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  1. writebrian

    Winter riding in AZ

    +1 on Boulders. Great variety of riding and all trail mapped and maintained very well. Best place to go if you don't have a guide as pretty much no matter how deep you go Carefree highway always creates a southern border that you can find again. If lost, ride south until you hit asphalt! Bathrooms, campground with tables and such. Could spend a nice weekend in there and not ride the same stuff twice. I've lived in AZ since 2006 and its been my primary riding area the entire time. Been out of the country for 2 years, headed back tomorrow and its the first thing on my mind.
  2. writebrian

    2018 Supercross Schedule

    Am I taking crazy pills or did race day for 2018 switch to Friday instead of Saturday?!?!?!
  3. For $2000 I'll take it!
  4. writebrian

    Attention Arizona residents!

    I moved from So Cal to AZ 10 years ago and haven't looked back. The riding access here is 20Xs anything we had in California. I live in Surprise (NW corner of Phoenix Valley) and everything to the west or to the north of me is 100% rideable. I can throw my bike in the truck and within 15-25 minutes be so lost in the desert or mountains that you wouldn't believe it. Lake Pleasant area with the Boulders OHV Park is 20 miles away and awesome trails. From there I can continue all the way to Crown King if I want and ride single track to my hearts content, no matter what the maps are telling the other guy. I have done it for 10 years with no problems. I used to have the Valleys premier track only 15 minutes away too! But they shut down Speedworld about 5 years ago. Still have Canyon Motocross 20 minutes north and Arizona Cycle Park 50 minutes south. I love it here although the summer is so brutal that it can't even be described! It just has to be experienced to understand. I don't miss Cali one bit and when I return to see friends I can take it about 5 days then I gotta' get back to AZ. If you are an outdoorsman of any sort, this is the state to live in. I ride, fish, hike, shoot all within 15 minutes of my house almost year round. Best places to settle near the Phoenix Metro area (where the jobs are) is the edges. Either SW or NW suburbs for VERY reasonable housing prices, less traffic, better schools, and newer infrastructure. I would recommend Surprise, Peoria, North Glendale (NW) or Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert (SE) areas. Anthem is nice in the middle. No where is far in this Valley though. 50 minutes end to end almost any time of day. So live where you want and ride where you want.
  5. writebrian

    Just got a 2008 yz450f

    Ahhhh, Milestone! I miss California. I actually grew up about 10 minutes North of where Milestone is in Rubidoux. A neighborhood called Paramount Estates. Although there was nothing Stately about it. We lived in a rough neighborhood. The area that is now Milestone was such a BAD neighborhood that even WE would not go down there. It was called Belltown and it was a stronghold of a very serious Crips gang. Funny how things change over time. Just thought I would reminisce off topic for you all today!
  6. My email is writebrian2002@yahoo.com

    1. racer8


      Is that your pay pal?

      Call or text me please 817-454-4187

  7. Are you getting any of the messages??

    1. writebrian


      I got this message! You can have the CDI for $70 bucks shipped. The 2007 and 2008 will benefit most from the map for the reasons explained in the forum post. Let me know!

    2. racer8


      Will you take $60.00

      Give me your pay pal info.



  8. writebrian

    Just got a 2008 yz450f

    Ping a Mod to see if your account needs some sort of further activation. You can have the CDI for $70 shipped.
  9. writebrian

    Just got a 2008 yz450f

    Sounds better when you say it… I don't disagree with you at all. However, I think aggression is more readily felt coming from the bottom end. That's why the 06' gives that impression. I love everything about the power curve of my bike. I finally put a weighted flywheel in last year and love it even more!
  10. writebrian

    Just got a 2008 yz450f

    Your profile won't let me send a private message for some reason. See if you can PM me and I will reply to it.
  11. writebrian

    Just got a 2008 yz450f

    Has the most efficient map for the 2006-2009 motor. Provides a better initial hit and longer pull. Usually Yamaha makes the first year of any style change very aggressive. Then they take feedback and mellow it after that. 2006 was the first year if the aluminum frame Yami's so they made it aggressive. Same goes for the 2003 first year 450 bike/motor. It was a 4 speed BEAST! It got mellowed in 2004.
  12. 06 cd I

    1. racer8


      06 cdi how $$$$

      Advantage? I have an 08


  13. writebrian

    Just got a 2008 yz450f

    I've got an 06' CDI if interested. I shot you a PM.
  14. writebrian

    New to the Forum! '98 Yamaha 400f

    Thats a CLASSIC! Awesome find.
  15. writebrian

    Riding Areas North Phoenix

    I ride Boulders quite a bit myself. Hit me up if heading out. I'm in Surprise.