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  1. Patrick99

    Owner/Serivce manual for 2008 DRZ 125

    Awesome.....cant wait for the weather report!!
  2. Patrick99

    Drz 125l

    YU1 is for yellow plastics but not sure what 019 is for. Think it could be white? Looking at the parts list from RckyMTNATV is where I got the info from for the YU1. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/0
  3. Anyone have one I can download? Or recommend where I can buy one? Thanks
  4. Patrick99

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    If someone could PM also, still looking for coupon. Thanks
  5. Patrick99

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I missed out on the codes listed today, could someone PM a code. They can only be used one time, Thanks
  6. Patrick99

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    Should be at the bottom of your order that they email to you.
  7. Patrick99

    rocky mountain discount codes ?

    I need a code also, will PM back whoever needs one after i get it. Thanks
  8. Patrick99

    When to do the top end on a 2007 CR125

    I plan on getting it looked at and rebuilt soon. My son doesnt race and half of those hours might be called ridden hard. We trail ride in WV and he might go to a track couple times a year.
  9. Ok guys, my son has a 2007 CR125 that he mainly trail rides on. It cranks fine and runs good but he said it seemed to have lost some of its power. Not sure if he can really tell this or maybe he is just becoming a better rider. Bike has never been opened up and we bought it 1.5 years ago and the original ower only put around 5 hours on it. I say it has around 70 hours on it now. Just wondering should I go ahead and have the top end rebuilt? I thought about doing it but since never done one before, like to have a bike mechanic take care of it. Thanks for any advice!!
  10. Patrick99

    12 year old trail riding

    Yeap, you should really look at the KX100. We ride the trails in WV and my son has a 08 KX100 and this bike has been great!! Low maintenance and would putt around or go wide open and never an issue. Never fouled a plug! We put a FWW on it to help with low end and this helped a lot!! Good luck on your search!
  11. Patrick99

    TT90 to CRF100

    My 9 year old has a TTR110 and I just got him a CRF80. He is still pretty short and not sure if he will grow like his brother did. There is no way a CRF100 would of worked, its way too tall for him. I wanted to get the KLX110L but not seeing too many of them for used. I would have your son sit on the bike and see how it fits him. I have also been able to sell the bikes a year or two later for what I paid for it or maybe $100 less. So I dont mind going thru bikes every year or two until they get that big bike.
  12. Patrick99

    Shorty Problem

    Seat heat for CR125 and KX125 are the same. How about a KDX200, seat heat is in the 36 inch range. Or how about a newer 100cc bike like you were thinking, maybe it would do better in the sand. Good luck with your search!!
  13. Patrick99

    Shorty Problem

    The KTM105 is think is the same seat height as the KX100, so I dont think going this route would do much for you. My son had this problem but he has grew quite a bite lately! He is 13 and is 5'7 now, he is too big for the KX100 and I got him a CR125. I soften the rear on the 125 and he fits it pretty good now. I think it will really cost a lot to lower a 125. I would just keep the KX100 and see if you can get more power in the sand from it. Maybe a flywheel weight?
  14. Patrick99

    New CR125...?

    Bought my son a 07 CR125 in mint condition 2 months ago. Previous owner only put couple hours on it and you could tell.
  15. Patrick99

    crf150r or crf230f

    You might want to look at the CRF150F, its a lil lighter than the 230. Also, what kind of rider are you? We need more input from you. Dont be shy, we all have questions and answers and dont get upset if you get a wacky answer!! Everyone has their own way of saying something.