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    CRF150F and CRF230F

    xrs seems to have more starting problems than the yzf. I have never had a problem starting my wz ever. I have many friends that have missed many days of riding do to the old xr400. when xrs get hot they are always a pain to start. If you can't start the yzf it is rider error. We will see about this crf450f next year after a year of real life testing.
  2. vincegatcore.com

    Marienville or Rocky Gap??

    Can anyone give me some info on Marienville or Rocky Gap trails in PA? They seem to be about 20 miles apart from each other. We are planning to go this Sun. If I could only ride one, which one??? We will probebly do both but I would still like some info. Thanks: Vince
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    is anyone going to be at the gncc this weekend in millfield
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    they also have great deals on certain sizes http://www.motonation.com/killerprice.cfm
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    I think he means SIDI sidi boots are the best boot I have ever owned. If you do not want all that platic on your boots they make a trials boot (it used to be called a trialzero but they have a new name for it DISCOVERY) own a pair of those and find them protective enough for me and I can walk in them a little better than the tae-flex. check out sidi boots at http://www.motonation.com/trialzero.cfm
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    stator replacement

    thanks guys found a 98 stator near home (70miles). its worth the drive, so another weekend doesn't pass me by. if all goes well I'll be at wayne nat. by 3:30 tomorrow
  7. vincegatcore.com

    stator replacement

    My stator/generator went bad 98wr400f as I have heard there was a change in 2000 to a higher output stator will this fit in my bike How about 2001 426 any one out there in the Know.. Thanks
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    this is why I learnd how to do this stuff myself that way its only your screwups that you need to worry about
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    are there any good dirtbke classifieds (U.S.)on the web that I can get links to? Does thumpertalk have any plans for a classifieds section in the future? it would be a great asset for all of us.
  10. vincegatcore.com

    Ignition Key ?

    i put a key switch in my ignition off the lead that goes into the coil from the stator I had a gas gas speedo/keyswitch mounted for a while. its been a while though so take a good look. I live in cleveland (the big city) and I don't think many people here even know how to start one of these things. p.s. I carry a cable lock now when I know that I have to leave the bike. even with a key switch they can just push it into a waiting truck or pick it upand throw it in
  11. vincegatcore.com

    Front Fork Seals

    the pvc thing works but you must bevel the inside of both pieces so you don't screw up the seal I just hose clamp the two sides together and use the weight of the fork tube to slam the seal home. I have also seen them in dennis kirk
  12. vincegatcore.com

    Front Fork Seals

    mine go bad once and a while it might be a piece of dirt or something else stuck inside your seal try using a piece of 35mm film/negitive slide it up between fork and seal take it for a ride and see before buying new seals somtimes this works for me if it has been more than a year maybe you should take them apart anyways for a good cleaning
  13. vincegatcore.com

    Helmet Cam

    wow guys lots of info as soon as you start into this video / video editing thing it gets quickly overwelming. slowly but surely I will overcome.. Thanks Vince
  14. vincegatcore.com

    Helmet Cam

    its me (the one with the question) I bought a canon elura 2 I have a billet case that mounts to my helmet for this cam and am ready to go but you guys all seem to prefer buying another camera and sending it to my cameras vcr. why bother??? my camera is only 13oz. and very small 2"X 4"X 6" I assume it has a better lens than the remote cams. is there a flaw in my plan??? please help??? I have been editing with adobe premier and ulead for a while now. making great productions now just not on the dirtbike yet.(can't wait) I always leave an open audiotrack for background music. The amount of memory needed is staggering I have 2-36 gig scsi cheetahs and they do the job but I still need to output it on svhs to free up space. 12min. digital video to .avi = 2.5 gig (highest resolution that my gear can get) .avi files are limited to 4 gig in my system. thats 20 minutes between cuts. but there is a fix for that I hear? any help here? Here I come crusty demons LOOKOUT SOMEDAY YOU MAY BE ON FUNNIEST HOME VIDEOS :D
  15. vincegatcore.com

    Got spanked by a DR-Z400

    You sound like you needed a spanking wr's rule drz's drool its not the bike its the rider!!! tis written in stone