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  1. canadaler

    1972 Kawasaki G4TR

    Where abouts are you located in Ontario? I could be interested in it...if the price is right. PM me.
  2. canadaler

    1972 Kawasaki G4TR

    I have a '74 that I converted into a trials bike. You should stop before shifting between HI and LOW range.
  3. canadaler

    1978 sp 370

    Sounds like the position of your timing chain on the cam is incorrect. With the head off turn it upside down and pour a little bit of solvent in the combustion dome of the head. Leave it like that and see if it leaks out that valve which should be sealed. If it's leaking it is most likely bent a little bit from the impact with the piston and will need to be replaced.
  4. canadaler

    1978 sp 370

    You originally said that you replaced the piston and had the cylinder honed. Did you re-bore the cylinder to the next size over before installing a new (correct for the new bore) piston? If you had a worn cylinder liner and simply honed and replaced the piston with a stock size...that might very well be your compression problem.
  5. canadaler

    Bultaco Sherpa T350 misfiring

    High RPM break up could be a coil issue. Had that happen to me once.
  6. canadaler


    Most bike shops have them sent out to specialty shops that actually split, balance and press your crank back together. Might be best to ask your local bike shop for a recommendation...they might want to contract it themselves though. I'd advise against "Joe's-uncle's-neighbour's-best-friend" types who happen to have a press, a brass mallet and willingness to experiment with your crank.
  7. canadaler

    Stupid Fork Question

    I'll check to see if they're the same. Yep they're going on the XT.
  8. canadaler

    Stupid Fork Question

    Well...it certainly makes sense...but unfortunately it doesn't seem you can buy these anymore. EDIT....brainstorm just occurred...I'll take apart one of the XT550 fork legs they're replacing and rob one out of there...whoo hoo!
  9. canadaler

    Stupid Fork Question

    I'm rebuilding a set of 1981 YZ125 forks. After much I finally got both the fork legs apart. To my surprise there was only a rebound spring in one of the legs... I checked the only parts diagram I have...but it only shows an exploded view of one fork leg's internals. Should there be one in each leg (these are the short ~2" springs that sit on the damper rods)...or only one total?
  10. canadaler

    TT600 first look

  11. canadaler

    Highland Motors of Sweden

    Not sure what is happening in the GNCC series...but it isn't looking too impressive at the moment. While the 17th place in XC1 looks somewhat respectable...Morhed has not finished any of the first three events on the same lap as the rest of his class. Something...and I don't know what...happened in Georgia (down 2 laps, O/A finish 123rd) and NC (only completed one lap, O/A 257th essentially a DNF.) Fuel capacity is an issue for them, they have a very small tank that requires them to pit every lap for gas. That's got to be an issue in their results. Comparisons to early Bergs and VOR's can't be very uplifting from a reliability standpoint. The other issue is that the world certainly hasn't stood still since this engine was originally designed.
  12. canadaler

    Oval # plates?

  13. canadaler

    Paint Match xt550 Red

    The Krylon is close...still a bit darker than stock...but close enough for what I'm doing. Nicer gloss finish than the Dupli-Color as well.
  14. canadaler

    Paint Match xt550 Red

    Thanks all...I'll give the Krylon a try. I'm not repainting the whole bike, just trying to match up the color as best I can on a small fairing I made for the bike. I painted it with a Dupli-Color "Bright Red"...but it's way off.
  15. canadaler

    Paint Match xt550 Red

    Anybody out there find a decent red paint that matches up not too bad with an 82/83 XT550? I've tried a couple...but the red is too "deep" a red in the ones I've tried. The XT's red is a bit more "orangey" from what I can see. Trying to match up with spray can lids at the local automotive supply store is hopeless...all the reds seem to have the exact same cap.