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  1. daled


    well, im glad I didn't throw down any hard earned cash on this one... and I bow to your mastery. Sir BBA but I did expect better that dead last in the LCQ.... (JG thrashed by the seven duce duce, who woulda thunk it ?)
  2. daled

    GOAT Style

    don't care about is garments...but I would like to see him bring in some visual aids, help him splain stuff...
  3. daled

    This Ain't No In N Out Frenchie!

    no....more clear.... Marvin got to keep the win, because if it was given to Ken that would mean that Honda bested a KTM....Naw can't have any of that....
  4. daled


    i think he is better that 15th...may have to think on this one... better yet....Grant cross the line before Barcia ? or Reed ?
  5. daled

    Formula one begins

    have you seen the youtube doc on the 1955 lamans ?? personally I found it very interesting. there are a couple, one looks more at the event, the other more into the drivers heads, but both are worth the time.
  6. daled


    not running synthetic ??
  7. daled


    so...is it Kawasaki green under that drop cloth ??
  8. daled

    Formula one begins

    i have always found it odd that the top tier is called "group B"... there must be a history story in there somewhere..
  9. daled

    Formula one begins

    looks like a Lotus T25...I so want to build one...! (cause they cost stupid dollars)
  10. daled


    makes understanding Monica a little easier...!
  11. daled

    Formula one begins

    must agree...F1 is a bore fest....and I can't relate to the cars in any way, shape, or form... "look that one says FIAT on the nose" it reminds my of my FIAT 600 !" yeah.... somehow F1 has managed to be even worse that NASCAR. common, a 2019 Chevy cobalt with a v8 and rear-wheel drive, who you trying to fool ? At least there are passes and crashes in a NASCAR race... no thanks, when it comes to 4 wheels, ill take a rally, Dakar, super-truck, or touring car (gt series) any time...F1 - NASCAR I got better things to do...
  12. daled


    good on Grant, I for one will like seeing him out there, on a good day he is seriously fast..
  13. daled

    XR400R kickstarter won't budge?

    I will look into that, the piston will not reach complete TDC. I ordered a borescope and it will be in today. I removed the two valve cover caps on the right but not on the left side. Fingers crossed it's not a catastrophic failure in there. if it was running fine before you parked up. my guess is that you will be fine once you get it to turn over. Just make sure that once you start running it again, give it 2 or 3 quick oil changes or the loosened rust will be making a mess of things..
  14. daled

    XR400R kickstarter won't budge?

    If you parked it up with one of the valves opened, it is possible that it is rusted in the open position. and if the bore was exposed, it is possible that you have rust in there as well. take the valve inspection caps off, check to see if all valves are up and are operating. spray everything with penetrating oil. and let it sit for a day or two. then slowly work the motor back an forth (do not force) to see if it loosens up.
  15. daled

    What should i get?

    SWM 300