
  14. rekless

    Power Valve question.....??

    I have searched and have found nothing on here or KTM TALK. I am re-assembling my PV after peening the pin that many have had fall out. (2007 300 XC-W) While putting the PV back together, which teeth do I want to match up while putting the actuator on. It looks as if the arm can go in two or three different spots. I assume the wrong meshing of teeth on the actuator would leave the PV partially open when in the "OFF" throttle position. HELP !!! :ride:
  15. Yeah...but I bet there sprinkler VALVES need adjusting all the time !! (I kill myself )